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If you’ve been following my journey through the different procedures that I have gone through, and yet to go through over the past few years, then you know that I have been suffering from a lower back injury that I sustained while on the job, back in the ‘90s.

Please be sure to READ the ENTIRE review BEFORE making your decision.

That injury has now developed arthritis, and until I find that ONE procedure or ONE medicinal fix, my search for arthritis pain control continues. Finding natural arthritis pain relief turned out to be a bonus!

Given that my first set of PRP injections seem to have completed the work that the tiny bit of platelet rich plasma the doctors were able to extract from my blood were given to do, a complete fix to my lower back pain has NOT happened as yet.

Am scheduled to appear for the PRP injections all over again this year. Praying they both will be done during the summer months, simply because I have now learned that my veins tend to hide in cool weather.

Now I get why I LOVE summers and could tolerate working in hot factories where other workers were fainting. Daaaah!

My lower-than-average body temperature worked for me during my working career, but noooot so well when it came to the doctors trying to extract blood out of me back last October.

Anyway, I recently started using Salonpas patches to help ease my lower back pain, as you may well know already, given last month’s post. But the Salonpas are to be on ONLY for 8 hours at a time.

Hmmmm… oookay…

suffering less pain
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now I know why my skin became a tad irritated after wearing the patches for 12 hours.

So… you know how some say that everything happens for a reason?

Well, this one afternoon while eating lunch in front of my TV, an infomercial came on about this new all-natural arthritis pain relief supplement.

You can well imagine that I did NOT change that channel. Instead, I sat there captivated by what they were telling me.

First thing that I can remember hearing said is that their supplement works faster than Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Two supplements that I have been taking for YEARS now.

Chiropractor and Certified Physiotherapist Doctor Patrick Khaziran claims that he evaluated thirty patients (in what is deemed as a customer trial) who were using this supplement for one month, and he says that he has never seen such remarkable improvements in pain, flexibility and mobility… in just 7 days.

Their infomercial claimed that they have what they called “magical ingredients” that provide you with pain relief and joint nutrition. Those two ingredients are detailed next.

Phyto-Boron: which provides natural joint nutrition that is essential to our health. Boron is a mineral found in soil that plants absorb. This mineral is said to be available in soils where the pH is anywhere from 5.5 to 7 and again where the pH level is 10.5 or more.

Apparently, when more boron is found in plants it has been shown to be associated with less joint pain in those who consume those plants. It is also said to play a key roll in keeping joints flexible and bones strong(1) by assisting the human body to keep more calcium that it loses.

Seems this natural joint nutrition is absorbed quickly and helps to promote healthy cartilage that supports our joints, while improving flexibility, function and comfort.

Known Side Effects: According to the side effects of Boron (NOT Phyto-Boron) are: discolouration of feces, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, and dermatitis. And they also noted that too high a dose of Boron caused renal (kidney) impairment.

Okay, no more taking a second capsule again for me!

Even though the dosage may not be harmful by my taking 2 capsules of BeFlexible daily, I am now cautioned NOT to do this ever again. On days that the BeFlexible seems to not work as well for my pain relief, I shall resort to Tylenol Extra Strength, as that is what I had been taking for my pain relief, previously.

Bio-Boswellia: which is also known as an Indian frankincense, is said to be a herbal extract taken from the Boswellia serrata tree. Apparently, the resin from this tree has been used medicinally in Asia and Africa for centuries.

This tree is said to be native to much of India and the Punjab region, in the dry mountainous areas.

Apparently, Bio-Boswellia stops the enzymes that destroys joints by reducing inflammation(2) and thus lessening pain without any harmful side effects like those experienced from other over-the-counter medicinal treatments.

Known Side Effects: It has been said that there are no important side effects. As noted by, some users have reported issues such as: nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, itching, headache, swelling, heartburn, and overall a general weakness.

I found this informative, given the fact that I experienced a lot of itching for a few days. And the itching was all over the place, and NOT all at once either. This made me wonder if this supplement might be causing the itching, and it looks though it may have.

And now thankfully, the itching has subsided to nothing.

Claims are also made that this natural arthritis pain relief is the first-ever complete drug-free anti-inflammatory joint nutrition with their unique combination of 2 patented, clinically tested natural ingredients.

