Revolution – The Truth Why You Should Not Use This On Your Dog

My precious, little Nugget was born 13 June 2002, a very lucky number for me.

On April 2005, I was introduced to a “new” product for flea, tick and mite control and heart worm prevention, called Revolution… a liquid that was to be applied to my dog’s back, between his shoulder blades, once a month.

I’ve learned that Revolution contains a medication called selamectin which enters the dog’s bloodstream through the skin, and is suppose to help prevent parasites.

Starting about September 2008, Nugget started waking up during the night, vomiting. After the third (or maybe four) time within about a month, his vomiting stopped. I reviewed his diet, and NOTHING new had been introduced. I could see no obvious reason for his vomiting, and decided not to panic, especially given that by October his vomiting stopped completely.

Come late September 2009, Nugget started vomiting during the night again, this time with blood in his vomit. Again, nothing new had been introduced to his diet. After much searching the internet I discovered that honey was a good treatment to settle his stomach down. This seemed to work as by end of October that year, Nugget was no longer vomiting.

I was going through a very traumatic time back then. I was being pushed out of the workplace, and had thought perhaps it was stress on Nugget that was causing this episode of vomiting. Again, his vomiting stopped by mid-October 2009.

Then in about August 2010, Nugget started vomiting so violently that I took him to his Vet, and the Vet could not discover an obvious reason why he was vomiting either. The Vet ran several blood tests.

It was discovered that Nugget was having issues with his kidneys. His Vet put on 3 capsules of nutrients daily to be taken with food… to help his kidneys function better and, he was put on a low protein diet. By late October 2010 all signs of Nugget’s vomiting had stopped once again, and his health showed improvement.

In July 2011, Nugget suffered an eye injury to his right eye. The injury looked though his eye had been poked with a very thin, sharp object. He had a terrible habit of slamming his face to the ground in longer grass. Eye drops were required several times a day, though finding the correct solution was quite an ordeal.

All the while, every summer like clockwork, I would start Nugget on a treatment of Revolution until the 6 tiny, tube-like containers were used up.

In late September 2011, Nugget started vomiting violently… again. More blood work was done and Nugget was put on liver medicine that turned him off eating all together. I had a heck of a time getting Nugget to eat, but was able with much coaxing… and sometimes even force feeding him, to get enough food into him to keep him going.

Early in November 2011, Nugget started screaming. He screamed so loud and for so long that he scared me. I took him to his doctor. I explained that I could not find anything wrong with him. He didn’t fall, or hurt himself, he just started screaming during my telephone conversation with my cousin. I was so afraid, I remember saying to my cousin that it sounded though I’d have to put him down to stop his pain.

The Vet x-rayed Nugget and could find no reason other than excess gas that might be causing his pain. They kept Nugget in the hospital for three days, giving me a much need break… and, in order to keep a closer watch on Nugget.

Three days later, when I went to pick him up, I nearly fainted! Both of his eyes were coated in a white haze. I was told that this was caused from his screaming for three solid days.


Nugget now had to receive special eye drops put in BOTH his eyes every 4 hours. Never mind that he was temporarily blind ta’boot!

One very long story shortened here… …and zooming ahead now to April 2012; while I was outside playing in our backyard with Nugget, he started shivering, yet still wanted to continue playing. I felt that was odd behaviour so stopped playing, came back inside and called the Vet’s office Nugget-18-May-2012immediately.

After speaking with Julia, she said yes, this was odd behaviour and she suggested I bring Nugget in later that day… which I did.

Nugget was x-rayed once again. This time, you could clearly see a mass that looked to be just above his liver… the size of a golf ball. The doctor immediately scheduled Nugget for an ultrasound in order to determine where the mass was located, what type of mass it is and and then they could determine proper treatment.

17 May 2012, Nugget had his ultrasound, where it was discovered that he had a mass on the outside of his spleen

the size of a golf ball (like that in the image to your viewing left) and another one on the inside of his spleen. Surgery to remove his spleen was recommended.

On 22 May 2012, Nugget had his spleen removed… and our ever caring doctor (seriously!) called me immediately to let me know that Nugget was safe from that surgery. Don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be able to hug my little Nugget. I am ever so thankful to Nugget’s Vet and his staff, for saving Nugget’s life.

