Top Buys Made in 2021 – These Were REALLY Great Buys!

The purchases mentioned here are the top buys that I made in 2021, and I’ve provided images and detailed below.

My living room has been without a proper end table since I renovated my kitchen back in 2019. That’s when the portable microwave oven table that I was using as an end table, was needed again to take care of the old microwave oven that got put into storage for now.

Since then, I was using a short bookshelf, but it was far to high and narrow to be used safely or comfortably as a side table.

But I wasn’t into buying just any end table. It had to be a cabinet-like end table that could be used to store items out of sight (like my personal phone book), yet easily retrievable… maybe with a top drawer and a door below that again.

The end table also couldn’t be too wide in order to fit in the space between the end of my sofa and the wall, leaving room to access my plant that sits in the corner of the room.

I’ve watched and waited over the years, but most end tables have simply been tiny tables… you know, with four legs and made of an assortment of different compounds.

Some days I long for the styles that were available everywhere back in the ‘70s, like the one shown below. I’m sure it used to have a matching square end table with it too.

hexagon end table with storage compartment

But alas, newer rooms in newer buildings are a LOT smaller now, and thus those styles are in less demand than in former years.

Purchase 1

Thankfully, Costco came to my rescue when early in 2021, they offered the PERFECT end table with power!

end table with power

Though this end table is now out of stock, it is all of 13.9” L x 17.9” W x 25” H (and for those who understand metric 35.5 cm x 45.7 cm x 63.5 cm) in size, and weights all of 36.1 pound or 16.4 kg.

Your given a chose of a solid front door where you can install a solid piece of wood that is included, or use the glass front that is included. I prefer the glass front myself but have kept the solid piece protected for later use, should I decide differently in the future.

I’m sure this end table is simply compressed chipboard wood, but it looks and acts solid enough for my purpose.

Oh… and, Costco delivered it to my door so that I didn’t have to come into the store. Saving me having a difficult time fitting it into my car in order to bring it, what… 3 blocks north of our Costco here in Oshawa.

Purchase 2

If you haven’t read up on the major surgery that I had done on the 5th of August 2021 already, well I had a total hip replacement done and the surgeon kept stressing with worry about how soft bones are, each and every time I met with him.

The only advice he was allowed to give me was to have my GP schedule a bone scan. Heck, the bone scan I had done YEARS ago now, the results magically disappeared given that many medical files were put online, and old info obviously got over looked.

Not having ANYTHING to compare a new bone scan with, I knew that a bone scan was going to do NOTHING for me. I needed help a.s.a.p. if I hoped to stave off the need of further joint replacements.

Fortunately, I found an infomercial that Dr. Josh Axe had on one of the TV channels that I get, and he talked about Ancient Nutrition’s Multi Collagen, and one of the many benefits he mentioned in that infomercial was that it was known to even help his patient who suffers from osteoporosis to strengthen her bones.

Obviously, that caught my attention. I went online and ordered 3 bottles of the 45 serving size so that I could save on shipping, and they now send that same order for the same reduced price every 3 months so that I do not run out of it.

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein

This stuff claims to help the following:

  • Healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Recovery from joint pain and stiffness due to moderate intensity aerobic exercise in post-menopausal women.
  • Minimize discomfort due to moderate intensity aerobic exercise
  • Reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis

It is said to be:

  • Conveniently unflavoured
  • Includes collagen types I, II, III, V and X
  • From non-GMO, grass fed and pasture-raise, cage-free and cruelty-free sources
  • From 4 sources: beef, chicken, fish and eggshell membrane.

Simply take one of their scoops supplied with each bottle of collagen, to a cup of either water or your favourite warm or cold beverage. I dissolve my daily dose in my morning coffee… and, I am a coffee connoisseur!

The taste of my morning coffee is total unaltered.

They claim that their multi collagen formula provides benefits from your head to your toes… and it really DOES!

