Salonpas Pain Relief Patches Reviewed – It is My Miracle Pain Reliever! – 5/5 Stars

After discovering such great relief from pain, I just HAD to share what I found out about this product with you, in case you want to try it. If you do, I think you will be as happy as I am with it.

What is Salonpas?

Salonpas pain relief patches are tiny medicated patch that has been made easily adhered to human skin. And most importantly, this patch has apparently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (better known as the FDA) to provide mild to moderate pain relief from arthritis and more.

On the box claims are that the patches temporarily relieve aches and of pains associated with:

  • simple strains
  • tired aching muscles
  • stiff shoulders
  • simple backache
  • bruises
  • sprains
  • arthritic pain

WARNINGS and Possible Side Effects

  1. For external use only.
  2. NOT for children under 12 years of age.
  3. If hypersensitivity, rash, redness, itching or discomfort occurs, discontinue use.
  4. Do NOT apply to wounds or damaged skin.
  5. Keep away from eyes or mucous membranes.
  6. So NOT use if you’re allergic to salicylates or in you’re taking anticoagulant medication (example: warfarin).
  7. Use of external heat may result in excessive irritation or skin burn.
  8. If overdose or accidental ingestion occurs, call a Poison Control Center immediately.
  9. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care practitioner PRIOR to use.
  10. If you experience pain, swelling or blistering, stop use and get medical help right away.

About Salonpas

ingredients, directions, and warnings shared on Salonpas box

Salonpas pain relief patches are said to be anti-inflammatory patches that are made to stick to the skin and release pain relieving medication to a localized area of where you are feeling pain.

Medicinal ingredients are said to be:

Methyl salicylate ………….. 6.29% w/w
l-Menthol ……………………….. 5.71% w/w
Al Camphor …………………… 1.24% w/w

* Al Camphor is said to be Camphor in Spanish

Salonpas is said to be a great pain management option for those of you who have issues with swallowing pills, as well as those of you who do not want to have to rely on oral treatments.

The Salonpas patches are thin and therefore they are very discrete, as they can be worn under your clothes. That way you won’t have to worry about changing the type of clothing you want to wear.

It is said that these patches are clinically proven to provide pain relief for up to 12 hours, without leaving a stain or a mess on your skin.

This could allow you to get on with a long day at the office or gain a good night’s sleep, without nagging pain.

Unlike non-medicated pain relief patches like ice and heat patches, Salonpas pain relief patches are said to use a transdermalinformation icon drug delivery system.

This is better known as TDDS, which is said to deliver active pain-relieving medication into the body through the skin, directly where the patch is applied.

The patches are extremely thin and you will find that it sticks firmly to any shape of body part, even like the knee joints that bend.

Only one side is adhesive so that the patches will stick to the skin alone and will not leave any residue or marks on your clothing.

And, these patches are simple to apply. Simply peel and stick.

My Experience with Salonpas

When shopping at Costco in January this year, I was checking out some patches in hope of being able to find a pain relief miracle hot patch to help me ease my lower back pain.

Salonpas box front

That’s is how I come to find Salonpas available for purchase, so I bought the box of 140 patches. Especially once I noticed this product was Made in Japan.

Call me prejudice if you want, but I truly believe that the Japanese with focus can take nearly any invention and make it sooooo much better. So, I got to thinking, why not a medicinal product too?

And yes, I had seen the TV commercial a few times for Salonpas too, so yes, that most likely played a part too in making it easier for me to go ahead and try it.

BOY, am I ever glad I did!

SIDE NOTE: As I’m sure those of you who have been reading along about how I have been having my lower back pain treated by means of a method that is a lot less invasive called platelet rich plasma injections (or PRP for short) are aware by now; the amount of PRP that the doctors were able to extract from my blood was so minuet that… well, the level of pain that I am still experiencing is still too much to tolerate at times.

Once home from shopping at Costco, I decided to apply these patches the affected areas of my lower back. But I added the patches only to the left side of my lower back that where I feel the most intensive pain.

This way, if the Salonpas pain relief patches did not work so well for me, I could pass them on, pretty much unused, to someone else to try. At least, that was my thought process…

The first day, I noticed the pain went away a little bit, but the patches seemed to stop working in about 4 hours. So, I checked the directions on the box again to see if I should change them, just to make sure.

The directions clearly say to “Apply 1 patch to affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.” And so, I ended up changing the patches 3 times that day.

The next day, I found that I only had to change the patches twice.

The third day, only once… WOW!

I chalked it up to being able to concentrate on my computer work uninterrupted by pain. It took me awhile to notice that I did NOT have to change the patches that I had put in place on my lower back only ONCE that day.

And thankfully, only one application of the patches has been needed EVERY day ever since.

I have even started adding the patches to the right side of my lower back, simply because I found the pain relief so noticeable that I just want to keep experiencing the LACK of pain, and I started noticing pain on the right.

How sweet it has been to FINALLY get relief.

Oh yeah, and before I forget; inside the Salonpas box you will find 7 tin foil like packages, which contain the strips… along with a plastic, zip lock top bag (as shown in the screen print to the right).

