Your Skype ID Has Been Hacked and You Cannot Get it Back!

Did you know that hackers can easily steal your Skype ID and presently, there is NOTHING you can be done about it? You can contact Skype but, believe me, all you will get is runaround.

On 7th of July 2015, at 1:27PM, my brother’s hacker sent me a Skype message with the following message (with my ID partially covered for obvious reasons):
Skype text

My brother and I send each other quick messages like this from time-to-time; so, I clicked on the link supplied. What I was sent to was a weight loss product, so I responded with the following:
Skype response

Then all of a sudden, my brother disappeared… he went offline, so I tried a Video call, wondering what the heck was going on… but, my video call didn’t even ring through. Then I got to wondering; “could my brother’s Skype ID been hacked”, though naively, I truly believed Skype would have had scripts in place to prevent this from happening.

Off to do some Google searching I went, and, here is what I learned:
How to Hack a Skype Password
Your Skype Account Can Be Easily Hijacked, Says A Guy Who Was Hacked Six Times In One Day
Can My Computer Be Hacked Through Skype?

After scanning through a few of these search results, I immediately telephoned my brother to warn him that I think his Skype account had been hacked, and why I thought that. He was really busy, outside his office at the time, and waiting for an important call. He’d have to get back to me. A few hours later, my brother returned my call, and I went into more detail. His computer was even on with Skype running, but I told him that apparently, doesn’t matter.

Back at his office, my brother took the proper steps clearly setup by Skype, and nearly a week later, he’s had “10 back-and-forward emails so far, in which they have refused to even reassure me [my brother] that the account has been suspended.”

Apparently, Skype’s verification web page requires information that most long-time users have forgotten (example: the month and year the account was created). Heck, that’s more information than a hacker is required to supply in stealing a Skype ID in the first place.

My brother, who now lives and works in the United States, has even taken the necessary steps to register his complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Internet Crimes Complaint Center, the Washington State Attorney General’s office (home state of Microsoft), and the Better Business Bureau.

Hopefully, my brother’s employer (well known and highly regarded) will allow the newspapers to view his email correspondence with this issue so this issue will go public. All Skype will do is suggest my brother now create a new Skype account. Are they kidding him? Really?!

If you don’t believe what I’ve stated here then, please, try running a Google search for “hack Skype password”. Read through a few of the search results links, and then come back and let me know what you have learned. I’m betting you will be every bit as shocked as my brother and I were!

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