Best Oven Cleaner for Really Dirty Ovens – Might Not Be Norwex’s Cleaning Paste

The best oven cleaner for really dirty ovens used to be really easy to pick. Back in the Amway days, they used to have a silicone spray that you could put on a CLEAN oven to ensure the oven stayed cleaned longer.

Heck, ovens stayed so clean for so long that the silicone spray was removed from their product lines. Many of us figured it was due to the substantial drop in sales for their oven cleaner, but we never did learn why for certain.

Back then, I had 5 years of a clean oven with that spray, and I had given their oven cleaner to a friend, as I had no need of it.


One tray of bacon, and my oven is a disaster zone again, and I cook bacon pretty regularly since not being able to eat breakfast cereals due to Round Up being found in our Canadian wheat and oats.

YUCK, irritable bowel syndrome indeed!

I had given up on cleaning my oven due to the fear of being fumigated with the toxic sprays on the market that boast about cleaning ovens easily.

Easy-Off Fume Free Max oven cleanerWhile at the supermart one day, I purchased a spray bottle of Easy-Off Fume Free Max oven cleaner.


Well, because it is clearly labeled as being Fume Free.

But that sat under my sink for YEARS due to my fear of that brand name.

After all, I kept remembering about high school student dying when I was a kid, from the fumes of that brand’s oven cleaner paste.

Back then, they supplied a brush that was wired onto the top of the lid of their oven cleaner… and in fairness that stuff did come with a warning.

And mind you, it was determined that she kept her head inside the oven too long… but… REALLY; Death by oven cleaner?

Noooo thanks!

For years my oven got used over and over again, NOT being cleaned. Heck, I just burned the stuff off and would take a lifter out and scrape off the access from the bottom of the oven.

I even tried those pathetic promises of vinegar and baking soda working as a home remedy oven cleaner. WHAT A MESS… and NO, it did NOT clean like Pinterest posts claimed. I’ve quit looking to Pinterest for tips like that anymore.

Then I had my kitchen fully renovated back in 2019. Oooooh WOW! What an improvement on my home.

So, how could I even think to leave my oven (though, the outside of the stove looked pristine, especially for it’s age) sitting in such an awesome kitchen while looking soooo… dirty?

Out come the Easy-Off… but alas, my oven was soooo dirty for far too long that …well… it didn’t make the oven as clean as I had hoped it would.

And then of course, I cooked another tray of bacon… then another and another, until my oven looked pretty much as dirty as it was before.
Norwex Cleaning PasteThen my niece Monica started raving on Facebook about this new cleaning paste that she was convinced to try. And, she claimed that it was great at cleaning her very dirty oven.

Heck, Monica’s stove looks like mine (age and style-wise)!

Monica raved so much that I just had to try that paste. So, I messaged her on Facebook, asking for the name of the product that she had been talking about when raving that she was able to clean her really dirty oven.

That product turned out to be Norwex Cleaning Paste.

Off to Googles search in order to learn more about this stuff, as it really isn’t being sold as an oven cleaner. Though, low and behold, look what I discovered!

How To Clean Inside Your Oven Easily {No harsh chemicals}

And the following video convinced me that I just HAD to try this stuff, as my oven door was as dirty as hers.

Norwex Cleaning Paste Oven Demo with Megan Slate

So, I agreed to order this paste through Monica, as it is being sold through distributors like Amway products were in the ‘70s.

But I do need to warn you… this paste IS expensive… and NEEDS their spirinett scrubbing device (image of which is shown to the right) to help with elbow-grease applied. spirinetts

Monica sent me a quick snap shot of her computer screen showing the cost of the spirinett (box of 2) and the cleaning paste.

picture taken of computer screen

Followed by…

2nd image from computer screen

So… yeah, this paste IS rather expensive if only intended for cleaning your oven. But apparently, this paste is good for cleaning other things too. Check out the short video by Norwex, below.

What can Norwex Cleaning Paste clean

Now, to share my experience with you.

electric range / stove in my kitchen

In my kitchen… I tried the oven door first, just like Megan demonstrated in her video above. And, it worked!

Needless to say, I got to work pasting and scrubbing the inside walls of the oven too.

However, when I decided that I needed to take a short break in order to be able to complete the work… I became alarmed at how messy this scrubbing work is.

The oven dirt was allllll over my nice clean, new kitchen cupboard doors, so I had to act quickly, at getting that grime off them before it stained the coating.

Thankfully, I did get it off… as you can see by the photo above. Pheeew!

But the floor too was badly spotted with the grime.

My warning is to those who want to try this paste, for cleaning really dirty ovens, be sure to protect EVERYTHING around the stove from your cleaning the oven.

Like Megan, I worked mainly to the right of my stove (pictured above) for most of my scrubbing, yet the cupboard doors to the right were the ones well speckled with the oven grime… go figure, right?

Drop cloths are necessary when using this paste, in order to save yourself from a potential disaster.

This paste DID allow me to clean my oven nicely. Though, I could not do the top of the oven, as the element is attached so tightly to the top of the oven, making it far too difficult to scrub, that I left it after only scrubbing what I could.

Goo Gone Oven & Grill CleanerThough, not enough of the surface got cleaned to my liking.

My next try is Goo Gone Oven & Grill Cleaner from Canadian Tire, as the price is right!

Plus, it has a 4 out of 5-star rating, and claims are that you only need to spray and wipe… my kinda’ oven cleaning!

Clean Your Oven with Goo Gone Oven & Grill Cleaner

Once the Christmas rush has gone from the stores, I will buy a container of Goo Gone Oven & Grill Cleaner and try this oven cleaner out for myself. After that I will come back here to update you with what I discovered about THIS oven cleaner.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe Christmas holiday season!

UPDATE: 04 October 2022 – FINALLY, I’ve had the opportunity today to clean my oven using the Goo Gone Oven & Grill Cleaner, and I have to admit, I won’t be using THAT stuff anymore either.


It’s back to using good ole’ Easy Off oven cleaner. Looks like there’s a new version now available that requires NOT GLOVES and is FUME FREE. Hmmmm, I wonder… stay tuned for the results on THIS one, once I’ve cooked a few meals in my now cleaner oven.

Just hope this newer version of Easy-Off isn’t as lame as the other two cleaners are. I’m not big of using elbow grease on an oven that is not at least at counter top height. Wiping out the oven cleaner is hard enough work. Adding elbow grease… and a LOT of it, makes the other 2 cleaners a FAILURE in my books.

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