All the while Nugget was in surgery, I was searching the internet for why this happened… that’s when I discovered a web page that offered the truth about Revolution…
Paragraph in the image above was snagged from:

And then, of course, there’s this warning of side-effects (note the highlighted word in the image below):
Paragraph in the image of text above was found at:

If you think my suspicion is unwarranted, please read the posts published at the links below before fluffing this off:
1.) Bad experience revolution
2.) 5 Side Effects of Revolution for Dogs
3.) Pet deaths prompt warnings on flea meds
4.) Google search results for “dog health issues using revolution“.

Only wished I’d done my researching after smelling the chemical scent of Revolution.


I scolded supervision for not using their intelligence in detecting dangerous carcinogenic materials by the horrific smell when plastic was heated to make parts in ourNugget-29-May-2012 local factory. Why the heck I didn’t question the Vet’s recommendation once I had smelled Revolution, I’ll never understand.

Nugget’s spleen was tested and proven to be benign, and he has healed quit well, and is back on a normal diet now; though still being treated with drops every four hours for his right eye. Perhaps he’ll have full vision restored by June 2013. Time will tell.

Please, let my post here serve as your warning. Let it not take your dog becoming deathly ill before you learn the truth about Revolution!

UPDATE: On 20 May 2014, my precious Nugget was anesthetized due to further complications with his health that were no longer able to be treated.a crying emoticon

UPDATE: 08 Aug 2017, Evelyn (comment below) was kind enough to stop by to inform us all to NOT use NexGard for our pets. Here’s a product review on NexGard chewables: One death is one death too many! You may also want to review” NexGard (Afoxolaner) Toxicity

Checked HeartGard too and though there have been no reported deaths … this stuff DOES make me wonder if we’re not contributing to the short life span of our pets when using it too. 🙁

UPDATE: On 18 June 2023, I learned of a device called Tickless that is said to be a chemical-free tick repellent.

At this point in time, they offer 3 different types.

  1. Tickless Mini Dog Chemical-Free Tick and Flea Repellent,
  2. Tickless Classic Pet Chemical-Free Tick and Flea Repellent for all sizes of Dogs, and
  3. Tickless Human Chemical-Free Tick Repellent for Adults.

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120 thoughts on “Revolution – The Truth Why You Should Not Use This On Your Dog”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal. Suffering through any kind of medical complications with a loved one can be extremely traumatic.

    While I do understand the drive to get closure and to determine what could have caused all of this, I don’t think that the onset or proliferation of these symptoms would correlate with the use of revolution.

    I say this because symptoms would be seen shortly after application and it sounds like the topical was being used for a few years before the vomiting started. Reaction symptoms within a week of applying could be drooling, nausea, loss of appetite, staggering (ataxia), or – in severe cases – seizure activity. Given that they later found issues with the kidneys, liver, and spleen, it would seem that there was some kind of underlying health concern that was unable to be detected until hyperplasia was apparent in the organs.

    As more research is done, we can become more aware of pathogenesis in humans and animals and prevent these tragedies. Until then, we still have a limited idea of what’s truly out there.

    I would love to tell you that there was an effective topical or ingestible preventative with no risk of side effects, but I’d be lying. That being said, I don’t think you should blame yourself for giving a treatment that I genuinely don’t believe was the cause. It could have been anything from poor breeding, to liver flukes, to a yet-to-be-discovered pathogen…none of which is your fault.

    • Thank YOU Artemis, for trying to let me off the hook, but I truly believe this stuff responsible for my sweet Nugget’s demise. So many others have suffered similar side effects from this stuff that when they read this post they STOPPED using this, and THAT makes me happy that Nugget’s death is now saving other dog’s lives.

      What you say about there not being a topical or ingestible preventative, I agree with you. My not being able to walk my dogs for over four years now, I’ve used no preventative at all, and I believe my dog is a LOT more healthy because of that… though, I DO plan on getting back to walking next summer.

  2. I am so glad this is being posted for I felt so alone when my two young girl yorkies (Mother & Daughter) died back to back after the 3 month Brevecto and ProHeart 6month injection.

    I too wish I would have done research of these products as well as realized that the vet was pushing these products much like human pharmaceutical promotions, where the doctor or vet gets a kick back.

    Now this vet tried so hard to make me feel guilty for not wanting to give my new 12 wk old baby yorkie this product. I refused and told him I wanted to do reasearch first. At least this time I have grown wiser the hard way by loosing my babies. I am glad I found this post.

    On the Brevecto and Proheart 6 it had warnings on the drug pamplet not to give to dogs who are allergic to fleas and not to give it at the same time as when their regular immunizations are given!

