Bran Muffins Like Those from a Bakery

side view of bran muffins on a plate

Now that I have a new kitchen, I’m back to baking. During the renovations last summer, one of the fellas were going to Timmy’s and asked me if I as hungry and would like him to pick me up something. Of course, I said yes, and requested a bran muffin. Having made my favourite coffee already, there was no need of adding coffee to my order.

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Bye-Bye K-Dinner, Hello Mac & Cheese

Cooked Mac and Cheese in a casserole dish

When a good friend of mine learned that I was still consuming Kraft Dinner laced with ketchup every now and again, that friend shared their secret recipe for Mac and Cheese with me, daring me to try it.


This stuff truly is addictive…

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