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a picture of an opossum

What Animal Eats Impatiens Only? You’re Not Alone…

After the second week of attacks on my impatiens, I started asking neighbours if they were suffering a loss of flowers, but nope! One neighbour claimed that even the rabbits have been leaving his veggie garden alone this year. Many of my neighbours must have thought I was crazy, I mean, what animal would want to eat impatiens only? …though it did eat off the tops of white daisies that had already gone to seed. Continue reading

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How Commenting on Blogs Can Help Your Website Ranking – Maybe!

As of September 2010, I decided to start keeping track of the websites I was leaving comments on, just to see whether blog owners were really letting my comments be published or not. Continue reading

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Is It Any Wonder Why Highschool Bullying Has Become An Epidemic?

Oh, how clearly I remember the highschool I attended. It was a rural highschool, located in a ‘not so well off’ financially-speaking, area in southern Ontario. Oh, and how the “rich kids” would be standing in the hallways every morning… in two groups, ready and waiting to intimidate us “poor kids” as we passed by them on our way to first class. Continue reading

close up view of a man frightened, with my tax bill shown behind him

Why I’m Weaning Myself From Shopping Regularly At WalMart

Some shoppers profess that “WalMart saves me money!” …while others, like me, are left asking, “Where’s the stock for the special you advertised this week?” …and this is only one reason why I’m weaning myself from shopping regularly at WalMart.

WalMart is pulling the same trick stores did back in the late ’70s. You know, advertising a great special that is to last one full week, and then having a limited supply of that stock… in ALL stores… for the sale. It’s back to the lost leader with limited stock scam, once again. Continue reading

hydro towers

Why Ontario Hydro Is Raising Their Rates

I’ll tell you why I think Ontario Hydro is raising their rates so frequently and so high during this recession we’re in… and, please… you tell me if I’m wrong… and why. Continue reading

a graphic of an old dial telephone

Leaving Bell Telephone – My Experience ** UPDATED **

Let me begin by telling you it was a very frustrating experience, to say the least… but, one I’m glad I made it through… finally!

Please, let me explain… Continue reading

large radio towers collecting and sending out signals

WARNING – Bell Sympatico Internet Usage Tracking IS Misleading at Best

On July 27, 2010 I cancelled the added insurance that Bell Internet Service put on my account for me back in June and July. Continue reading

a view of a corner of my roof from inside my attic

Make Sure to Inspect Your Roof From Inside Your Attic…

Going up into my attic for the first time in nearly 12 months since my roof was reshingled, I discovered three very badly damaged boards. One of the holes is bigger than that which a large dinner plate could not hope to cover.

When facing east in my attic, this is what I saw (click on the image below for a real close-up view):

Continue reading