    That vet did both and should have known better for it was in their health records that they had been treated twice for severe flea allergies. However I never got to see that phamphlet of warnings. He had already administered it to them both.

    After their deaths I did the research and was shocked!!

    I went and got their health records the day they went in before the pesticide immunization and their bloodwork and organs were listed as normal and healthy. Progressively after the administering of these drugs first their kidneys started failing and on the xray/sonograms had actually shiveled up into nothing.

    Then lots of drinking water and severe incontinence. Then bloodwork out of whack severely. Gastrointestinal issues.

    Stopped eating and MedVet Specialists said a feeding tube was needed in the neck. Had to go to vets constantly for intravenous hydrating. There was loss of hair and extreme loss of weight. Lots of extreme lethargy in once very playful and active yorkies.

    Clouding white film suddenly over eyes. ($5,000 eye surgeries). Tumor on the liver turned cancerous as well as testicular cancer suddenly in my male yorkies (Father and son) who have suffering long term deterioration to this day.

    My whole 4 member yorkie family dead and on their death beds way before their normal lifespan. Then one of my girl Yorkies had seizures and staring into space like in a trance. She then collapsed with a heart attack and my son did CPR on her as we rushed her to the Vet Hospital where she was revived. Then she and her mother rapidly deteriorated and had panceatic narcosis where the pancrease rots from the inside out.

    If you read about that it is such an excrutiatingly painful death. They medicating them with fentynal till death. They both died in my arms!!! It took months for them to slowly and torturously die: organ by organ!!

    To this day with them dying in July and October, I cry my heart out as I pray for their forgiveness of the bad mistake I made in trusting my vet and his recommendations for treatment.

    I have such guilt, remorse, depression, anger at myself and them for the suffering deaths my babies endured that was totally preventable!

    Long term pesticides like Brevecto 3 monther and ProHeart 6 monther are too potent for their little bodies. Its a pure overdose of poisons!!! In fact they had even recalled the ProHeart 6 for a while due to lots of deaths yet a little while later they allowed it back on the market as ProHeart 12 monther with even more potent and longer term pesticides!!! Unbelievable!!!
    There is also a pesticide laced collar by Seresto that was warning of deaths but they still PR it on TV ads.

    A close friend of mine just lost her beloved cat to these drugs. Another friend lost her dog too to these drugs. Yet our vets and media still promote them!!

    How many have to suffer and die!! And the vets blame other reasons for there deaths but the prior records prove otherwise, and autopsies need to be done to prove to these drug companies and vets what truly happened.

    Often it may take a second dose before the worst of the symptoms start to appear for it is cummulative poison and destruction in their bodies!!

    So here again I see danger with this Revolution as well.

    Thank you for sharing all your stories. You have saved my baby yorkie’s life.
    Yet I still see my males slowly deteriorating towards an early death as well. So all I can do now is continue to cry and pray these warnings and stories get out to save more precious lives. And I pray that we will all be together again for eternity some day. Until then I can not forgive myself!!

    I forgot to mention that I spent $25,000 of Retirement savings trying to save all my yorkie family to no avail. We desperately tried everything possible!!

    If any one knows of any holistic natural safe ways to protect our animals from fleas, ticks and heartworms as an alternative to these deadly potent pesticide drugs, please let me know.

    As well as any holistic or integrative vets in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.

    I had dogs and cats all my life and I’m 70 and disabled now. None of my past animals had these drugs nor the health problems like my yorkies and they lived into old age. So I know its possible to have a good quality long life without theses poisons. – Rebecca Whitton

    • Oooooh my Rebecca, I am soooo sorry to learn of our losses.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but years ago, we never had to deal with vets suggesting flea & tick meds.

      There are holistic ways of helping to deter pests, but if you are not walking your fur babies in forests, or bushy areas… and that you are sticking to a path way like the sidewalk or a paved walkway, why would our pets need these harsh drugs?

      Anyone who is reading this… please do not scream at me for saying this, but my dogs were not walked for the last 4 years now due to my health and inability to walk very far without assistance, and they have NOT received any flea & tick control meds during that time.

      I have an opossum that scouts my yard in the wee hours of the morning, so I know that critter (which MAY be more than 1) will help to reduce any chance of ticks in my back yard, making it safe for my dogs to run and play.

      Now that Simona is no longer with us (she suffered from other, unrelated issues last fall), I only have Chloe, and this year she was tested for any issues… and NOTHING… so, when the vet asked me about flea & tick meds, I said “no thanks”. Easy-peasy.

