Best, Cheapest Miracle Window Cleaner – Bar None!

After trying many promising window cleaners, then focusing on using only vinegar and water to wash my windows these past few years, this year I decided to give this recipe a try …and, VOILA! This is MY idea of a great, inexpensive, less-labour intensive way of cleaning MY windows this year.

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TIP: Make sure to thoroughly rinse off the solution if you DO try this recipe!

If you used too much soap, or don’t rinse thoroughly enough, you’ll see little white spots begin to appear. I used paper towel to polish them off because my one window was not completely dry… and that worked! Then, simply reduce the soap used OR rinse more thoroughly the next time.

I find this solution works WAY better than the old fashion vinegar and water, ONLY because the “Jet Dry” keeps the glass cleaner longer, thus I wash my windows less often, and it …works for me 🙂

Read on for the REAL SECRET to getting your windows to sparkle and stay clean looking for weeks!

1) Use ONLY 1 tsp. of dish soap if your windows are not all that dirty.

a graphic of a squeegee

2) Don’t use your garden hose to rinse your windows with. Instead, use a “squeegee” and a clean rag in a large pail of water.

Use the sponge part of the squeegee on the outsides of your windows where spilling water is NOT a concern, and use the rag to rinse your windows where you do NOT want water spilled.

You’ll need drop sheets to protect your flooring for cleaning your windows inside.

This method will $ave on water + will prove to be a whole lot less messy!

3) Be sure to use the rubber part of your squeegee to remove excess water from both the insides and outsides of your windows.

4) Finish up by polishing the glass with lint-free paper towels like…
The reason I’m making the suggestion on which paper towel to use is that I have found out the hard way that the package on the right (green splash) has a LOT of paper-lint as apposed to the package on the left (red splash).

Ans, in case you’re wondering, “no”, I do not know why.

Now I find that I need to wash my windows less oftent than when was using vinegar and water to wash them with. Am guessing the Jet Dry is a type of wax that deters dirt.

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