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Three Ways to Make The Cent (¢) Symbol in Word for Windows

How to Get Cent Sign on a Keyboard When Using Windows

1.) Hold down the ALT key, and using the numeric pad on your keyboard, type 0162 and let go of the ALT key… voila. I usually like to add formatting of superscript to the cent symbol.
OR… hold down the CTRL key + / key + c key    

How to Get Cent Sign on MAC Using a Keyboard

Click the Options key + 4


2.) Under Windows START menu, select Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Character Map as shown below:
Windows START bar

…and the window that opens offers a selection of symbols to choose from, like the one shown below. On my computer, the cent symbol is in the 5th row, nearer the end of the row.

3.) In Word 2007, select the Insert ribbon. Then, on the extreme right-hand edge, select Symbol, as shown in the screen print below:

And… for those who prefer video, below I show you where you find the cents sign on your computer.

How do I Get the Cent Sign on my Computer

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Joanie DT says December 15, 2018

Two questions to see if you have answers:
1) I have a touchscreen laptop arms when I went to Windows10, I lost the touchscreen options. Apparently HP doesn’t have a driver for Windows10. I see my laptop is currently available and it has the newest Windows and touchscreen. I feel it is a scam to get me to buy another laptop. I also think it should be illegal to update any system software that will disable much of these functionality of someone’s computer without at least a warning of what will happen. What do you think?
2) what did you do regarding healing your meniscus and would this make you a candidate for stem cell injections again?
Thank you,

    Trish says December 15, 2018

    Hi Joan,

    1.) After doing some searching for your laptop issue, I did come across the following support that hopefully will offer you a resolve: https://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c03488148 for your laptop issue.

    2.) About my torn meniscus, it was the clinic that I wrote about here: https://trishparr.com/treatment-for-lower-back-pain/ that helped that heal quickly. As for if that injury or treatment would interfere with further stem cell injections, I do not see how that would be possible. The stem cell injections I had in my left hip, and it was my right knee that suffered from a torn meniscus.

Barbara A Spaulding says November 27, 2017

I checked Word documentation to figure out how to insert the cent symbol when typing numbers. It’s nowhere in the Symbols templates, and documentation leaves much to be desired. Thankfully, I found the answer on Trish’s web site. Looks like her tech capabilities are far-reaching!

    Trish says November 27, 2017

    Wow, Thank YOU Barbara, glad to learn this post helped you. Originally did this so I wouldn’t forget and now I’m glad I preserved what I discovered and shared it here. Seems a lot of us have searched for this. Thanks for letting me know.

Andrea says October 4, 2017

Thank you!!! I don’t know why Word makes it so difficult to insert a cent symbol. When using the “insert symbol” solution (#3 on your list), I found that Word doesn’t include that sign. They have an upside-down one, but what good does that do?

Thanks so much for restoring my sanity. I was blowing a gasket. LOL

    Trish says October 4, 2017

    Oh wow Andrea, so the version of Word for Windows10 doesn’t offer the cent symbol any more. Yikes! What nonsense I have to look forward to once I’m forced to update my office to Windows10. I’m NOT looking forward to it, of that you can be sure. Thank YOU for letting me know of this issue. I shared this post on my personal blog a few years ago now so that I wouldn’t forget. LOL, seriously! So, I’m glad others are gaining from this share too.

Patricia says July 11, 2017

Thank you for the quick easy answer to my question.

    Trish says July 11, 2017

    You are very welcome Patricia, and Thank YOU for letting me know this post helped you. Feedback like this helps me to know for certain which posts to save and which to delete. 🙂

Benj Reaves says May 9, 2017

If you have Japanese input installed, this works: select Japanese input and type sento
You’ll get a ¢ symbol. Or just copy and paste this: ¢ – that’s the easiest. Is there any word add-in that would allow, for example, you type Esc cent Esc and you get a cent symbol? Esc degree Esc would give you ° and Esc gamma esc would give you ? That would be so convenient

    Trish says May 9, 2017

    Hey Benj, as for the Japanese version of accomplish this, I have no way of knowing if you are correct, so I will leave verification of what you have suggested to other readers. Sorry but I could not get what you have mentioned regarding Esc cent Esc or Esc degree Esc to work in my version of Word.

Vicki Gehris says February 22, 2017

Thank you for that tidbit, it was most helpful.

    Trish says February 23, 2017

    Good to know this post is still helpful Vicki, Thank YOU for commenting!

Tony Bell says November 29, 2016

ALT 155 will create ¢also.

    Trish says December 1, 2016

    Hey Tony, in checking http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/accents/codealt.html#currency I discovered their suggestion using the Alt + 0162, but this doesn’t work for me either. All I get is the “Save As” window popping up.

Cynthia says June 28, 2016

Thank you!

    Trish says June 29, 2016

    🙂 you’re very welcome Cynthia.
    I know exactly how you feel … which is why I created this post.

Betty says November 17, 2015

All of your comments are fake

    Trish says November 21, 2015

    Not sure why you are saying this Betty, but everyone is allowed an opinion. Thank you for taking the time to leave yours.

Baerbel says July 27, 2012

Fianlly! This is just what I was looking for.

    Trish says July 31, 2012

    Well good Baerbel, glad to have helped you out.

Eliana says July 4, 2012

i visit your website regularly and i enjoy articles.

    Trish says July 4, 2012

    Thank you Eliana!

Albana says May 23, 2012

so great, glad I found this!

    Trish says May 26, 2012

    Glad this helped you Albana!

Dragoo says April 23, 2012

Hi there, I found your blog by way of Google whilst looking for this subject, your web site came up. I have bookmarked to favourites and added to my bookmarks.

    Trish says April 28, 2012

    Glad this info helped you, and thanks Dragoo for bookmarking my website!

Russ says November 8, 2011

Yahooooeee, was all I could say when I came across this. Thanks!

    Cane Nat says May 15, 2012

    Articles like this really grease the shafts of knowledge. Thanks!

    Barbara Guidi says May 18, 2012

    Thanks for this!

      Trish says May 18, 2012

      You're welcome Barbara!

Sparky says May 5, 2011

Haahaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

    Ojen says May 15, 2012

    Holy concise data batman. Just what I was looking for LOLl Thanks!

    Maloka Adams says May 18, 2012

    Girlie, I’ve been trying to find this for a few weeks now. I’ve been scratching my noggin trying to figure it out. I googled it and found your awesome instructions! Thanks Trish!

      Trish says May 18, 2012

      You're very welcome Maloka!

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