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A passion for genealogy and a need to find a way to publish my research at a reasonable cost, actually got me started with computers. Now… well, let’s just say, I’m addicted to computers too 🙂

In 1993, I graduated with honours after studying Desktop Publishing. My hunger to learn even more, for me, made further studies much like eating candy (a complete list of diplomas listed at the bottom).

Since 2001, I have offered my skills as an Internet Specialist (website designer) to local businesses from

Once there, click on Services and see just how reasonable my pricing is… and be sure to check out Testimonials too, won’t you?

Going back further in time, from 1995 to 2000, I was the Publisher and Editorial Director of a well recognize, national publication, titled Canada’s Family History News newsletter. Though no longer being published now, this publication became so well accepted throughout Canada that the library of Canada made sure to keep one of EVERY copy ever published, strictly for their archive of magazines. What an honour that was!

Canada’s Family History News was even featured in the 21 May 1997 edition of the Toronto Sun Newspaper (see image below).
The Toronto Sun - featured Canada's Family History News newsletter

Having worked as an Administrative Assistant and Web Architect for 3 years, and later as an Executive Assistant and Webmaster for another 8 years for a local, major corporation; like so many others in 2009, I found myself out of work due to the company downsizing, having now moved most of their business to China.

To my advantage, I have time to offer my web skills to other local business. I now offer fully-managed websites for small business owners (among other services) who know the value of having an Internet presence in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

With their own website, a business owner has the ability to make changes with one click of the “Send” button in their favourite email program.

You see, I afford a small business owner the luxury of having their very own Web Architect or Webmaster …without actually having the expense of another employee on their payroll.

As you’ll soon discover should you hire my services, I’m very quick to make sure all emailed changes to anyone’s website are completed within an hour of receiving the emailed request.

Here’s a list of my skills:

One of my favourite sayings at Parr’s Publishing is: “Helping you is my first priority because when you succeed, I succeed.”
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