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Is It Any Wonder Why Highschool Bullying Has Become An Epidemic?

Oh, how clearly I remember the highschool I attended. It was a rural highschool, located in a ‘not so well off’ financially-speaking, area in southern Ontario. Oh, and how the “rich kids” would be standing in the hallways every morning… in two groups, ready and waiting to intimidate us “poor kids” as we passed by them on our way to first class.

The jibes and sneers from these groups were all most of us could take at times… but we managed to make it through without even a sideways glance at any of the “rich kids”… knowing to that doing otherwise, may provoke the “rich kids” into physically harming any one of us… or God forbid, all of us!

Weird though now when I look back, those “rich kids” were only children of working class families …and us “poor kids,” well, we ranged anywhere from parents who were only recently re-employed (back then, we had had over 50,000 men out of work for several years, in southern Ontario!) to those whose parents were on welfare.

And! Back in those days, being poor meant we had cooties! It STILL turns my stomach just thinking about. I still remain among the many absent from highschool reunions… is it any wonder?!

Anyway, chatting on the telephone with my cousin… as we do so often…. we started discussing how sick our society has become over the many years. Then I made a comment something like; “Huh, is it any wonder why highschool bullying has become an epidemic?”

It was right after that, I decided to make this posting with links to several examples of online hate-mongering. Surprisingly enough, many of those examples have been removed from the internet by August 2014… but, others will appear over time, I’m sure.

So… if you’ve every truly wondered why highschool bullying has become an epidemic, be sure to check out the the most popular name in the news by doing a Google search, and see for yourself how “grown ups” talk about others. Hate-mongers love to hate others.

Is there REALLY any wonder that kids follow the examples laid out for them by adults?

Isn’t it unsubstantiated nastiness exactly what highschool bulling is all about?

Whatever happened to us simply stating that we don’t like a particular policy, say, instead of attacking a person for… say:

  • they wear glasses;
  • being of one gender or another; or say,
  • they have a dialect we’re not accustomed to hearing?

Isn’t it about time, we adults started to show kids by example, how NOT to bully?

And, wouldn’t that be the better way to address this issue?

You know… let’s stop the highschool style bullying right where it starts… with ADULTS!

Your comments below will be greatly appreciated…


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