What is the Best Pain Medication for Chronic Pain?

What is the best pain medication for chronic pain, be it arthritis, nerve or muscle pain, is one of the most asked questions from friends and family who’ve come to learn that I had suffered that level of pain for several years. Well, up until my surgery this year, anyway.

The information in several of my conversations over the years have been my “go-tos”… the common pain relievers; You know, like Voltaren Extra Strength and Salonpas.

This year, my level of chronic pain became so intense that I FINALLY listened to great advice that I had received from others who are suffering permanent chronic pain (cancer patients) and those who had suffered short term chronic pain.

In about June of this year, when a dear friend suggested to me that I could ask my General Practitioner (GP) for CBD oil, explaining that doctors are now allowed to prescribe the oil.

I have to admit that I was unaware of that, and happy to learn that a medically trained professional was now allowed to prescribe the oil. Especially given to controversy over the quality of the CBD (CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol) products on the market today.

Heck, even Marketplace uncover a scandal over the CBC products that are being sold online, as well as in illegal shops right here in Ontario.

Illegal, Untested CBD Products and Could be Putting You at Risk

The little researching that I did after watching Oliva Newton John’s interview with Dr. Oz a few years ago (2018), proved to me then that there is far too much controversy as to the quality of the oil that you were actually getting from ANY online vendor.

Thus, my thoughts of trying that pain relief diminished, not realizing at that time that medical doctors could now prescribe it.

Olivia Newton-John Speaks Out About Cancer and CBD Oil

Even had others who were affiliated with a company, offer to sell me the oil they claimed worked. But again, not a licensed professional. So, I avoided that offer too.

Now that I’ve brought you to date briefly, hoping that you will better understand my thinking, as most of us are not into trying drugs illegally… I will now share with you what I discovered to be the best pain medication for my chronic pain, and then you can decide for yourself from there.

Legally prescribed CBD oil is what has saved me from the intense level of chronic pain that I was experiencing before and after my hip replacement this year.

Let me explain…

When simply discussing with a friend about getting my left hip replaced, once she told me that I could ask my GP for it, that option went back on the table immediately.

Once I decided to go ahead with the surgery to have my hip replaced, I contacted my GP, explaining that I would like to be prescribed CBD oil, if possible. He explained that he couldn’t prescribe it but that he could refer me to the Canabo Clinic and that one of the doctors there could help me.

Due to COVID-19, all of my talks with the doctor I was assigned to, took place over the telephone. He was given full access to my medical file from my doctor (and yes, of course, I authorized that sharing of information), and he asked me all sorts of questions.

I simply explained to him that I had decided to get a hip replacement and want to be able to use the CBD oil to kill pain in place of any opioid drug they might prescribe me to use, as I was paranoid of becoming addicted to opiods, like so many other joint replacement seniors before me, have been.

The doctor whom was assigned was very knowledgeable on the usage of CBD oil, and I am very thankful to Dr. Cooper who kept a close watch in monitoring my usage of this oil.

He warned me that a week before my surgery the surgeon’s staff would tell me to come off of all the supplements that I was taking, and that concerned me, as formerly Curcumin and now Turmeric helped me tolerate the pain I was experiencing.

Dr. Cooper explained that a lot of herbal medications actually thin the blood and that instead of going over each and every supplement it is easier for surgeons to simply have their patients stop all supplements one week before the surgery.

I panicked a bit, but Dr. Cooper explained that this is why I needed to start the CBD oil BEFORE the surgery as THAT would be allowed for me to use the week before my surgery.

Pheeew, I was so thankful to learn all of this, and I agreed to start the CBD oil once it arrived by courier.

Thankfully, the oil arrived in good time to start before my surgery was scheduled.

The instructions I was given, was to start on a very small dosage for one week, and then ONLY if the level of pain I was experiencing was still there, then and only then, I was to increase it, according to the instructions that I received from Dr. Cooper’s nurse, after she read through his notes.

Those instructions also came to me printed, with the initial delivery of the CBD oil.

There were soooo many chores for me to accomplish before the surgery, and the CBD oil allowed me that luxury, with ease.

The day of surgery, I did NOT take the oil as I was instructed by the surgeon’s staff as to what I was allowed, and when.

A pain control specialist visited me in the hospital the day after my surgery. Once she learned from me as to what all that I had been using for pain control, Shirley asked me that once I return home, to NOT take any of that (including the CBD oil) until I finished the prescribed drugs that they were issuing me.

She explained that I MUST take the opioid whenever the level pain was bad in order for the healing process to happen, as I need to be able to sleep at night. Plus, the dosage that WAS being given to former joint replacement patients that caused addiction, has long since been reduced so that addiction is now a lot less likely.

This was explained to my liking, and I decided to listen to what I was being told. The medical staff at the Sunnybrook Hospital were VERY forth giving with information when asked questions, and believe me when I tell you that I had LOTS of questions, before and after the surgery.

Once at home and the prescription meds were done, I went back on all of my supplements again, reducing the Turmeric to one capsule rather than the 4, and the CBD oil.

The exercises that I was given to do for the next year (this after seeing my surgeon on a follow-up appointment from the surgery), started irritating my lower back causing pain. So, going back on the CBD oil, I figured was a no-brainer.

Well, that was until I realized that I cannot drive for 6 hours after taking the oil. Taking the oil three times a day, made driving not a possibility at all, as long as I use CBD oil for pain relief.

A friend took me shopping for the first visit back to my favourite grocery store (Costco, where else ?) since my surgery, but I soon realized that couldn’t go on. I had to figure out a smarter way of handling the bit of back pain I was experiencing, so that I could become totally independent once more.

In a few weeks time, once the back pain didn’t seem as bad, I figured “why not take Tylenol Extra Strength instead,” as I can drive when taking that pain killer. And, IT WORKED perfectly!

Now I’m no longer taking the CBD oil, and the level of pain I am now experiencing in my lower back can be easily tolerated most days, and sometimes even without the Tylenol… though, I still use Voltaren Extra Strength on my back to address joint pain, daily, and I continue using Salonpas patches for muscle aches and pain.

Finally, I now have peace from chronic pain.

Too many seniors still think that using CBD oil is illegal and continue suffering with chronic pain. Buying CBD oil online IS illegal, but you can talk to your GP about it, in order to be referred to a clinic near you.

Given the Canabo Medical Clinic that is right here in Oshawa, there is no more excuse for those in my local circle of friends and family, for being afraid to at least try it to see if CBD oil works to resolve chronic pain to your satisfaction.

Our doctors here closely monitor their patient’s usage… and, it is NOT addictive, so what are you waiting for?

Oh, and Dr. Cooper has retired from the Canabo Medical Clinic since his last monitoring telephone chat with me. So, unless he’s reading this, he won’t know of my great progress of being able to no longer require the CBD oil. I wished him well in his retirement. We’ve lost access to another great physician, but I’m glad he can now enjoy his retirement.

Should I ever need chronic pain relief again, you can BET I’ll be reaching out to our Canabo clinic.

I do hope this post answers the question as to what is the best pain medication for chronic pain, as I can only speak to you from my own personal experience, in hope of helping you to make a decision for your choice of a chronic pain reliever.


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