The name of this arthritis pain control supplement is BeFlexible. The label from their bottle is shown in the screen print below.

screen print of label off BeFlexible bottle

Having finally received my first two bottles of 30 capsules in each, I started taking them on the 20th of February 2021. I do have to admit that I did notice moderate relief from pain by the 3rd day.

Given that I have been experiencing very high levels of pain after having scrapped ice off my driveway on the 7th of February from the freezing rain that was delivered to Oshawa on the 5th, my experience with this supplement obviously may not be considered the average person’s experience.

However, saying that BeFlexible is the best remedy for arthritis pain might be stretching the truth just a tad.

BUT… taking BeFlexible daily and using Salonpas patches (and sometimes even Voltaren Extra Strength, though I am using this a lot less lately) has been very good at providing me with a LOT of pain relief from my arthritis riddled back injury.

Suffice it to say that BeFlexible is a great weapon that helps me manage my pain, as I have yet to be able to experience no pain after taking BeFlexible for 24 days now.

I’ve found that by night time, the pain relief that BeFlexible provided me with early on in the day starts to wear off noticeably in 12 hours. Twice now, I’ve taken 2 capsules, twelve hours a part, hoping to relieve overnight pain.

It is nothing for me to wake up in the morning with severe pain in my lower back and left hip. Within a short time of taking my morning dose of BeFlexible, the pain subsides noticeably so.

Hopefully, once I return to the clinic for the repeated PRP injections this summer this summer, I will no longer have a need for Voltaren at all anymore. Wouldn’t THAT be nice!

BeFlexible was offering a substantially reduced cost for the first two bottles of their supplement when I started buying from their website.

They stress that once you have setup your account with them, you MUST email or telephone them BEFORE their 60-day guarantee runs out in order to STOP future shipments and charges to your credit card.

BeFlexible's Offer Details

I do hope with my sharing this information here that I have made your decision a little easier should you have been searching for information on BeFlexible. I will be continuing to use BeFlexible for months to come, and I will be sharing this new FIND with the doctors who have been providing me with the PRP injections.

Might even let the doctor who treated me with stem cells so that I didn’t need a total hip replacement, know about this supplement, as he was the one to guide me to PRP injections as a treatment for my lower back issues.

What are you using for arthritis pain control? And, Is your pain reliever all-natural?

If you have ANY question regarding BeFlexible, please feel free to ask me in a comment below and I will respond in a timely manner.

[yasr_overall_rating] My rating is only 1 of 5 stars due to the fact that as of this morning, March 16, 2021, the level of pain I am experiencing makes me wonder if BeFlexible is even working anymore… and it hasn’t even been a full 30-days from when I started taking this. Personally, I recommend you AVOID this supplement at ALL cost! Please read my updates below.

UPDATE: 17 March 2021 My level of lower back pain remained the same (if not slightly worse) after taking this morning’s dose. I have decided to STOP taking BeFexible due to the fact that my lower back pain COULD be an indicator of this irritating my kidneys.

Started using BeFlexible in hopes of reducing my dependency on Tylenol Extra Strength but since the 14th of March, I have found it necessary to take these too.

UPDATE: 19 March 2021 Suffered 2 migraine level headaches. One shortly after starting to take this supplement and the second one the day after I quit taking the supplement.

The lower back pain I had been experiencing has gone completely, so I feel certain this supplement caused problems with my kidneys. Thankfully, now that I have stopped taking this my kidneys should NOT have been damaged permanently.

And, I did experience a few days of nausea too during my taking this supplement, in which I took Pepto Bismol which settled that.

Thanks to Salonpas patches and/or Tylenol Extra Strength, most day’s aches and pain are back down to a tolerable level. Pheeew!



UPDATE: 03 May 2021 – In emailing back and forth between 2 management staff at BeFlexible, they were horrified to learn how poorly I was treated by their support staff and apparently, are taking steps to make sure that type of behaviour is never repeated.

On my April 2021, credit card statement, I noticed that I was refunded $9.95 US funds, and though the Canadian dollar dropped since I made my initial purchase back in February 2021, that exchange only cost me a loss of 11¢.

In an email on the 9th of April, I was asked to submit a copy of my receipt for the return postage, in which I immediately complied to that request. And today, I received a cheque in my mailbox in US funds that fully compensated me for the exchange rate lost on my refund, as well as the cost of returning the unused portion.

Yeaaaaaah, Thank YOU Mary and Sunita for honouring the promises you made to me.

This is GOOD NEWS for those of you who wish to try BeFexible for yourself.


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