A Facebook Fiasco – Facebook Has a Bug!

Several of my Facebook friends post really great videos and images. Some are so enjoyable that I just have to share them on my Facebook business Fan page.

A few days ago, I learned the hard way that Facebook has a bug! When trying to share a video that a friend posted, right after I clicked the “Share” button, I received the following prompt:
This content is no longer available, prompt
So, I tried again… and again… and again, to Share this video. Each time, receiving the very same prompt; I soon gave up trying and moved on.

Further down my Facebook newsfeed page, I saw another great video…. and again, tried sharing it only to get the SAME prompt.

For heaven sake, whatever is the problem here? I’ve NEVER seen this before and I’ve been sharing posts from my personal Facebook page to my Fan page for ages now.

Please, be sure to READ ON so you won’t have the same BAD experience I had.

After getting caught up on my personal Facebook newsfeed page, I signed over to my fan page… and … WHAT?

You’re kidding me, right?!A-Facebook-Fiasco-image02

I found that EVERY time I clicked the Share button on those two videos that I had tried to share about an hour before… even though I received that nasty “This content is no longer available” prompt, the videos posted successfully to my fan page… EACH and EVERY time.

Now I had three posts of EACH of the two video I tried sharing from my personal Facebook newsfeed.

How annoying is THAT? Well, I’ll tell you how annoying it was… for at least ONE of my Facebook Fans… they UNLIKED my Fan page!

If you see the “This content is no longer available” prompt, DO NOT BELIEVE it. Check where you shared the post to FIRST, and then continue.

Knowing Facebook has several different little BUGS, I should have been prepared for this fiasco, but sadly I was not… and, 🙁 it cost me a Facebook Fan. However, I did delete the duplicated Shares.

Have YOU witnessed this issue before?

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