A Friend Shared His Findings on Morning Fat Melter [REVIEW]

After sharing my story about my having lost weight drinking my coffee, with my friend Will Allen, he decided to share his findings on the Morning Fat Melter.

I’ve already purchased yet another vendor’s supplement that claims to help you dissolve 62 pounds of fat, so, I want to make it very clear here and now, I won’t be trying the Morning Fat Melter this year.

Having only 10 pounds of excess fat left to be rid of before winter sets in, I’m serious about putting this new supplement to the test first, as it was already paid for and shipped before I heard from Will about his experience.

In the meantime, I felt it only fair to share Will’s findings regarding the Morning Fat Melter with you. For the sake of transparency, I will be providing MY affiliate links to that product, should you decide to give it a try.

There is a money-back guarantee, so you’ve nothing to worry about should you decide it did not work for you.

And, there’s no extra charge should you use my affiliate link, as the price is the same as though you were to come upon this product on the vendor’s own website.

However, should you decide to check this product out (when using my affiliate link to visit the vendor’s website), it would simply be your token of your appreciation, your way of saying “Thanks!” to me, for my sharing Will’s story with you here.

So, here’s what he has to say about the Morning Fat Melter (his permission was granted to share the following with you).

Image by Deep Khicher from Pixabay

The Morning Fat Melter System by Rob Poulos is based on the idea that you can kick your metabolism into overdrive by eating the right foods and doing the right exercises.

Detailed weight loss program that makes sense

Pro: Detailed weight loss program that makes sense.

Poulos takes an in-depth common-sense approach to losing weight.

The Morning Fat Melter System offers workouts for every fitness level. If you haven’t exercised in years, you can start with the break-in exercise routine and work your way up to the advanced routine as you get in better shape.

The system is rooted soundly in science. If you gain more muscle and lose fat, you will increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR) because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. By gaining muscle, you can turn your body into a metabolic furnace.

Image by Total Shape from Pixabay

Pro: Workouts are short, but effective.

For those who don’t relish the thought of working out for hours on end, Morning Fat Melter has an attractive approach to exercise: Do simple strength training 20 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week.

Only one set of each exercise is required, but the exercises are done at a very slow pace to give muscles an extra-effective workout. There are workouts for every muscle group, so you will work your whole body using this system.

One thing the Morning Fat Melter System is missing is long, boring cardio sessions. Poulos maintains that his short strength-training routines give you a better cardio workout than an hour spent on a treadmill.

Pro: You can purchase upgrades.

The Morning Fat Melter System comes in Deluxe, Ultimate, and Blowtorch levels.

The Ultimate level seems to be the best deal of the three, but the Blowtorch upgrade features two hours of videos of Poulos going through the exercise routines.

Beginners should work their way up through the basic, intermediate, and advanced workouts before attempting the Blowtorch-level routines.

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Now for the BAD part.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Con: Not much emphasis on nutrition.

This is primarily an exercise program.

Poulos does a good job of explaining the principles of nutrition, but he does not spend a lot of time telling you what to eat.

Compared to the exceptionally detailed exercise guides, the nutrition program leaves the reader a lot of choice – which can be good or bad depending on your eating habits.

Be prepared to receive nutritional guidelines and a few sample meals, plus links to recipes you can make for yourself.

Con: Sales pressure can get tiresome.

This Morning Fat Melter review wouldn’t be complete without a quick caveat: Poulos spends the first 24 pages of the book trying to sell you on his logic and ideas.

That’s not so bad, but there are also numerous attempts to push ProGrade food products. If you can look past this, the program is great.

The Bottom Line

Morning Fat Melter Review – The Bottom Line

Poulos does a good job of going into detail about how nutrition and exercise affect your body. He doesn’t care for fad diets, and he lays many nutritional myths to rest with his sensible explanations.

This program is excellent for people who have damaged their metabolism through years of yo-yo dieting, no matter their current fitness level.

If you want to turn your body into a Morning Fat Melter then visit the Morning Fat Melter official site: https://trishparr.com/morning-fat-melt (my affiliate link opens in a new tab)

Talk Soon,
Will Allen

An exercise program I would NOT need, as I’ve already got one!

So, once I’ve been able to try the new supplement over at least a 3-month period of time… you know, the one that I’m now waiting for the deliver of… I will be able to let you know if it’s as great a supplement for weight loss as they promised or a waste of good money.

In the meantime, I do hope that you found Will’s share here helpful.

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