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screen print of a lady peeling potatoes with only her hands

No Need To Peel Potatoes Anymore…

Got this in email and just HAVE to share with you here: Continue reading

a bowl of my homemade zucchini soup

Kid Friendly Recipe For Zucchini – Curried Zucchini Soup

Friends introduced me to this yummy, easy to make homemade soup… Continue reading

a bowl of my homemade green split pea soup

Yummy, Split Pea Soup on a Budget- Green Pea Soup Just Like My Daddy Used to Make!

Reading over Mike Johnston’s Hearty soup recipe that was published in our local newspaper, I realized I’d FINALLY come upon a recipe that was VERY similar to dad’s, though it did need tweaking.

Back when my father lost his job at Orenda Engines (The Avro Arrow: Canada’s broken dream) and became one of the over 50,000 men out of work in southern Ontario, many nights my parents had to send us off to bed with nothing to eat. Over time, my father learned to cook very creatively, as meat was not readily available for quite a few years. Continue reading