Bye-Bye K-Dinner, Hello Mac & Cheese

Cooked Mac and Cheese in a casserole dish

When a good friend of mine learned that I was still consuming Kraft Dinner laced with ketchup every now and again, that friend shared their secret recipe for Mac and Cheese with me, daring me to try it.


This stuff truly is addictive…

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Mary had a Steamboat

black and white photograph of an old steamboat

Having gone to Girl Guide camp for one week (that was enough for this kid!) when very young, I got to learn a few new things, of which the following jingle was one … and it’s been playing in my head for days now, so I decided to share it with you here.

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Help, My Dog Eats Poop!

header image of Simona with a sign in front of her that reads "Mom is trying to stop me from eating my pop!"

My sweet Simona was said to be about 5½ years old, back in October 2014. Adopting adult dogs can certainly lead to our discovering major issues with improper training, of that I have learned the hard way.

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