Please be sure you do as is directed on this plastic bag so that your opened pack won’t dry out.

Now that I have used one full box of Salonpas patches, I can assure you that yes, the skin underneath the patches can become a bit irritated.

As for how badly irritated your skin may become will be for you to determine.

My skin complained by stinging for a bit when I added a new patch after removing yesterday’s patch. And I found it necessary to take ONE full day of NOT using any patches (used Voltaren Extra Strength instead), so that my skin could recover enough to continue.

It truly is difficult for me to even contemplate a day without using these patches simply because they are THAT good at relieving my muscle AND joint pains.

Guess that’s why Salonpas patches are sooooo much better than the Extra Strength Voltaren, because Voltaren is ONLY for relieving joint pain.

NOTE: For those of you with lots of HAIR in the area(s) where YOU would want to use the Salonpas patches, YES, you WILL need to shave. Else the patches will not stick… and if they did stick because the hairs weren’t that plentiful, then you would SCREAM when ripping the used patches off the next day.

When working at my computer, often times I’ll get a whiff of camphor. What a soothing and comforting smell that is for me. This smell sets me off reminiscing…

Back when I was all of 4 years old, my father lost his job (among 50,000 other workers in southern Ontario) and we had moved to a house out in the country from our newly built bungalow style home in Willowdale.

My two older sisters and I were put in a homemade tent when we became really, really ill. The heads of our beds were put together and the homemade tent of bed sheets were placed over top. My mother kept a vaporizer going that sat in between the heads of our beds.

I’m guessing the vaporizer must have had camphor in it, as that smell takes me right back there, with a sense of peace, warmth, and love. Funny how our memories can work sometimes, huh.

Other times during the day, like while I’m doing my daily routine exercises, I get whiffs of smell of the camphor too.

LOL, guess now that we can no longer wear perfumes into any medical buildings anymore due to so many people being allergic to perfumes, camphor will be my new perfume, for now.giggle

Next shopping day, I will be purchasing 2 more boxes of these Salonpas patches at Costco… IF there are any left that is. If not, thankfully I could get them online too (my affiliate link).

Am now using a LOT less Voltaren Extra Strength (as in NONE daily right now!) since these patches are doing so well at keeping the level of pain that I have been experiencing, at bay. 🙂

YES, I do recommend Salonpas pain relief patches as they provide me with yet another “weapon” in my arsenal against pain. 🙂

If you have any questions or just want to share your experience with Salonpas, please do leave me a comment below. I reply to all comments and I appreciate your time for asking your question(s).

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Credit for Header Image: by Messan Edoh from Pixabay

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6 thoughts on “Salonpas Pain Relief Patches Reviewed – It is My Miracle Pain Reliever! – 5/5 Stars”

  1. Hey Trish,

    Thank you for this review, really useful! There are always so many options. but it’s good to hear from someone who has used these and actually felt some reprieve.

    I do hope that you remain out of pain and given the time frame of your post you no longer NEED to use these patches each and every day?

    I suffered back injury almost 5 years ago now and to this day I remain in pain, a lot of pain!

    I’ve had scan after scan identifying a prolapsed disc, which my body ought to have adapted to that by now, however, the pain remains.

    I’ve had many consultants tell me everything that isn’t wrong, but not one has been able to advise what is wrong and why I remain in so much pain.

    I’m the opposite to you, it’s my right side I encounter the most pain, and often my right leg swells, as if there is a trapped nerve, but scans aren’t identifying anything.

    I’ve tried your link, alas these patches are unavailable currently. But I’ll keep looking now I know these are so well recommended.

    Thank you and I truly do hope you are in less pain these days.

    Wishing you strength
    Cherie :o)

    • Hi Cherie, am sill experiencing back pain, especially on days that I do too much manual labour. LOL! So, Salonpas patches are STILL my go-to (as is my prescribed CBD oil for when my back hurts more than I know it should).

      Do get your hips checked out too.

      I am soooo shocked at just how much referred pain tricked me into believing all my pain was back pain.

      Turned out that 80% of my back pain was bone-on-bone pain caused by my left hip.

      Having had that now replaced… pheeeew! Back pain is NOW a lot more tolerable.

      • Hey Trish,

        Sorry that you are still encountering pain. Maybe that’s why Salonpas patches are out of stock! ;o) I am glad you have backup alternative pain relief in place.

        Thanks for that info re hips, I will certainly ask the question to my physio’s.

        Although my back pain came from an injury, it’s still worth raising that for consideration.

        I see a Reiki therapist fortnightly, and she is always talking about how our bodies and pains are all connected. My hips and thighs hurt because I am compensating and protecting my back, my calves hurt as I am walking differently and holding myself in a way my muscles are not accustomed to.

        And so you are quite right – inasmuch as I may actually be feeling pain in my lumbar, doesn’t necessarily mean the root cause is isolated only to my lumbar.

        Glad to hear that your back pain is a lot more tolerable!

        Keep strong and thank you again for this article. I will be using Salonpas patches!
        Cherie :o)


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