Secret to Growing Longer, Stronger Nails

Why I say this is a secret is because far too many products promise users will get longer stronger nails and then fail to actually deliver. I know, because I’ve chased just about every one of them at one time or another.

At times in the past, my nails were so thin that at times they’ve actually started peeling around the “half moon” just as they cleared my cuticles. And believe me, that hurt! Thumb guards became the norm back then, and I was thankful I had no prom to attend during those times.

It was thought that I suffered from a vitamin A deficiency, and since taking 10,000 IU (international units) of vitamin A daily, the many white marks that used to “decorate” (sarcasm meant here) my nails have since been minimized to nearly zero. I say that because every now and again, a white mark still appears on one of my finger nails, but nowhere nearly as bad as before.

Well, the vitamin A did nothing for strengthening my nails. Heck, one time I even had fake nails put on hoping that would be the answer. You know, those fake nails you have to pay premium prices for, while you sit in a chair for a few hours every two to three weeks, while the nail specialist installs and/or fills in the areas when your nails grow out?

However, after an incident caused from a car accident, I found that my right-hand index finger nail had bent right back to the cuticle! That’s right … right back to the cuticle, standing straight up. I nearly fainted … but thankfully got a hold of myself. Using my top front teeth, I quickly pulled the nail back down where it belonged.

Needless to say, the fake nails had to be removed. As it turned out, my body could not tolerate the substance used to create these fake nails. I say this because, my finger nails were slowly all pulling away from the nail bed. Eeeeew is right! So … off went the fake nails, never to contemplate that move again.

As I mentioned before, over the years I’ve watched and chased down everything that even looked remotely like a lead for growing longer stronger nails.

Then, a few years ago, I learned about B complex and how taking these supplements would boost my metabolism and add energy, ease stress and anxiety. After speaking with my doctor, he told me there should be no problem with my trying the B 50 Complex … which I did.

After a few months on B 50 Complex, I started noticing my finger nails getting a bit stronger and it got me to wondering if something in the B complex might be aiding my nails to be stronger like this.

Here’s what’s in Jamieson B Complex:a picture of a bottle of Jamieson B 100 Complex supplements

Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folate (Folic acid)
Choline bitartrate

Being familiar with the top B vitamins, I started searching the internet for Biotin … and guess what I discovered?

Biotin Benefits

Biotin is also known as Vitamin H and/or Vitamin B7, and is known to aide with longer stronger hair and nails. A side benefit for me is that it also assists with healthier skin too!

I went from B 50 Complex to B 100 Complex, and my nails got noticeably stronger again. That’s when I decided to do a full out search on a proper dosage of Biotin without it effecting me in a negative way. If you can overdose on cinnamon, I had to know if one could overdose on Biotin. I discovered that you truly can overdo the amount of Biotin consumed at one time. When that happens it can cause some very nasty side-effects, I decided to proceed with caution.

Somewhere on a medical website I did read that the recommended daily dosage should never go beyond 2,500 mcg or micrograms. If I could find that site again, I will list it in the list of Sources below.

Because I was already getting 100 mcg with my daily dose of B 100 Complex, I decided to play it safe and start with a lower measure of Biotin.
picture of a bottle of Naka Nutri Biotin supplements

At my local health food store, I purchased Nutri Biotin 1000 mcg. After only 1 bottle of this stuff (of which I took only one capsule daily), my nails became so strong that I could actually wear nail polish on them.

Now, I realize that to some of you reading this that may seem rather silly to get all excited about being able to wear nail polish. But after so many years of suffering with my nails split and tearing as the nail grew past the nail bed (sometimes even sooner), having longer stronger nails really is a big deal … to me! There were times when my nails seemed more like they were a mere film rather than finger nails. But not anymore … YIPEEE!

However, I would like to caution you if you are considering taking Biotin.

After my first bottle of 1000 mcg, when I went back to the health food store to get another bottle, one of the ladies there assured me that I must have misunderstood what I read online and that if I start taking 8,000 mcg my nails would get even stronger.

Do NOT Overdose on Biotin: Here’s why I’m saying this right here. The side effects can be scary … nausea, may cause diarrhea, may cause breathing problems (anaphylaxis), frequent need to urinate, and the list goes on.

I started feeling nauseated within days of taking 8,000 mcg … PLUS the 100mcg in my B 100 Complex. Took me a few days of suffering before I figured out what the heck might be the matter with me. After thinking over where I had been lately, what I had eaten lately … that’s when it came to me, perhaps I OD’d on Biotin?

In doing a quick search on the internet for something like, “can you overdose on biotin” (without the quotation marks, of course) I discovered that what I was experiencing was in fact a side effect from too much biotin.

Needless to say, I immediately stopped taking the additional biotin supplements, and let my system rest for six months. Then back to the 1000 mcg once again … to STAY.

For me, not only does biotin make my nails grow longer and stronger but has also assisted with my every thinning head of hair! This I assure you is a side benefit that I am thoroughly happy about. Perhaps what I had previously thought to be a genetic issue in my paternal family (female baldness) may simply be a biotin deficiency.

Other benefits of biotin are as follows: healthier a picture of Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle serum

skin and heart (biotin increases good cholesterol), improves memory, helps thyroid work properly, helps regulate blood sugar, helps to stimulate your metabolism … and the list goes on.

Confession: I have also been using Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum growth treatment, though not as faithfully after the first 3 bottles. Now I’m more apt to use it when I find my nails suffering the least bit of weakness, like when I was off biotin for the 6 months after overdosing.

If you have found this post helpful, please be sure to share it. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: 22 April 2018, I have increased my consumption of the Nutri Biotin 1000 mcg to two capsules a day for the past two months now, after noticing my nails suffering with cracking and breaking easily once again. So, now my intake is 2000 mcg daily with NO harmful side effects. Yeaaah!


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