For Those Who Believe Climate Change is Our World’s Apocalypse – You NEED to See This

Having learned that not all media reporting is done for the reason of actually informing their viewers/readers, I enjoy being informed of what BOTH sides of any one issue.

If you truly believe that climate change is to be our world’s apocalypse than, I seriously believe that you need to see the entire documentary, of which the trailer follows here.

By turning our backs on our world’s children, simply ignoring this issue though it is of no concern to us personally, mankind will NOT need to worry about whether or not climate change is a real concern for future generations. We will have killed off our future generation all by ourselves, by simply sitting back and letting the US and Canadian food industries continue to dictate and block any attempts to regulate the content of sugars used in processed foods.

I consider myself very lucky to have suffered food poisoning from eating Big Macs back in the ‘70s. One was purchased in Oshawa, and the second one was purchased about two weeks later at Mississauga’s Square One mall. I have NOT eaten McDonalds’ foods since.

Years later, I suffered from food poisoning from eating chicken from a Swiss Chalet restaurant in Oshawa. This establishment has been closed down for a few years now.

In the ‘80s, I had accumulated 10 cases of Diet Pepsi from weekly sales I attended at the different stores. Those cases of pop tasted so “tinny” that I contacted Pepsi, only to discover the cases were ALL long out of date. Back then, there were no standards in place forcing the pop industry to place Best Before dates on their products. In Pepsi’s defence, the refunded me all 10 cases with coupons for FREE cases. However, I had been turned off EVER drinking Pepsi like I once did.
These are only a select few incidents. There were plenty more, I can assure you.

The point I’m trying to make here is that I learned very early in life (though the hard way or at least I used to believe) that processed foods are really NOT healthy food choices. Now I am VERY thankful for EVERY time I was sickened of these foods.

It is truly sad to discover healthy foodsthat so many food shoppers believe that it is more expensive to eat quality foods than junk food. This could not be further from the truth, though I’m sure our food industry would prefer you believe otherwise.

My food budget has seen SO much relief since I started paying attention to the content of foods I choose to buy.

Oh yes, I still make mistakes… you betchya’!

For example: check this box of cookies out that I bought a few years ago, ONCE – Peek Freans LifeStyle Shortcake Cookies; Sensible Solution? You Decide.

Clearly shown toxins are listed on their box front, but did I notice them? No I did NOT … not until at least half the box of cookies had been eaten. One day, I started reading the box while snacking on a a cookie. That’s when I became highly suspicious, noticing 3 words for sweetener that I had no idea what they were.

Don’t let just ONE point of view persuade you on ANY one issue. Always check, check, and double check.

Your friends that look healthy… inquire as to their food choices and learn if what I’m saying here is right or not. Also, check out your local libraries… search the internet for BOTH sides to this issue.

Try visiting your local farmers market(s) and see how little it costs to buy locally grown/raised fruits, vegetables, honey, and meats from those who can prove to you how healthy their offers are; Healthy meaning no use of chemical sprays and/or overly injected animals.

Shop your grocery stores for REAL fruits and vegetables that have been grown LOCALLY (as in Canada or USA). Other countries might not have the proper regulations in place for growing foods for human consumption, thus I pass on ANYTHING not grown in Canada or US… not including bananas, for obvious reasons.

Try cooking your family’s dinners for, say, 30 days. obesity-crisis-image2If you’re concerned about hydro rates you can always cook several meals ahead of time and on weekends, freezing them for future use. Save time, save money, and save YOUR family’s health now!

Once the world’s obesity issues have truly been addressed AND corrected, then climate change issues might be our number one concern. Until then… me thinks not.

If we humans are that difficult to lead back to proper eating, maybe this is why our food industries are doing what they are in effectively, slowly killing off future generations of humans. A growing number of people believe we can save our planet from negative climate changes, return to a healthy diet, and stop the senseless slaughtering and cruelty of our animals …all at the same time. Don’t believe me… watch the documentary called Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, and then YOU decide.

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4 thoughts on “For Those Who Believe Climate Change is Our World’s Apocalypse – You NEED to See This”

  1. Dear Trish

    I totally agree and I have not been to McDonalds for years! I believe in UK they are allowing fracking for shale gas and oil to pollute our water supply so big companies like coca cola and Pepsi can sell us their bottles water at a profit!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank YOU Jennifer for taking the time to comment. I truly feel sorry for the generations coming after mine. So many issues to address …

  2. I love this post. You are so right on! I watched children getting off the school bus yesterday and almost all of them were overweight. I believe in time we will find out the food industry has duped us much like the tobacco industry did so many years ago. It is a travesty!


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