Microsoft Hijacked My Personal Computer!

WOW, what a surprise I got this morning.

While watching Joyce Meyer’s Wednesday session online from my personal computer (so I can watch Joyce before I start my day), the video got interrupted … actually my browser was shut down completely!

Then a small-sized prompt appeared, claiming that my system was overloaded and needed to reboot. There was only one button offered … an OK button … so I clicked it, and then I was informed by another prompt that Windows 10 was now being installed onto my computer.

I nearly freaked out … Microsoft was hijacking my personal computer!

During this interruption the prompt stated something like “do NOT shut down your computer” and BOY, was I tempted to … but … history (having been with Microsoft since DOS 3) had proven to me that this would not be a safe option.

Side Note: It was only AFTER this that I discovered that yesterday someone else actually did shut down their computer during the hijacking … and when they fired their computer back up again, they received a prompt stating their computer was being restored to the previous version of Windows. Well DANG! Doesn’t that figure.

Didn’t take me long to rush into my office, and Google search to find a way to stop Microsoft from hijacking my business computer. That’s how I come to find GWX Control Panel … and my business computer’s saver!

Once I had their software downloaded and installed, I discovered their instructions part way down their web page under “HOW DO I BLOCK WINDOWS 10?.”

Pheeew, I was able to stop Microsoft from hijacking my business computer.

After several hours of getting my personal computer back to its “normal”, it still needs some tweaking in order to bring it back to the clean, previous version.

You can believe it that I am upset about this. That’s why I’m here, warning all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users … you better BLOCK Windows 10 if you don’t want Microsoft to hijack YOUR computer!

During this mess, I got to thinking … What would happen if someone hijacks your car?

Yeah, you got it … exactly!

So, why is that Microsoft is getting away with hijacking ANYONE’S computer?

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