Maple Syrup Cake or Cupcakes


1 pkg (432 g) Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® Butter Pecan Cake Mix
2/3 cup water
1/3 cup butter, softened
3 eggs
½ cup maple syrup Continue reading
rent verses own

How Renting a Hot Water Heater is no Longer Viable – Renting verses Owning

It used to be quite feasible to rent a gas water heater but nowadays, not so much. In this post I will explain to you how renting a hot water heater is no longer viable for homeowners. Continue reading

Where did my Ovaltine go?

Will the Real Ovaltine Please Come Back?

Never being one to stick with any one product on a regular basis, I truly thought that Ovaltine was here to stay. Little did I realize that the original company would ever sell their product, where the new owners would alter the recipe to the point of destroying a once great product. Continue reading

kitchen by Brandom Kitchens and Bath

Small Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas – One I am Over the Moon About

Having a small kitchen can perhaps limit your remodeling design ideas, so perhaps it is time to call in the “big guns”. And, if you are anything like me, you are not fond of living in a house while it is being renovated. Continue reading

a quote by Zig Ziglar over top an image

What is an Attitude of Gratitude and What Makes me Grateful

What an attitude of gratitude is, is having an attitude of gratefulness for all of what you have and are. Continue reading

What is Google Pushing on You?

NEWSFLASH: Google is Now a Personalized Ad Agency First, Search Engine Second

Have you ever wondered why Google has been collecting so much information on each one of us and storing it? Well, I’m about to share with you what I believe to be happening.

Google is now a personalized ad agency, so searchers need not count on receiving helpful information for many of your queries anymore, but rather short popup ads that Google has amassed from numerous websites that pay them to display their ads… and it wouldn’t surprise me if they also get paid when/if you click on those ads too. Continue reading

Can You Really Restore Your Vitality?

The Truth About Functional Fitness Solution – Can You Really Restore Your Vitality?

Functional Fitness Solution was apparently setup by two real PhD doctors who claim to be experts in functional longevity; Dr. Dan Ritchie and Dr. Cody Sipe, each with his own notable expertise in helping people achieve the maximum functionality possible. Continue reading

AutoScan Antenna Samsung LED TV vDH03 Model UN32EH4003FXZC

It is okay if you don’t need this; however I may need it again in the not so far future and want to know EXACTLY where to find the instructions for scanning my TV for stations again. Continue reading

Commuted Value... Monthly Payment Pensions... Which to Choose?

Tax Free Lump Sum Pensions – GM Pension Buyout

There is finally a way for those receiving GM pension buyouts to make them tax free lump sum pensions. It is my intention to explain this additional option in this post so that you can discover how you can save the extra cost of being over taxed (my definition, of course) when receiving a lump sum. Continue reading

picture of woman putting on cream, text over top states

Anti-Aging Creams That Work – Think These Might Surprise You

Anti-aging creams that really work is what I intend on sharing here with you. These creams have easily taken 10 years off my complexion. Continue reading

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