Reverse Hereditary Hair Loss – My Secret Shared!

You really can reverse hereditary hair loss is not impossible after all!

Losing hair at the temples early in life may not make you self-conscious. For me, as time went on and hair at my temples kept receding slowly year after year, I began to silently panic.

When my hairdresser refused to continue perming my hair due to my significant, receding hairline, I made sure to seek the help of my dermatologist.

Dr. Tomas smiled at me and told me not to worry, as the receding hairline at my temples had nothing to do with the perming solution but was strictly due to heredity.

I began to seek out more information in hope of being able to stop hereditary hair loss or at least being able to slow my hair loss down.

It was a few years after that event that I started back in to researching my paternal family, and got to learn of an awesome cousin who lived in California.

Through a lot of written correspondence back then… yes, that was long before the days of the internet and emailing… I got to know several of my cousins rather well. One female cousin, shared a recent photograph of herself with me.

During our corresponding, I learned that just like what I experienced, her mother took her to her family doctor when she was a very young child, as her mother wondered if she would ever grow hair.

This seems to be a common thing among my direct lineage of my paternal family.

Anyway, the photograph she shared with me, out of courtesy to my awesome cousin, I will NOT be sharing it here, as she had become very nearly bald, as a senior.

With her being 20 years my senior, I knew then that if I didn’t find some way to slow my hair loss down that there was a pretty good chance that like my cousin, I too would become nearly bald.

Since then, I’ve heard of the expensive shops like The Hair Club but could never afford their services. Either I paid my mortgage or paid a membership there. It wasn’t all that hard of a decision to make.

It was a while after this that a friend taught me to pay attention to my own health, and to always do my due diligence in researching to solve any health issues. That was back when only libraries were available to conduct research in.

Now, with the advent of the internet at my finger tips, I’m in a researcher’s heaven.

Having also always suffered from a lack of proper finger nail growth and strength… and we all know NOW that the health of our hair and nails can usually be attributed to a lack of proper nutrition.

And too, years ago, my dermatologist diagnosed me with suffering from a lack of Vitamin A, and so I have been taking 10,000 IU daily, and so my nails got a bit better.

Then later on, once I discovered the study that had been done on the health effects of biotin, well, that supplement was then added to my daily regiment of supplements.

Except, my hair still was not recovering fast enough for me.

Then one day, while doing my daily exercises in my living room, when Dr. Oz’s show was on TV, I learned of a much younger lady’s experience with using Minoxidil.

Minoxidil is a type of medication called a hair growth stimulator. It works by widening the blood vessels inside your scalp, which may help to promote blood flow to your hair follicles — the tiny organs throughout your scalp from which your hair grows.


She reported that it worked wonders for her to her stop hereditary hair loss, but when she decided to quit using Minoxidil because her hair grew back, the hair started falling out again. So, Minoxidil is not a short-term treatment.

In 2018, I purchased Minoxidil 5% foam Rogaine for Men.Men's Rogaine Minoxidil 5% foam - pkg. of 3

And, I started treating the scalp at my temples from that day on.

Though, I only treat the temple area every other day (you know, where the hair had been thinned out over the years) after my shower, and I DID see an improvement.

Then in 2021, after going through a major hip replacement, and then learning from the surgeon just how soft my bones are, I saw an infomercial by Dr. Josh Axe, and he was touting how great the Ancient Nutrition’s Mult Collagen powder is.

After doing much researching on collagen online, I started believing what Dr. Josh Axe had to say about this product, and so decided to purchase this brand.

Awhile later… could have been 3 months or 6 months after starting to use this product, they improved on it by adding even more different types of collagen.

Now, instead of dissolving perfectly into my morning coffee, there is a bit of white sludge at the bottom of my morning coffee cup… and yes, I’ve mentioned this issue to their staff in hope of an improvement on this issue.

In the meantime, I’m willing to take it steadily for two years.

You see, I had a bone scan shortly after my hip was replaced. So, now my GP has a starting point to be able to decide if collagen will work to improve my bone density.

