Why Ontario Hydro Is Raising Their Rates

I’ll tell you why I think Ontario Hydro is raising their rates so frequently and so high during this recession we’re in… and, please… you tell me if I’m wrong… and why.

Here goes:

We’ve become a very selfish society at EVERY level.

Politicians have their short term-agenda, company CEOs have their short term-agenda, and we, the consumer, each have our own agenda. All of our agendas have something in common with each other.

“What is that?” you ask.

It’s the “What’s in it for me” mentality that has infected all levels of today’s society.

Now… when industry cannot get those great “deals” they got in the 70s and 80s, with our government, in order to continue producing products here in Ontario, they leave for incentives offered in Asia; which, as most of us know is cheap labour.

These same company COEs don’t care if Asia stipulates that a company must handover a major portion of their business in x number of years. The CEO, who is making the decision to move, doesn’t care because that will happen AFTER their tenure with the company. In the meantime, the CEO looks like one very clever, money-making, smart guy.

Politicians don’t need to care because they still get to collect their pensions and benefits after only a four year term in office.

How many factories have been shut down across Ontario?

Ever wondered? I have… and I’m betting the actual number would haunt us all.

And… doesn’t Ontario Hydro sell power to the States too? With many factories now shutdown in Detroit…

Consider all the hydro users that are no longer “on the grid,” using power, and paying for it. You know …the factories that have been shutdown, and in many cases even flattened.

Now! Can you guess WHO has to pick up the “tab” on the lost hydro usage?

I’ll give you three guess…

We desperately need accountability in our political system …as well as at the CEO levels, else we the “working stiffs” will continue to carry the burden!

Am I wrong in my thinking? Please… comment below.

*** 1st UPDATE ***
Did YOU get a 2012 calendar yet?

Well, I did! And surprised I am.

Imagine, my increased cost of Hydro going to pay for a calendar FULL of power saving tips? Wow, just what I really needed, huh.

Since when did Hydro start into the calendar printing business? Like the many financial institutions and THEIR “free” calendars aren’t enough of an insult to our intelligence, now Hydro is offering “free” calendars too!

Oh… and, apparently they were just turned down on their request for yet another $5 increase in our hydro rates. Am guessing that would have gone to pay for the person who delivered their “free” calendars door-to-door. Who knows!

*** 2nd UPDATE ***
OPG cutting 1,000 jobs across Ontario, Durham Note the date (marked by red rectangle, top right corner) and the paragraph marked by a red rectangle within the text of this newspaper article. Ontario Hydro has FINALLY stated what I posted here over a year ago now!


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  1. I absolutely appreciate this posting. Thanks, now I get it! The working class gets burdened with the costs once more. When will this style ever end… I wonder.


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