      We really do need to do our own researching for our own fur-families, as well as our human members. 😉

      Again Rebecca, my heart goes out to you, as I know FULL well how guilt can EAT at your heart. Just make sure that your heartache doesn’t cost you a heart attack, please? Your boys and your new Yorkie baby are depending on you.


  3. Hi Trish,

    Thank you soo much for this thread!

    My 6 year old mixed breed Panda is a rescued street dog. We live in Germany. The “Revolution” is sold here as “Stronghold”. Same poison, same manufacturer. We got it last week from the vet as flea treatment. The next day diarrhea started. On and off, it got better – it got worse. He was ok apart from that. Eating and behaviour were normal. Day 6 – diarrhea got extreme, every two hours and worse. Went to the vet again, got treatment.

    My thought was immediately that the diarrhea came from Stronghold (= Revolution). It is even listed as a possible side effect. But I did not expect it to go on for so long. Yesterday, day 6, diarrhea stopped after the vet treatment but Panda’s behaviour got scary. It was like he went mad. He was running around the house, frantically scratching the floor, his tail between his legs, he seemed to be afraid of me, and his back legs moved abnormally. Difficult to describe, it was just scary.

    I started looking for similar experience from Strongold=Revolution and came across this thread. I regret it deeply I ever gave him this poison. Today, day 7, he is very qiuet but seems ok. I only hope to get this poison out of his system and get my baby back to normal. I pray it did not do any permanent damage to him. I will never use it again and will not recommend it to anyone.

    • Ooooh wow Vera, this is EXACTLY why I promised Nugget that this post will stay online until I die!

      Nugget paid the ultimate price with his life, for my having trusted my Vet, and I have made it my mission to warn other pet owners to STAY away from this… stuff.

      I am soooo glad that you thought to Google search for information. I could give you a BIG hug for being that smart, when trying to help your rescue. What did you call your Panda mix? Would LOVE to see a photo of him.

      Please, give him a BIG hug for me… and THANK YOU for saving his life TWICE now!

      • Thank you soo much Trish!

        Usually I am very careful with any medication. This time I thought as it is applied to the skin and not orally it should be safe. The reviews on google at first glance seemed very good. Little did I know…

        He is better today and hopefully will get even better tomorrow.

        Is there a way to attach photos?

        • You are very welcome Vera, and I’m sure you little man will continue to improve. Remember, I failed Nugget by not doubting his Vet, and I used that stuff for several years… right up until that surgery he had to undergo in order to save his life… though it also served to lessen his natural lifespan.

          Feel free to email me your little man’s photo Vera. I truly would LOVE to see what he looks like. You can email your photo to me at: 🙂

  4. In the thread you say that you use chewables now instead of revolution. By chewables, do you mean heart guard and nexgard?

    I have a 10 pound pomapoo and I’m a first time dog owner. I’m pretty Confused by all this Information. Please help!

    • Hi Stefani,

      Sorry that you feel so confused, but I have added an update near the end of my post dated “UPDATE: 08 Aug 2017” that I urge you to please read, as it explains.

      This information is shared here to help you with your researching and decision making on whatever you choose to use in protecting your fur-baby. I am NOT a Vet and would not even be able to hazard a guess as to you and your dog’s needs.

      Should you have any further question, please do feel free to come back and continue this discussion here.


  5. We have been taking care of a senior Chihuahua & trying to treat naturally with coconut oil daily, papaya, all fresh non GMO foods when possible — any other suggestions as we want to give the best care that we can — all suggestions are appreciated as & Very SAD about your loss?

    • Why would you need anything like Revolution for a senior Chihuahua Laurie; Are the nature trails opened up again in Florida?

      My two Chihuahua mixes have not been able to go for walks due to my physical restrictions, but before that happened, I was using real peppermint oil for fleas and ticks on dogs.

      Hope you find this helpful.

    • I am soooo sorry to learn of your loss Shirley. It is so difficult to discover that a treatment that was recommended for our use in protecting our fur-babies actually assisted in their early departure. a crying emoticon

      Thank YOU for sharing this news with all of us here so that we will know better than to use that product either.

  6. My little 6 week old Yorkie Died from Revolution Flea medication. 15 mins after it was applied she had a major seizure. My little 1 lb Yorkie was given this by a Vet who said it is perfectly safe. No it is not safe at all. Lexi suffered for 3 days and several Vet visits not to same Vet which I no long trust. My little Lexi couldn’t fight anymore she had 10 more major seizure and passed away. When I contacted the Vet who gave her this med his only words were he is so sorry she was just one of the unlucky ones.

