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In order to show you how I came to discover the best tasting ground coffee, I first have to share a little history with you so that you will better understand how I determined this choice, as it was not made over night.

Back in 1993, when Tim Hortons coffee wasn’t so readily available across Ontario (never mind Canada), I took a trip out west in a pickup truck, to deliver my grandmother’s newly, refinished dining room table and chairs to my newly married brother and sister-in-law’s home in Calgary, Alberta, as a wedding gift.

This was a promise I made to my father back in the early ‘70s… that the first brother to marry would receive the suite (refinished again, if necessary) as a wedding gift.  I made my Dad this promise when he first gave me grandma’s suite, providing I refinish it first.

Back then, the table was sitting in the middle of the unused dining room, and was being used to hold unnecessary clutter. And, most of the chairs had been broken and left neglected and relegated to the attic since the late ‘50s.

Anyway, by 1993, I found myself to be what I call addicted to Tim Hortons coffee.

Needless to say, as we proceeded to drive north in Ontario, the Tim Hortons coffee shops became non-existent and I dreaded not having my favourite fix of their coffee for what was to be several weeks. Though, I did survive (obviously, lol), quite well after all.

Sometime in early 2000, I accepted a challenge given to me, of refraining from consuming Tim Hortons coffee for 30 days, at which time I could resume consumption of my favourite beverage if I still so desired.

This also meant that I could no longer use the can of Tim Hortons coffee either… the tin of coffee that I had purchased from them and used to make coffee at home!

For 30 loooong days, I scouted around for other coffee shops, and most times I simply took to filling my own takeout coffee mug with coffee that I had made from home using Nabob’s coffee purchased at the local grocery store.

You can believe it when I tell you that I anxiously awaited those 30 days to go by so that I could return to my beloved Tim Hortons coffee once more.

Boy, did I get the shock of my life when I was able to return to Timmy’s coffee.

It was so horribly bitter in flavour!lady holding a takeout cup and looking at it with her lip in the air like she is not pleased with the drink

After my first sip, I questioned my challenger (who was laughing at my facial expression from the taste of my morning coffee) as to why I had never noticed this before.

He claimed that he noticed the coffee had become more and more bitter since they had expanded their franchised coffee shops as far as they had… back then, but he never wanted to say so, knowing how much I loved their coffee.

As he put it; the more coffee shops you have, the more coffee beans you will need. So, it was his guess that a lower standard or quality of coffee bean was slowly being added to the mix in order to make the coffee stretch so to better be able serve more and more locations.

Back then too, rumours were that Timmy’s was adding a certain amount of cocoa to their coffee in order to create an addiction to their brand of coffee, but I never was able to verify that rumour.

It wasn’t long after this that another friend introduced me to Baker’s Dozen coffee.

So in 2004, I started purchasing cans of coffee sold at the Baker’s Dozen coffee shop to make coffee at home with. Their coffee tasted the way Timmy’s USED to be way back when there were only a select few Tim Hortons coffee shops.

About two years later, Baker’s Dozen had to stop selling their cans of coffee, so the shop owner on Taunton and Ritson informed me. I never did know for certain as to why, but guessed that too many of us were purchasing the canned coffee and… well, they only have so many beans.

That is when I decided to try the coffee shop a little south of my place.

Coffee Time shop at 410 Ritson Rd. N., Oshawa

That coffee shop is Coffee Time, and is located at 410 Ritson Rd. N., Oshawa. And I have been a regular customer of theirs both in house and in purchasing their canned coffee so I can make my morning coffee right at home.

In my opinion, Coffee Time coffee cannot be beat for good flavour, and I have deemed them as the best tasting ground coffee!

Over the years, several friends who have dropped by for a visit and a coffee with me have raved about how good my coffee tastes. This is all Thanks to Coffee Time. You bet that every one of friends who ask are shocked to learn that the coffee I use at home was purchased from a local coffee house.

It’s been over thirteen years of my being a regular customer to this Coffee Time shop, and I am so thankful that my favourite coffee is available soooo close to me that I can walk to the shop to buy my coffee and even sometimes meet friends there for a coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still visit a Tim Hortons coffee shop on a rare occasion when friends who are addicted to their coffee insist I meet them there. When that happens, I make sure to order only a small coffee, as it’s not the coffee that I am there for, but my friend.

There’s a Timmy’s now open just south of Coffee Time (Adelaide and Ritson) on the opposite side of the road… and now I get Tim Hortons emptied brown paper bags and coffee cups tossed out of vehicles onto my front yard. I’ve even witnessed Tim Hortons coffee cups tossed out on to other businesses parking lots on Ritson.

Coffee Time customers have not EVER done that to my property and their shop is closer to my home.

Hmmmm… Whose business do you suppose I will continue to support?

Great coffee and create customers who dispose of their garbage in the containers provided, is always my preferred business.

May Coffee Time remain a successful business for YEARS to come!

BAD City Planning Closes Another Local Business

Two weeks ago now, I learned from a neighbour that my favourite coffee shop was closing down at the end of March 2019. After a few weeks of not being able to move around comfortably enough, I walked up to the coffee shop to say my goodbye to THE best coffee shop that Oshawa has EVER had… and only a block away from my home. crying smilie face

Coffee Time on Ritson Rd. N., Oshawa's announcement regarding business closing

To say the least, I am NOT impressed with Oshawa’s city planning at ALL! no, no, no, no, no smilie

PS: Nice to know that my addiction to coffee may be good for me after all!




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