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Commuted Value... Monthly Payment Pensions... Which to Choose?

Tax Free Lump Sum Pensions – GM Pension Buyout

There is finally a way for those receiving GM pension buyouts to make them tax free lump sum pensions. It is my intention to explain this additional option in this post so that you can discover how you can save the extra cost of being over taxed (my definition, of course) when receiving a lump sum. Continue reading

photograph of my view of the park across the road from my home, used as a header image

A Tribute to a Good Neighbour and a Responsible Dog Owner

For several summers now, my Nugget … and now my Chloe have walked through the park across the road from my home. Sometimes we would meet up with a neighbour Wayne and his little dog Dusty. Continue reading

photograph of a blossom of my Queen of the Night plant used as a header image

Queen of the Night Houseplant

This has to be the most unique houseplant I have ever owned. Continue reading

picture of a ship stuck on a sandbar ages ago, used as a header image

Inspirational Story – Sent By a Friend

Back on 11 November 2004, a dear friend sent me this via email to help encourage me through a VERY difficult era in my life. I’d like to share it with EVERYONE here …and, so I’ll not lose this in a pile of paperwork again. Continue reading

photograph of the park across the road from my home on the 27th of November 2013

My Winter-Wonderland – 27 Nov 2013

Just HAD to share the scenery that greeted me on the morning Continue reading

the words

I Found a Treasure on Kijiji – Can You Help Me Name Her?

Kijiji treasureThat’s right; I found this cutie-pie on September 2, 2013, shortly after she was posted as being available.

Why, you ask, would I have been looking for another puppy?

And, you ask… did something bad happen to Nugget?
Continue reading

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Some of My Most Favoured Quotes

Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn’t always have to be their top priority. ~ William Arthur Ward Continue reading

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So very many managers (and a few executives) took me “under-their-wings” over the years that I worked for a local manufacturer thus I decided to send each of them a special “Thank You” letter for all they had done for me… but, not before we (and, planet earth) had lost my number one HERO… Desi Edwards. Continue reading

Ontario Hyundai's keepsake bag with other items of use inside, as their Thank YOU to me!

Ontario Car Dealership Has My Loyalty! Here’s Why…

In your last visit to your dealership for service, what did they do to say “Thank you”?

Most readers of this post will say that their dealership did absolutely nothing!

And, in some cases, absolutely nothing really means nothing!

Many vehicle owners have chalk-marked their vehicle’s tires just to see if their dealership even moved the vehicle after they claim they’ve serviced it. Over the past few years and in far too many cases here in Oshawa, Ontario, the vehicles were never moved, yet services were charged! Continue reading