How Commenting on Blogs Can Help Your Website Ranking – Maybe!

As of September 2010, I decided to start keeping track of the websites I was leaving comments on, just to see whether blog owners were really letting my comments be published or not.

After all, if I comment, leaving a key word that I want my website ranked highly for as my name, isn’t that good for both the blog owner (the fact that I made comment – acknowledged HIS/HER blog!) …AND me (providing me with a valuable backlink!).

Or… so I thought anyway. By the end of February 2011…

Here’s what I discovered

9 blogs have never acknowledged my comments one way or another, so I assume the owners are no longer tending their blogs.

Here’s the list of the 9 (now only 7!):
     [no theme even installed at the time of updating this post on 20 Feb. 2017]
     [this site now forwards to another, as of updating this post 20 Feb. 2017]
     [this site no longer exists, as of updating this post 20 Feb. 2017]
     [this post no longer exists, as of updating this post 20 Feb. 2017]
     [site kept timed out when testing to see if this post even exists anymore. Am guessing the site is down or gone, as of updating this post 20 Feb. 2017]
     [this post no longer exists, as of my updating this post 20 Feb. 2017]
     [this site continues to ignore my comment]

3 blogs published my comment but deleted the link back to my website that their comment fields offered… which was the reason for my post in the first place.

One blog actually replaced the NAME I used that I wanted to link back to my website, for my FULL and REAL name, rendering that link useless for SEO!  Was not impressed to say the least, as I have made it a habit to NOT to use my FULL name in ANY comment(s).

If you use your full name when commenting, Google will show all of these posts with your comments in any search result for your full name.

2 blogs deleted my comment yet accepted spammed comments, go figure! [as of March 3, this blog accepted my second comment made on 25 Feb 2011. My original that got deleted, was made on 01 Jan 2011. ]

So, let’s take a closer look at the results, so far.
Here’s a chart summing up what I discovered:

UPDATE: 20 February 2017: Two of the original 9 who ignored my comment finally accepted my comment after publishing this post.

And… 17 blogs (now 19!) posted my comment exactly as I had submitted them, WITH the NAME I requested linked to my domain. Yipppe!

WOW! That’s nearly HALF of my commenting on others blogs proving to have been a waste of time making for SEO purposes.

Is commenting on others blogs really something YOU need to focus on?

You decide!

UPDATE on 20 February 2017: The new talk now is that Google does NOT like us to use the same keyword EVERYWHERE, so be sure to use different text links … from your website URL, to your domain name, to your real name, to your different keywords.


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