The Truth About Functional Fitness Solution – Can You Really Restore Your Vitality?

Functional Fitness Solution was apparently setup by two real PhD doctors who claim to be experts in functional longevity; Dr. Dan Ritchie and Dr. Cody Sipe, each with his own notable expertise in helping people achieve the maximum functionality possible.

Having personally experienced a work related injury back in the 90s that restricted the types of things I could do, and having gone through physical therapy many times over the years, Functional Fitness Solution certain caught my attention.

Plus, they say that their training is dedicated to baby boomers. Yeaaaah!

The regimented routine that I have followed faithfully since my “graduation” from physical therapy the last time is now my daily exercise routine. This has kept me active and able to do my own lawn care and gardening over the summers, as well as shoveling snow in the winters.

Talk about surprise. No one has been more surprised than me for experiencing firsthand with how quickly that physical therapy put me back on the ‘road to recovery’. Finding the right therapist really can make the difference between staying active and becoming bedridden.

Independence is not something that healthy people usually think about until their health has been compromised.

So, yes… I do tend to pay attention to other’s means for restoring vitality in case I can add to my daily routine and ensure that I remain active. Wouldn’t you?

The Functional Fitness Solution claims to be geared for all of us over fifty and up to seventy years of age, and both men and women alike. I already feel 10 years younger than I really am, so their claim to making me feel 20 years younger would be a bonus!

The vendor is SO right in saying that the aging process is not kind, and that it wants to sap our bodies of stamina and vitality… but, only if we allow aging to do that. However, I am not about to ‘toss in the towel’ if there is even one tiny possibility that I can maintain my vitality and remain active throughout my aging process.

With the steady increase in demand on our North American medical health care system, as we baby-boomers continue to age, it is my intention to find ways to stay out of hospitals and to need NO prescription drugs to get me through my days.

For me, proper exercising and stretching has already proven to have worked its magic. So, if it is possible for me to add to my daily routine than I would prefer to do so. Perhaps by doing this I won’t need any future physical therapy, which I feel would be a great reward.

If you have children, then it should be even MORE important to you to remain vital throughout your years, right?

Whether you have grandchildren or only the possibility of grandchildren in your future, exercising IS necessary for you in being able to either return to being active or to remain active.

Do consult with your health-care professional before moving forward with the Functional Fitness Solution.

So many friends have opted for joint replacements that I fear they will find themselves suffering with aches and pains more and more as time goes by. Not only are joint replacements proving NOT to be the answer, but some patients have even suffered from what is called capsular contracture, which is a response of the immune system to foreign materials in the human body.

Our bodies are not made to have foreign objects of any sort installed inside us for any reason.

All you need to do is listen to the many TV commercials that many law firms are paying to run regarding failed joint replacements, to learn that what I have stated is true. See screen print below…

screen print of a Google search

Now, back to the Functional Fitness Solution (my affiliate link); there are two options available… download only or shipped DVD player ready.

The Never Grow Old Fitness Program

I chose the download only option. Not only is this option less expensive, but it is also easier for me to transfer for use on different devices. Plus, they offer you a 60-day 100% money back guarantee if you do not see and feel a difference when following their system.

What I Learned as a Customer of Functional Fitness Solution

In the 5 introductory videos, instructions are offered that covers how to follow their advice, in which it is clearly state that:

1.) If your doctor said not to do something or have restricted you from a particular activity, we strongly encourage that you follow that advice. So if we demonstrate squats or demonstrate an exercise that your doctor has said it is something you should not do because of a particular joint injury, then we encourage you to follow your doctor’s advice.

2.) We encourage you to always warm up before doing any of our workouts. So whether you are doing a level 1, a level 2, a level 3, or a level 4, we encourage you to use our functional warm ups or use a warm up that works well for you, but make sure you warm up before the exercise program.

3.) This exercise program is design with 4 levels. We encourage you to start out with level 1 and if you quickly realize you can move to level 2, then go ahead and do that. But we don’t encourage you to start at level 3 or 4 until you have experienced a level 1 and a level 2 workout.

4.) Anytime something is hurting, if we demonstrate an exercise and you try it and it hurts you, this is NOT a no pain no gain attitude. Listen to your body. So if something is hurting avoid or limit that exercise. Maybe modify it in a way that you can do it pain free. We are not looking for you to go through an excruciating painful experience but rather we want you to gain more function, more freedom and more mobility. So this exercise program is here to benefit you not hurt you.

The equipment needs are basic and as few as possible in order that you get the most out of the exercises they will show you.

1.) Dumbells (my affiliate link) – different sizes are recommended. 5 to 20 pound dumbbells are mentioned in one of the introductory videos.

2.) A solid chair – a hard office chair is used as an example.

3.) A step (my affiliate link) – and using your stair step is suggested at the start but that as you get stronger you probably will want to move up to a step that is 10-12” high, instead of a typical 7.2” step on a stair. There are adjustable steps available too if you prefer.

4.) An exercise mat – will be necessary for their floor exercises and also the kneeling exercises. This is needed to keep your knees safe especially if you have hardwood floors or if you carpeting is not well padded.

5.) Resistant exercise tubing (my affiliate link) with handles and of different resistant levels. They suggest you purchase a bit higher quality than the cheapest so that they are more apt to last you.

Do I Recommend Functional Fitness Solution?

Yes, I do recommend Functional Fitness Solution (my affiliate link). Their advice is the same excellent quality of advice I received from the best professional physical, athletic therapist that I have ever gone to for help in improving my mobility.

By following their program you will have no need of making appointments to gain the exercises to follow, you will have no need to leave your home, and as long as you are serious about improving your mobility, I’m sure that you will once you have started following their training.

Remember, this product is guaranteed… 100% satisfaction or your money back! So, what have you got to lose but your physical dependency on things like prescription meds. So, if you never want to grow old get Functional Fitness Solution (my affiliate link) and help slow down your aging process… it works for me!

Should you decide to buy this product, I would LOVE to hear from you regarding your take on the exercises that both Ritchie and Sipe recommend you do… even if you ended up asking for your money back. Simply leave a comment below and I’ll respond quickly as possible.

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