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a picture of my protein brownies with a large wedge cut out of of it and before I cut into smaller pieces, used as a header image

Protein Brownies – You’ll LOVE

NO processed sugar and NO flour used.

Very fluffy and moist… and taste like REAL chocolate brownies. Looks at LOT more chocolate in colour than is shown here.


1 ½ cup sweet potatoes, mashed
1 cup peanut butter Continue reading

a picture of my cauliflower egg salad, used as a header image

Cauliflower Egg Salad – Replaces Potato Salad

1 head of cauliflower
6 eggs hard boiled
1 heaping tablespoon mayonnaise
3 heaping tablespoon prepared mustard
3 heaping tablespoon sweet pickle relish
¼ cup chopped onion

Directions Continue reading

peanut butter recipe card

Peanut Butter Cookies Using Quinoa Flour

Thank YOU Pamela!
These cookies are AWESOME!

picture of my pancake cooking in a cast iron frying pan

Two Ingredient, Gluten-Free Pancakes

Had these pancakes for breakfast this morning and they truly are yummy! Continue reading

Blueberry buckle drizzled with lemon sauce used as a header image

Blueberry Buckle with Lemon Sauce

From “a world of food in Canada” Members’ Pamphlet. Ontario Department of Agriculture and Food Home Economics Branch, 4H Homemaking Club Unit, page 12. Continue reading

smoothie ingredients PLUS equipment used as header image

Perfect Smoothie Recipe Even For Dieters

I love my smoothies, and up until recently, I used to make them with 2 scoops of frozen yogurt, 1 cup of organic milk, 1 tsp. liquid honey, 1 tsp. vanilla, and frozen strawberries all blended together in my Magic Bullet. Continue reading

cinnamon sticks in an empty drinking glass used as a header image

Can You Really Lose 10 Pounds in a Week With the Cinnamon Diet?

Can you really lose 10 pounds in a week with the cinnamon diet? According Laura Cone, a British University study published an article in Woman’s World magazine, claiming cinnamon could be the new miracle diet pill for weight loss – especially for that stubborn belly fat at. Continue reading

my gingersnaps with a two dollar coin used to show size of cookies - used as a header imag

Crisp Gingersnaps with Heat

I’ve been in search of a GREAT crispy, REAL Ginger tasting gingersnap for years now. Many recipes on the internet claimed to be THE best one. One recipe even claimed to be the recipe for the old, hot gingersnap that Nabisco used to sell.

Huh! That was a laugh.

That recipe had way to much sugar for my liking, so DO be careful to use LESS than the 1 cup of mixed sugars rather than more than. Continue reading