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Why I’m Weaning Myself From Shopping Regularly At WalMart

Some shoppers profess that “WalMart saves me money!” …while others, like me, are left asking, “Where’s the stock for the special you advertised this week?” …and this is only one reason why I’m weaning myself from shopping regularly at WalMart.

WalMart is pulling the same trick stores did back in the late ’70s. You know, advertising a great special that is to last one full week, and then having a limited supply of that stock… in ALL stores… for the sale. It’s back to the lost leader with limited stock scam, once again.

I quit shopping for “specials” back in the 70s because I KNEW before the flyers arrived, there’d be no stock. And I’m fed up with having to go to BOTH WalMarts in Oshawa… and even Whitby at times, for what I USED to purchase at one smaller WalMart. Driving all over like that sorta’ removes the savings the sale price had in the first place, huh!

Now, when I see a special advertised in WalMart flyer, I’ll wait a week. I can nearly always find the same product on special at other local stores, for perhaps 50¢ more than WalMart was advertising it for, but a savings just the same… AND, no frustration in discovering the product is gone by the time I get to the store to make a purchase.

The second reason is that WalMart’s prices have now inched their way up to the prices now being offered elsewhere within the city, so… why would I want to walk for miles, then line up in their new, oversized stores, for products I can pick up easier …AND quicker, at say, Zellers or Canadian Tire.

Yeah… you read right… Zellers or Canadian Tire!

I’m discovering all the local stores that I trusted to do my weekly shopping before WalMart, are fast becoming my preferred stores to shop at regularly once again.

Have you seen all the neat stuff being sold lately at Home Hardware on Simcoe Street North… just south of Taunton Road? Well… you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you drop in there again. I sure was!

Oh… got a little side tracked there. My third reason is this….
When a major business moves into a new area, “they” dictate what taxes they’ll pay to the council for that area, and the council will agree in order to “bring jobs” to the area. Except this concept has one little itty-bitty problem when applied to the major box stores.

Picture this…

Box store dictates to Oshawa and are authorized to pay less taxes per square footage than any other local business in the city. Box store prices are soooo low, we all go there to buy, in order to save money! Over a few years, many small business (who WERE paying higher taxes!) either goes bankrupt or just closes their doors to doing business all together. A few years later… more small businesses in the city close their doors… Now! …the tax base is no longer there for the city to draw on.

Guess who now must pay with an increase in taxes to make up for the short fall caused by soooo many smaller businesses now leaving the city because we’re all shopping at the big box stores?

Is it REALLY any wonder why Oshawa city taxes are the highest in Ontario? We’ve got TWO WalMart superstores!

Yeah! I”m as guilty as the next person with the “What’s in it for me” mentality… but you know what? That mentality is what’s helping to drive the economy into the downward spiral we’re all now experiencing.

And plllllleeeease… we do NOT need to start any nasty campaign against ANY of the big box stores either. That’s NOT what this rant is about.

All we need to do is STOP shopping regularly at the big box stores …and take our shopping business back to the local shops. It’s that easy!

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