Climate Change is NOT Caused by Humans – Science Backs This Up!

There is no way on God’s green earth that you will ever be able to convince me that climate change is being caused by humans, because it is NOT. Well, not “because of humans” anyway.

Humans are NOT that critical to the planet, and the planet will annihilate humans LONG before we’ll ever be capable of mindlessly destroying the planet, I’m sure of it. The tectonic plates STILL rule the planets.

Why do I say this?

Well okay, if you are all that big on wanting to convince all of those around you that humans are causing climate change then WHY are we being forced to create MORE garbage then ever before in human history, and NO ONE has even brought this to the forefront?

Yes, we are now being FORCED to create more garbage.

Back in the 80s, when I purchased my little bungalow, I was encouraged to change the oil furnace to a gas furnace. That furnace cost me around $1,200 (if my memory serves me correctly).

And, that was an easy decision for me to make, simply because I was introduced to a propane gas furnace, kitchen stove and clothes dryer long before leaving home on my own, and I knew the advantages of saving money when using gas.

Well, that gas furnace lasted 20 years and I was forced to install another gas furnace in order to ensure I would not be left without a source of heat during our nasty Canadian winters. And THAT furnace cost me $1,800.

An approximate $600 increase in 20 years… okay. Everything had gone up by then, so I accepted this increase.

THIS year 2022, I was forced to replace THAT furnace that had lasted yet another 20 years, with a furnace that not only cost over DOUBLE, but also will only last HALF as long as the two previously installed gas furnaces.

The cost this year was $3,940!

As for obtaining a similar furnace to those I had previously, that option is no longer available. Apparently, those 20 year furnaces have been outlawed.



Turns out that the story is that the “new” furnaces burn less gas thus wasting less gas.

Ahhh… So, now I pay MORE… a LOT more… for a furnace that wastes less gas.


Where is the common sense to that, I ask you?

My refrigerator that lasted just over 30 years, had to be replaced a few years ago.

And, no matter which brand of refrigerator I chose to replace it with, NONE were guaranteed beyond 5 years.

To top THAT off, I was promised that I would NEVER see another appliance EVER last as long as those I had purchased in the 80s.

Apparently, the wrecking yards are now FULL of unusable appliances, most of which were used for all of 5 years.

Then there’s the plastic that we’ve supposedly been recycling for YEARS.

You know, those plastic containers that all turned up in massive dump sites in places like India!

screen print of a Google search result

That floored me to learn of, as I truly thought these plastics that I’ve carefully cleaned out and placed in blue bins for pickup on Wednesdays for YEARS now, were being recycled.

What was that all about.

Humans are NOT causing the climate to change and THAT is scientifically proven …and documented.

Don’t believe me?


I wouldn’t want you to blindly believe ANYONE anymore.

Here… check out the two seasons of 13 episodes EACH, explaining why our climate is changing. It has ALWAYS been changing, and it will ALWAYS be changing and NO human can STOP it.

Below is a sneak peak preview of ONE of the 26 episodes available to watch now, and are presently being aired on Public TV.

For the doubting Thomas’ among those reading this, here’s more evidence.

screen print of website reference, regarding climate change

Read all about the above, here:

For me, the topic of climate change should NOT a political issue, it is an environmental issue. BUT politicians are the ones driving this “ship” while working diligently to stir the waters… a LOT, amongst us!

Divide and conquer is a saying that comes to mind.

If we humans were really serious about changing our behaviour, then instead of creating MORE disposable products, we’d get back to creating products that could be EASILY repaired… and less costly than purchasing new!

If we humans jump on the band wagon and agree to let go of our standard of living so that the rich can have it all, well then… please… COUNT ME OUT.


People are willingly ready to live like I suffered for four long years of my early youth:

  • going to bed at night without eating and crying myself to sleep because my stomach hurt so bad.
  • sleeping on someone’s cast off mattress and covering up with old winter coats, long tossed aside due to wear… only having my sisters to help keep me warm through cold, winter’s nights.
  • living in a rental home where during winters we’d take turns shoveling the drift of snow out of the kitchen in the morning, so that mom could start breakfast after lighting the wood burning kitchen stove.
  • a house where during winters, you’d have to scratch and scratch and scratch at the window pane in order to be able to look outside.
  • wearing clothing that no one else wanted to buy, from the local Sally Ann (Salvation Army nickname in those days).
  • when we did have food (so to say) it was a bowl of dirty water (turns out was bone-broth) with one penny-piece of carrot floating on top.

Oh, wait a minute…

For those people who claim to be willing to make sacrifices to their present standard of living once oil and gas products have been successfully outlawed… you won’t have HALF of what those 4 years of being without that I experienced as a little kid, back in the late 50s to early 60s.

Nope… most of that won’t be available to you anymore.

You’ll be lucky to be able to afford a home to live in, much less clothing and food, once oil and gas products have been successfully outlawed by our present, radical globalist leader.

screen print of Google search result explaining what globalist is defined as

So, enjoy your lives without the comforts that you now enjoy because you’ve chosen to blindly follow that leader’s requests. And all those leaders who are touting the falsehoods of climate change while enjoying the fruits of your willingness to no longer enjoy!

Many of you refused to listen to my warnings to you back in 2015, so I can only pray that enough of you WAKE UP soon enough to STOP the madness that has taken over the average person, lately.