In two years’ time from 2021, I will have another bone scan to see if there is a marked improvement… or not.

And… now I’ve gained ANOTHER benefit from taking this collagen. I’ve noticed an improvement in my hair growth all throughout 2021!

Earlier this year, after watching another infomercial, this time for The Hair Club, and I discovered that they are now in Canada.

Out of curiosity, I called the number offered in the commercial and discovered there is a shop in Pickering (to the west of my location).

My not wanting to wander out that far for a vanity treatment during a pandemic, they had a lady interview me on Skype.

Here’s what I learned…

  1. That Minoxidil will have you shed hair at the start of using it, as it encourages the hair follicle to let go of the sick, thinning hair and it starts to heal the follicle so that healthier hair grows.
    (Minoxidil in the treatment of androgenetic Alopecia – VIDEO doctors who specialize in helping those with thinning hair explains this.)
  2. Because I’ve been using the Minoxidil 5% since 2019, I would easily see a benefit with their treatment, even sooner.
  3. They would be using a low level laser therapy cap on me, and also provide me with a smaller, hand-held one for personal use so that I could continue treatments on my own, in the future.
  4. That they also provide a special type of shampoo and conditioner to help your hair follicles heal.
  5. And sadly, that their treatment would cost me just under $5,000.

That’s when I got to work researching more.

Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Well, that all certainly makes sense in what the doctors had to say. Especially given that back during the Christmas holidays in 1976 to New Years Day in 1977, I got to be in Acapulco, Mexico for 2 glorious, sun-filled weeks.

My hair grew a full 3 inches longer after being in the hot and humid climate. I LOVED how thick my hair appeared to be when in that climate too.

But… once I was back in southern Ontario, Canada, for 3 months, my hair literally started breaking off the new 3 inches of growth.

My dermatologist explained to me that hair can be sort of like a crop of wheat. Depending on the type of hair, it sometimes grows better in hotter climates.

Good to know that once I’ve started using a low level laser therapy (LLLT) cap… like using Minoxidil… you can NOT simply quit using it, as if you do, the issue with thinning hair WILL return.

At the time of writing this article (12 November 2022), this LLLT cap could be purchased from a China-based eCommerce site, as shown in the screen print below.

SIDE NOTE: Due to fears driven by the use of the word “laser”, some vendors are now calling this cap a low level light therapy cap.

screen print of a LLLT cap sold on China-based eCommerce site

And from Amazon… you can see a comparable model, and what it sells for. Simply click here (my affiliate link) to gain more information on this cap, and be sure to watch the video offered there!

Am guessing that due to the popularity of this LLLT cap that with the increased demand, the price has gone down, as manufacturing costs are easier to recover with each cap produced and sold.

Silly me… I failed to research for a proper low level laser therapy cap and I ended up “cheaping out” for what I THOUGHT was a better LLLT cap. You know, hard helmet rather than soft, baseball styled cap.

Though the price has only gone up moderately since purchasing this cap, I soon discovered why it was so… cheap.

screen print of the LLLT helmet I purchased

This cap does NOT pulsate like is highly recommended to be used.

Thankfully, my lower-than-average body temperature has allowed me to be able to tolerate the heat from the lights. I thrive in the heat where many others suffer immensely.

Plus, what you SEE above is ALL that I got. Nothing in the way of instructions on how to use it.

It does have a USB plug on a cord that comes off one side of the helmet (on the right, when you’re wearing the helmet), so it was simple enough to figure out that I needed to plug it into a USB port in order for it to work.

BUT… for how long and how often?

Some vendors on the China-based, eCommerce site, are not at all honest. And, this one was obviously not, thus I left a 1/5-star rating.

screen print of the review I left regarding the LLLT helmet that I purchased

Since my complaint, I see the vendor has updated his seller’s page to include a bit more information. The only additional info of benefit is the following:

Specifications: 5mw 650nm wavelength.