My hair is so much thicker now, and by that, I mean thicker than it was previous to consuming this collagen, and I’ve shouted out all about that improvement too. Even my nails started looking better.

Needless to say, this brand of collagen I will be sticking with.

Purchase 3

Over the years, my left ankle would swell up so bad as to cause my left foot to swell up too.

One time, even my right foot became swollen. That time both my ankles and feet became so swollen as to prevent me from being able to remove my sandals.

When I attended my GP that day, all he said was that it was something that I would need to contend with as an issue with aging, and that I should simply go home and put my feet up so the swelling would be resolved.

This sort of swelling has been haunting me since about 22 years of age, when working as an assembler on a factory line. That’s when my left ankle became so swollen that the swelling was over the top of my safety boot, as it couldn’t swell up my foot due to my boot being in place.

I was concerned and confused then too as to the REAL cause.

This time, it was about two months after my total hip replacement that my left ankle would start to swell up, and by night fall, my left foot would be swollen too. That’s when the swelling refused to be resolved only when sleeping.

The moment I would arise from bed each morning, my left ankle would begin to swell again.

Thanks to Dr. Oz, who came to my rescue… again.

One afternoon, while watching Dr. Oz, he mentioned his father-in-law’s book. However, that episode appears to have been removed from Dr. Oz’s YouTube account.

So, I’ll let Dr. Josh Axe introduce Dr. Gerald M. Lemole in his video below.

Lymph & Longevity author Dr. Gerald M. Lemole

Lymph & Longevity The Untapped Secret to Health

The episode that I watched, Dr. Oz spoke about swollen limbs such as ankles and feet. For obvious reasons, that grabbed my attention and he simply explained the same stuff mentioned in the video above.

Needless to say, I had to purchase the book in order to discover what I could do to resolve my swollen left ankle (my affiliate link) that by the end of each day made my left foot swollen too.

My left foot became so swollen that I could NOT fit any of my footwear.

That was the one reason I purchased Dr. Lemole’s book, and so far, his advice has worked WONDERS for me.

At first, I did wonder if it would ever work, but the longer I took his suggested supplement, the faster my ankle returned to normal.

For the first time in many months now, my left ankle is NORMAL in appearance from morning until night … Yeaaaaaah!

The topics discussed in this book are:

  1. Flow on the Go
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Cancer
  4. GI Disorders
  5. Weight Management
  6. Brain and Mind Conditions
  7. Fuel for Flow
  8. Fast Flow
  9. Smooth Flow
  10. Well Meaning

And, inside this book, you’ll also find:

  • A Flow-Friendly Diet
  • Recipes
  • Basic Yoga for Lymph Class

Bets you won’t want to part with your copy.

Purchase 4

Now for my last awesome purchase…

Portable Green Screen Background

This is to help me become better at creating videos. You know, so that I can appear at the bottom, right-hand corner of my YouTube and Vimeo videos whenever I create a video.

The green screen will allow me to remove EVERYTHING around my office chair once I import my videos into my video editing software. This way, you will only see me appear to be floating in the bottom, right corners of my videos… once I start using this green screen.

The one I purchased is 142 cm in size, and made of nylon fabric that is said to resist wear and tear, and claims to be non-reflective, and that it has double stitched edges.

It is made to fix to the back of an office chair using velcro, making it no longer necessary to use a bracket.

I chose the biggest size available after reading through the many comments at the bottom of this vendor’s page, where they all were warning others to order the biggest size, because the other sizes were way to small to be of any use.

When I first started creating YouTube videos earlier in 2021, I was really nervous, and you can STILL notice how nervous I was when creating most… until about December 2021, when I started to relax a bit more.

Never thought that I would EVER create videos like the ones I have made… and now?

Now I am planning on actually appearing on camera… go figure! giggling smilie

I do hope that you have benefited by my sharing my top buys made in 2021, as most are still available. And, how know, Costco may get that end table with power back in stock again in the future.


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