    • I am soooo sorry to learn of your poor Lexi’s suffering and dying Wanda, and I do share in your pain of losing a loving fur-baby. Please accept my condolences for your loss.

  7. I’m so sorry to read that your little Nugget didn’t make it. Losing a pet is the worst pain.

    I see in older comments that you had decided to use Nexguard for flea control. I also saw that someone commented warning you about the dangers of that medication. Did you choose another flea prevention for your pets? I was a little confused as to why you advocate against the topical flea treatments yet switched to using another medication that has toxins as well. Did you think that it was just the topical application that were dangerous?

    Nexgard is one of 4 flea meds that the FDA put a warning out about its dangers for animals.

    Please don’t think my comment is sarcastic because I honestly am not trying to be! I’ve typed it out and started over several times trying to not sound rude or condescending! I was just truly curious if you thought the topical applications were the only ones that were harmful?

    My Vet told me as well that Revolution and was safe. This was during an office visit because my dog had a seizure the night before! So, here is this veterinarian telling someone whose dog has seizures to put poison on their dog! He claims there has been no side effects from Revolution to animals! He also stated the same about several others. I believe that they know that isn’t true. They have to! I think they get kick back from the companies that sell these medications or something. Why else do they recommend medication that can harm our pets? Especially one that presents with seizures already!

    Please know that I am in no way putting you down for using Nexgard. I’m wondering if you simply thought because its not one that gets put directly on their skin, its was safe?

    Flea meds and over vaccinating are harming our animals! So many more animals now get cancer and all other kinds of terrible diseases than years ago. It makes sense.

    • Hi Kayleen,

      You Asked: “Did you choose another flea prevention for your pets?”

      No, I did not. Due to medical issues, my two girls are not going for regular walks anymore, and so they strictly play chasing each other around the house and in our back yard.

      You Asked: “Did you think that it was just the topicals that were dangerous?”

      You are not to worry Kayleen. It is difficult not to sound condescending when asking this question and I do understand. First let me say that I want you to know that I totally am with you on this issue… and this is one of the reasons I no longer worry about treating my pets with any of this… stuff.

      Because Nexguard had been used (on the market) longer… and being an oral medication, once again, I foolishly trusted what the Vet said. However, that has all changed since. I have since made the decision that I never used this… stuff on my cats when I was a kid (and I was raised out in the sticks/country) and they all lived happy, healthy lives, so why use anything like this anymore.

      Though, do understand me here… I do NOT condone this approach either as only time will tell if I made the correct decision… or not. So, please continue to make your own decisions as to the proper treatments your pets should receive.

      Of course, had I known (thought to check) that Nexguard was toxic too, I would never have provided that… stuff either.

      I purposely had that conversation about Nexguard in the comments here hoping that others would read it, and I am so thankful that you took the proper time to educate yourself by reading everything offered here instead of simply skimming it. Only wish more of us would do that more often… including myself.

      Vets are spewing forth what they have been told to say about Revolution and other flea treatments, as most don’t take/have the time to do their researching. As for their receiving kickbacks… I have no way of proving that one way or another… though too remember, Vets don’t profit from writing prescriptions like other medical professionals do, but rather from selling the meds.

      In my own personal opinion, I believe that most Vets truly care and trust what they are told about the different meds they prescribe. Only through experience do they learn, and most times that is the hard way. When we lose a fur-baby (or featured baby, for that matter) they lose a patient… you know, potential income.

      Believe me when I say that this post has been buried deeply in search results in previous years. When funds are put into a company’s reputation instead of providing better, safer treatments… well, for me… it is a sign that money is more important to most pharmaceutical businesses than our fur-baby’s lives, and that is NOT okay with me.

      Thank YOU for having your say and bringing more attention to this article so that other pets and their owners never have to suffer like Nugget and other fur-babies have.

  8. The vet recommended I use Revolution because my dog has seizures. Is there another flea/tick and heart wormer I can use and it not make her go into a seizure?

    • Hey Cindi, I am not a veterinarian therefore I cannot… would not recommend any treatment for flea/tick and heart worm control.

      If you read through the comments shared here, you may find other’s solutions appropriate for your use.

      Glad you found this post before using Revolution on your dog. At least now you know what could happen if you use it.

    • Please NEVER EVER use any of this stuff on your animals. EVER EVER EVER!!!! Your animals are designed to be healthy. The body is a highly intelligent organism. Animals who are healthy do not get ticks, fleas worms. And most animals are not in nature enough to even worry about it these things.

