Tastes Just Like Barbeque Chicken – Using Your Oven

I recently purchased a Cuisinart® BBQ Beercan Chicken Tool at Canadian Tire for $15, and decided to try an idea given to me some years ago. The idea was to mimic Swiss Chalet’s barbeque chicken using a regular barbeque, so this was going to be experimental.

First, I purchased a whole chicken that was raised without injections and/or chemicals of any sort; from a well-known, local farmer (the Snowdens) then… because this new tool has holes in the bottom of it so that the fat can be allowed to run free, I placed it over a pot that sits low… the domed lid for my stainless steel, 6qt. Dutch Oven pot (pictured below). I set them into my empty oven, after placing one rack at the very bottom and removing the other… to make sure there would be lots of room to place the chicken on top, to cook.

Proceeded by removing all excess fat from around the cavity, placing the wing tips back behind the chicken so that the wings wouldn’t burn, and I used cord to tie the chicken legs so they would be held tight around the body, ready for its balancing act. I recommend you rub the chicken skin with salty spices here… before tying the legs in place.

In approximately 2 cups of warm water, I dissolved about ½ cup of table salt, then poured some of the salt water into the can-like portion of the Beercan Chicken Tool. Then, I carefully balanced the chicken onto the can-like part, so that the can-like part fit into the open cavity of the chicken (making it look though the chicken is sitting on the can).

Amway-Dutch-Oven-w-LidIn the domed lid of my Dutch Oven, I poured salt water in until about half full; opened my oven door; pulled out the very bottom placed rack; and carefully but quick placed the pan on the rack; and topped it with the chicken that was balancing on the Beercan Chicken Tool.

Then, I carefully pushed the rack back inside my oven, which had been preheated to 400°F, and set my timer for 30 minutes.

After the timer rang, I checked to see if more salt water was needed in the domed lid of my Dutch Oven. It only needed a tiny bit more salt water (lots of fat drippings collected!), and then I lowered the temperature of my oven to 350°F, and reset the timer for 45 minutes.

UPDATE: 29 August 2015, my 2.546kg chicken (5.613 pounds) took 90 minutes at 400°F plus 45 minutes at 350°F, to cook it all the way through. Be sure to check at LEAST once during the second setting to see if yours needs more or less time to be cooked all the way through.

When testing for poultry being thoroughly cooked, I simply test to see if the chicken’s leg joints break easily. If they don’t break at all, then I cook the chicken longer… if they break easily, then the chicken is COOKED to perfection!

However, should you prefer to use a thermometer then of course, I recommend you use one.

NOTE: I did NOT place vegetables around my chicken as shown in the photo above; though my finished chicken’s skin looked the very same colour as the one in the photo.

TIP: Carefully remove the Beercan Chicken Tool WITH the chicken still in place. REMEMBER the salt water that was placed in the can-like part… be sure NOT to spill this VERY HOT liquid! Then, carefully remove the chicken onto a serving plate.

REMEMBER TOO: Do NOT dispose of the used salt water down your kitchen sink drain as it now has chicken fat in it.

The salt water makes the chicken taste exactly like barbeque chicken… without the mess …and… without a BBQ!

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Tastes Just Like Barbeque Chicken - using your oven

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