screen print of an email received from a spoof pretending to be UPS

UPS Delivery Problem NR.7777667 – email notice

If, like me, you have just received an email with the same or similar subject, claiming to be from Postal Support Georgia Norwood from… please do NOT open the attached file. I’m SURE it is NOT ‘friendly’ software that is inside the attached zip file.

The email looks like the header image.

I spoke with UPS and they are fully aware of this particular spammer who is using their name to either harm our computers or gain access to our computers, whichever… do NOT open the attachment.

The lady at UPS informed me that if UPS ever officially sends out an email notification, they NEVER send attachments. So, knowing this will help all of us to know the difference between a spammer masking themselves as a well know, well used, and well liked business to harm us… and the REAL McCoy!

Remember: DO NOT OPEN the attachment. Simply DELETE the email.

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