In researching the internet on the usage of such a helmet, this is what I discovered.

screen print of a Google search featured snippet

So, now I use my LLLT helmet for 30 minutes, every-other day. And, I use it while working on my computer, where I can also use this handy online timer that lets me know when to remove the helmet.

I’ve been using this helmet since the early part of September 2022 (I forgot to mark on my calendar exactly when I started), and here it is the 12 of November 2022, making it merely 2 months usage, at best… and already I am VERY pleased with the results that I’m getting.

Though I must admit, the Minoxidil 5% usage every-other-day… being VERY careful to put the product on the EXACT spot needing the treatment, and NOT on my face, really did initially bring my hair growth back into my temples once again.

And, using the LLLT helmet every-other day now too, the hair growth on BOTH of my temples have improved even MORE since September!

To be honest with you, I don’t think the hairs in this area have EVER been as long as they are now. So, to say this is a treatment to stop hereditary hair loss is an understatement.

However, like the Australian doctors warned you in the video above, NOT everyone has great experiences with Minoxidil and/or the LLLT cap.

In fact, I recently purchased Minoxidil in liquid form that comes with a dropper. Inside, the pamphlet warns users that if you are a WOMAN, do NOT use this product.

Out of curiosity, I Google searched to find out why. What I learned is clearly stated in the screen print below.

screen print of another Google search result featured snippet

And, the doctor’s video on Minoxidil that is linked nearer the middle of this article, explains in detail why that warning is out there, as well as why liquid Rogaine recommends using twice a day when that really is not necessary.

So, DO NOT skip ANY of the information that I have shared with you here, in order that you will be FULLY made aware of EVERYTHING you should know BEFORE moving forward on using my secrets shared here.

My guess is that given today’s society where most buyers and users no longer want to take responsibility for the decisions they make, companies are afraid of lawsuits, thus the packaged warning.

For me, it is an OBVIOUS no-no… to let Minoxidil drip ANYWHERE you do NOT want hair growth.

Because I have more American visitors then Canadians, the next tip will be easier for Americans to buy for a really good price then Canadians, simply because Canadians cannot buy from the following mentioned vendor.

And last but NOT least of all… the hair treatment that I am looking to do next, and you might want to know about too, is explained in the following VIDEO infomercial from HSNtv.

Feel free to fast-forward past the sales pitch so that you can SEE the results users are experiencing when using this product, which is why this will be the next product I try.

But don’t move too far forward in the video or you could end up missing out on some of the even MORE helpful information the two “pushing” the product shares with viewers.

Tweak’d by Nature Supersize Cherry Hair Treatment Chiuri Styler

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have on how you can reverse hereditary hair loss, by leaving them in a comment below.

It’s taken me a long time to admit publicly about my thinning hair. However, over the years, I have learned to realize that I am NOT alone. There are others… many others who are just like me, and embarrassed about having thinning hair.

By sticking together and sharing what we’ve learned, we just might beat this thinning hair issue after all.

UPDATE: 01 December 2022 Had a friend over for lunch today, and during our conversation, I mentioned to him about this article and we discussed my treatments and findings. I’m still amazed at how much new growth I’ve seen at my temples.

Anyway, my friend asked me about the LLLT helment, if those lights might cause brain damage. Wow, was I shocked at never even THINKING to ask THAT question. Though, why would The Hair Club use such a device if that was even remotely possible.

Well, I asked Google the question just now and I want to share my finding with you, especially if you’re anything like my friend in asking EXCELLENT questions.

screen print of a Google search results

And, here are the links to those two study results.
Transcranial Low-Level Laser (Light) Therapy for Brain Injury
Low-Level Laser Light Therapy Improves Cognitive Deficits

Obviously, there is NO damage to the brain when using LLLT. In fact, this therapy has quite the opposite effect.

UPDATE 14 June 2023: news about Tweak’d by Nature Supersize Cherry Hair Treatment Chiuri Styler, I’ve decided to forego purchasing this product, due to such a split (almost even) between 5 and 1 stars reviews. After reading the 1 star reviews… no thanks!


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