And don’t you EVERY say you weren’t warned!

Niel Oliver from GB News UK explains the claims about climate change better than I can

Climate change is NOT caused by humans, no it is NOT!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic in a comment below. I enjoy discussing hot topics once I can PROVE my thoughts on a matter, and will respond in a timely manner.

If you REALLY want something other than Climate Change to worry about, check out at least ONE of the following documentaries cover the PFAS Contamination going on RIGHT here in North America!

The following was shared on YouTube titled The Devil We Know, on the 28th of July 2019

The PFAS Problem Season 1 Episode 12 by PBS, released 31 March 2020

Other’s Opinions and Issues

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Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry testifying on climate change

Kuwait has accumulated the biggest tyre [tire] dump in the world (50 million tyres on various site). And, here’s what happens when they catch fire!


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4 thoughts on “Climate Change is NOT Caused by Humans – Science Backs This Up!”

  1. There are some issues with this article.
    – First, the reference to what was stated by the OSS is misleading. The OSS does mention that 31,000 scientists signed the Oregon Petition disputing the consensus, but only to debunk a myth regarding a lack of consensus (not 100%, but 97% is pretty close – see article at

    – Second, the article seems to argue against a compelling case that it is caused by human activities, which have changed markedly over the past century. That seems to be the argument being made by the political right wing, so we needn’t do anything. In fact, it was only about 10 years ago that the political right wing were arguing that climate change wasn’t happening at all.

    Again, so we needn’t do anything. The overwhelming evidence that it IS happening has changed that narrative, but the argument still seems to be that we should just “lay back and enjoy it”. That position conflicts directly with the vast majority of scientific opinion. So, most of the politicization of the climate change issue seems to coming from the political right, to avoid doing anything.

    I can’t argue that every decision made by politicians in the name of addressing climate change is the right decision. That would be absurd. But if we are to agree with the vast majority of scientific opinion that it is being driven by human activity, and we agree that it is taking us down a dangerous path, then it follows that human activities must change. That would seem to require policy changes, which is the purview of politicians. Thus, we can’t avoid it becoming a political issue.

    • What I am saying is that by pretending to care about climate big businesses (the rich) are cleaning up nicely at the bank with this politically driven fear.


      1. By forcing society to tolerate lesser quality products that cost less to produce while costing more to purchase at the retail level.

      2. By creating other means of energy long since deserted generations ago, due to the impracticability of using them, as well as the cost of producing the equipment needed.


      1. What WILL happen once those lithium batteries DO fail? There is no way for these to be recycled safely.

      2. What happens to wind turbines when they fail? These Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills.

      Years ago now, the public was promised that when we cleaned out all emptied container used in our homes, then placed them in the proper blue boxes and offered them at our curbs on designated days, that these containers would ALL be recycled.

      And, here we are many years later, and look at all of the plastic containers that politicians promised would be recycled, yet they are being shipped to 3rd world countries, polluting their environment, as though their environment is not connected to ours.

      Having recently shelled out 3 times the cost of a natural gas furnace that USED to last 20 years (the “new” furnace now only last 10 years… more waste!), so that the new furnace might burn 10% more natural gas… while costing me far more than the previous model… no, I am NOT happy with the present system, where the public have no options anymore.

      Changing our human behaviour would be the ideal solution to hopefully save what might be left of an environment… you betchya’!

      That would require working WITH our environment NOT against it like we are doing now… and getting worse at it.

      By allowing the greedy, rich to profit by fear mongering the public, I believe that is a very SICK method for getting rich while literally destroying their own environment… unless of course, there’s some secret planet that all those globalists intend on leaving earth for, before it’s too late.

      • The title of the article is “Climate Change is NOT Caused by Humans – Science Backs This Up!” This reply now seems to acknowledge that perhaps we are, at the very least, a major contributor.

        The main objection now seems to be with those measures that are being taken, in particular, with respect to their intention, their effectiveness, and their sufficiency.

        I would agree that those issues are “wide open” to debate, but they are separate issues from whether we are the cause.

        Moreover, most who protest the effectiveness and/or sufficiency of measures that have been proposed or enacted have offered little in the way of alternatives.

        You may well be correct that those measures are ill conceived for any variety of reasons like those you mention, but then that raises the question, do you have a better idea to solve the problem? Just some food for thought…

        • So, are you saying that if I don’t have a better idea that I should just be silent and allow the abuse of the present measures being taken, those claiming to be steps to improve our environment, and that they should be allowed to continue?

          Gee, I sure hope not. I don’t have the answer, and I do NOT believe that humans can stop the climate from changing.

          By allowing the changes that are being forced upon us, all in the name of stopping climate change, I’m certain that it won’t be long before no one but the rich will be able to afford vehicles… and God only knows what else only the rich will be able to afford in the not so far future.

          Even our food market is being threaten politically, all in the name of climate change.

          Starving is NOT a nice feeling. Been there, done that.

          From age 4 to age 8 I went with NO food in my stomach (bone broth on lucky days!) and cried myself to sleep at night. All due to federal politician who forced a labour change that put 50,000 people out of work in Ontario alone!

          I’ve enjoyed our chat, and thank you for your contribution to this conversation. Much appreciated!


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