Canadian Carbon Tax: A Candid Conversation about Canada’s New Carbon Tax

It is my belief that the introduction of carbon tax in Canada is simply another tax grab by our federal government that has been created to… what… change OUR behaviour… REALLY?

Having never believed in such a tax being able to save our world from climate change, I would never ever support any party who would be so foolish as to think their voters/supporters were that easily conned.

However, it is now really going to happen whether I like it or not.

Many of you may even tell those of us who feel the same way I do to “tough it up buttercup”, but I am truly hoping that voters will make this new taxation a thing of the past.

When I heard our leader state on the evening news that this taxation was now being put in place to change the people’s behaviour, I wanted to scream… WHAT?!

Don’t believe me?

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So, what are most of us to stop or change what we are doing?

Are those of us who are lucky enough to still have a job supposed to get up for work several hours earlier than we already do, in order to get to work via public transportation… that takes us several hours longer to get to our destinations?

…and… oh yeah, how is the present public transportation systems here in Canada ever going to handle all of the extra passengers if we were ALL to actually start taking public transportation to work?

…and, what about all the gasoline purchases that will no longer be being made by all of those of us Canadians who now ride public transportation to work instead of our individual vehicles?

Oh, wait a minute… Ah, I know! …I KNOW!

The gasoline prices will be increased to make up for the lost revenue that is no longer being made due to the decrease in gasoline purchases… right?!

Oh… and don’t forget folks, no more vacationing where you need to FLY anywhere, as that too will be heavily taxed… and look at all those airplanes said to be polluting our skies… right? rolling my eyes toward the ceiling

All this while the wealthy are allowed to continue polluting our environment, both air and land. If you think that just because many factories have now been removed from North America that our earth’s air quality will improve over time… think again…

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What Carbon Tax Fails to Resolve

Then there are what I deem to be even other more important issues that SHOULD be focused on when it comes to polluting our environment… and that regard the rules for manufacturers and big farming industries like Monsanto.

North American manufacturers in the ‘40s and ‘50s would NEVER get away with making major appliances that would only last 5-10 years. Back then, manufacturers made sure that their products would last 30-40 years.


Because real leaders would have been up in arms if manufacturers tried to get away with what they are doing now; Correct me if I’m wrong… please?

Yet nowadays… ?

the word FAILURE written in all caps on a dirty chalkboard

Well… now those of us who need any new major appliance, we are forced to purchase cheaply made, now imported, disposable appliances.


Well, because Canadian manufacturers have been discouraged from continuing to create products right here in Canada as cheaply as they can overseas… in countries that have NO carbon taxes, and that freely allows their population to be exploited by the profits made by of those North American manufacturers who were allowed to take their North America profits elsewhere, without being financially penalized by the same governments that penalize their citizens for making a profit in wages earned.

Oh… and NOW let us see if those North American businesses who have relocated their manufacturing factories to those countries ever try to remove their profits made in THOSE countries. Bets they won’t get away as freely as they did from North America!

What happens to all our major appliances once they fail and can no longer be fixed cost effectively?

image of scrap yard of appliances sourced from

Well, they now litter a scrap yard somewhere, while they wait to either get shredded for reusing the metals, or they sit and rot while contaminating our environment.

Hmmm… and what about all those plastic parts now found in major appliances? What happens to those parts?

What about all those sofas and mattresses that USED to last years and years?

Well, they too are a thing of the past.

Recently, I was forced to replace my mattress with a new one. I mentioned about the handles that I noticed on the new mattress as being “good” as this new mattress will be a lot easier to flip in the future.

Well don’t ya’ know, the one fella (of two) who was placing the new mattress on my box springs piped up with, “Oh no, you can’t be flipping the mattress anymore. They haven’t allowed that for about 10 years now.”

“Really?” was my retort, truly wondering why.

“Yeah, well they [the manufacturers] now only put foam on the one side of the springs. That way you won’t be able to flip your mattress anymore and you will be forced to purchase a new one [mattress] sooner.”

Ooooh my… but then, okay… rolling my eyes toward the ceiling I shoulda’ known, right?

So, what about sofas and mattresses… where are the old ones that NO one can use anymore going? Into a landfill somewhere, right?

And… what about the packaging… you know, those large plastic displays that you literally have to cut most electronic items out of once purchased… where is all THAT useless packaging that was talked about as needing to be changed, back in the ‘70s.

Since the ‘70s, the packaging has become even more ridiculous. Some items now cost a LOT less than the packaging the items are sold in.

Carbon taxation is NOT the answer… not in my books.

Then there is Monsanto whose farming practices have now FINALLY come into question after YEARS of their stock holders (if you do some researching to discover WHO most of these are, bets it will shock you!) supporting their practices.

Roundup is now in our foods EVERYWHERE… breads, cereals… etc. Over the years, so many doctors have diagnosed patients as glutton intolerant; I’m betting most of those patients are Roundup intolerant.

