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picture of two pillar styled plant stands, used as a header image

Inexpensive, Awesome Plant Stands

There’s nothing like having a project come out perfect, is there :-)?

After several unsuccessful purchases of a used plant stand that were each being advertised for sale on online classified ads, a friend reworked two pillars that he was allowed to retrieve from a garbage bin at a local store.

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peanut butter recipe card

Peanut Butter Cookies Using Quinoa Flour

Thank YOU Pamela!
These cookies are AWESOME!

a picture of a rope tied with a noose at one end, laying on grass, used as a header image

The Death Penalty for Convicted Puppy Mill Operators

Nugget is the puppyOn June 13, 2002, the most beautiful puppy in the world was born. Claims were made that this little fella was a Shih Tzu and for my purposes throughout his life, I recognized him as a Shih Tzu, though no registration papers were ever supplied. Continue reading

a picture of the new Smart Meters used as a header image

Health Canada On Smart Meters – 3 part series

Three videos detailing Health Canada’s warns about radio frequency radiation and ignores smart meters… Continue reading

Hugh Chevallier [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Best, Cheapest Miracle Window Cleaner – Bar None!

window cleaning recipe used as a header image

After trying many promising window cleaners, then focusing on using only vinegar and water to wash my windows these past few years, this year I decided to give this recipe a try …and, VOILA! This is MY idea of a great, inexpensive, less-labour intensive way of cleaning MY windows this year.

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picture of my pancake cooking in a cast iron frying pan

Two Ingredient, Gluten-Free Pancakes

Had these pancakes for breakfast this morning and they truly are yummy! Continue reading

panoramic view of the park across the road from my home during the winter 2013

Oshawa Gets White Christmas Many Wished For

So many friends in Oshawa prayed for a white Christmas this year that we actually got one 🙁

Thankfully, my hydro was back on for Christmas 2013!

How was your Christmas?