Do you honestly believe that by Canadian tax payers now being forced to pay carbon tax this is going to even come close to saving our planet… all while manufacturers from all around the world are being allowed (even encouraged by receiving large tax deductions) to continue to lower the quality on the household items that we need so that we will need to replace them more often… all while we continue to add to our local junk yards and/or dump sites?

What About Our Leader’s Promise of Transparency?

That too seems to have been forgotten…

I sure hope the voters of Canada have NOT forgotten.

Will the News Media Tell YOU How to Vote in October 2019?

Months before the our federal election in 2015, the media started playing up by labeling the present leader back then, as a dictator, yet now I see they are doing the same thing to the leader they helped get elected, by convincing voters that he was the better choice.

As a voter in our next election… are you going to take the advice of your local newspapers, Twitter feeds, and Facebook newsfeed to tell YOU how to vote?


…are you going to play it smarter this time around and discuss issues that irk you with your local candidates, so that you will know how they intend to fix things?

Most friends who were ticked with our leader in 2015, voted in support of our present leader and when I asked them why, they literally quoted what the newspapers published. No one even tried to discover the truth. All I heard is because the Toronto Star newspaper said so or the CBC news said so.

My Conclusion

When it comes to us humans putting an end to planet earth, I don’t think our species is that powerful, especially given that even the once mighty dinosaurs were removed from planet earth, making way for newer species and a totally refurbished planet… after a much needed rest for the planet.

This latest scandal regarding the former attorney general and minister of justice Jody Wilson-Raybould, after a lengthily discussion with a friend who did fess up as having voted for our present leader (and she stated that she knows now that she made a BIG mistake), in her arguments in defending our former attorney general and minister of justice, my friend made me realize that Ms Wilson-Raybould did what she had to do in NOT quitting her party, in order to maintain her integrity, and protect her reputation.

My take previously was that if I had of been in Ms Wilson-Raybould’s shoes, I would have quit the caucus straight away. But… what my friend explained to me was that had Jody done that, her political party would have done their very best to discredit her in the eyes of the public, and most likely would have convinced many voters to see it their way.

Yes, I see this issue a lot more clearly now, that IS EXACTLY what would have happened, as I have witnessed much politicking during my years of employment. It’s waaaay worse actually working as a politician.

Personally, when I learned that Ms. Wilson-Raybould had taped her conversation as a means of protecting herself, she truly proved to me of her intelligence and her ability in bringing what was happening out into the light for all Canadian voters to FINALLY see.

After mulling this issue over and during writing this rant, I now wonder if Ms. Wilson-Raybould might give serious consideration to run for Prime Minister of Canada in the near future.

Heck, it IS time for REAL transparency… like what Ms. Wilson-Raybould has proven to all Canadians, by bringing proof of her claim to share with all of us.

Besides… its time a leader like I’m betting Ms. Wilson-Raybould would be was at the helm!

My father used to always say, if you give the leadership to a person who can truly balance a budget for a family then perhaps Canada’s financial issues would be a issue of the past.

Personally, I’m starting to seriously believe that Jody Wilson-Raybould just might be that person as she offers voters another benefit being a woman, and in my opinion, women tend to be much better at balancing household budgets then most men.

If you REALLY want to see things change in the near future, STOP letting the media TELL YOU HOW TO CAST YOUR VOTE.

Discuss political issues with friends and family when and where you can; speak frankly with your local politicians who will be running in your area and ASK your questions… make sure you get REAL answers… and THEN make you mind up.

Feel free to leave your take on this topic in a comment below. I’m looking forward to a real conversation about this issue with real Canadian… and you can believe me when I say, I DO respond to all of my comments.



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2 thoughts on “Canadian Carbon Tax: A Candid Conversation about Canada’s New Carbon Tax”

  1. Good Morning Trish,

    I can understand you are not pleased with this new Carbon Tax. I feel it is making the people pay to cover up the misdeeds of companies and the government.

    If the laws were adapted to modern times, more control on who dirties the environment, we would not be in this situation we are in now. Think about the car industry faking the results of the emissions, a good example I think.

    Improper waste management and there are many more examples. Let the big boys clean up their act first then there would be no need for this tax to start with.

    You also mention Monsanto and their diabolic product Roundup. That is allowed even if it is killing our health and causes nature to die. In the old times, you could eat bread without a problem. Nowadays you are eating GMO crops sprayed with pesticides no wonder there is this “Gluten Intolerance” that name is badly chosen.

    We live in a world where things are not what they appear to be. Try to be as informed as possible and think twice before you choose somebody as your leader.

    Regards, Taetske

    • You are BANG on the money with your comment Taetske!

      And, even then picking a leader most times STILL requires us to pick the lesser of 3 (or sometimes 4 or 5) evils which STILL doesn’t work well enough, considering the media love to tell their readers who to vote for.

      Most readers STILL believe EVERYTHING they read in their local newspapers today. Sadly that is how in our last federal election we lost (in my opinion) Canada’s BEST Prime Minister that we have EVER had in my life time.


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