      Bad diet = compromised system = sick animal = fleas and ticks and worms.


      Species appropriate diet = healthy body = no parasites = non toxic happy animal living a long happy life.

      Seizures = “help me I am in trouble” – not “poison me – so I seize more and potentially die”

      If an animal is seizing – you do not POISON the animal with TOXIC chemicals. THE LIVER is screaming for help. The vet has no idea what they are talking about. Just horrendous!!

      Protect you pet!

      • Hey Nicola, you won’t get any argument out of me with what you said.
        This exactly why I shared Nugget’s story. It is my way of fessing up to a major mistake I made… trusting what the Vet told me to use.

        We now have to do our due diligence for our pets, just like we have to now for ourselves. Research, research, research and research some more. And just like the human body proper diet = healthy body.

        Thanks for taking the time to comment, I truly appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts on this topic.

        • I am very grateful to you, Trish, and to all the commenters, for sharing your experience and insight. I have a two-year-old Maltipoo. I gave her something with Ivermectin in it and something else (I forget) when she was still a puppy, vet recommended, and both times she stopped eating for about 3 weeks. After that, I refused to give any of those chemicals to her again. Now, as summer approaches, I have started to worry about whether or not I am wrong. The vet just sold me some Revolution, but I decided to do some searching before trying it. You probably helped to save our little baby.

          I do believe the people at the vet’s office honestly believe that Revolution is a safer alternative. The bad reactions and deaths aren’t being sufficiently reported, or no one would be taking these things. Pharma does exert major influence over our media and our corrupt politicians. Our major corporations and the criminals in DC (and in many state houses) are all working together against the public’s interest, to say the least. It is sad to realize that most of them couldn’t care less about public health or about the well-being of helpless little animals. God bless you and stay safe. Trust no one in a position of authority.

          • Hi Patricia,

            Am so glad to learn that your fur-baby is safe from further harm. Sadly enough yes, it really is up to us to do our own researching on any drugs that are issued to us or our pets.

            Due to lower back issues that I have been experiencing, I have been unable to walk my dogs for over 2 years now. If nothing else, I gain some comfort in knowing they’re safer from nasty ticks that may be found in the park across the road from our home, as coyotes and foxes have been seen there on a regular basis. And most dog owners now use the park as if it were a no-leash park, which tends to increase any likelihood of spreading ticks to other dogs who visit the park at the same time.

            I do hope you can find a safer, healthier alternative for your Maltipoo, to keep her safe on your walks.

  9. I have recently used revolution for the first time, and the result was a quarter sized burn and loss of hair where on the cat was treated (an older cat…no burn on the kitten) we have also seen this happen on our long haired outdoor cat when treated with advantage.

    • Wow Robert, Thank YOU for sharing this information. I had wondered about Advantage. A neighbour uses that and claims it has no chemical smell to it like Revolution does. It is very sad that in order to protect our fur babies we have to slowly poison them :'( …not nice, indeed!

  10. My 3 month old border collie pup just had what I believe to be a bad reaction to revolution. About 10 hrs after applying this stuff, she started vomitting violently. At first it was food then bile all night and this morning. Even before reading this blog I suspected revolution as a culprit. A month ago, after receiving her vaccines , the dog suffered a short episode of discomfort while urinating now this. My 2 cents. Whether knowingly or not, the drug companies and their pushers(read vets) are making our pets sick instead of healing them.

    • Oh no Andrew, I am soooo sorry to learn of your young puppy suffering so much. I am so thankful that you woke up to this issue sooner than I did. My ignorance and trust in a professional’s advice definitely contributed to Nugget’s demise. :'(

    • Same EXACT experience. Both dogs threw up multiple times a day for about two weeks after applying. One is a Border Collie mix and one is a Bulldog mix. REVOLUTION is dog poison.

      • Thank YOU Steve for adding proof to what all of us are experiencing. Sorry to learn that your Border Collie and Bulldog mix had to suffer but at least they will be spared an early death like Nugget experienced.

  11. I used this 1 time and my lil baby almost died. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND if U Love Your Pet. Had to give benadryl to counter act and give bath in dawn detergent to try and get it off him. He weighs 18 lbs a lil Shihtzu. Has sores all over and skin is inflammed

    • Oooh my Roxanne 🙁 I am so sad to learn that yet another Shih Tzu mommy had to learn the hard way. {{{HUGS!}}} but at least your “little man” is still alive, so please give him a BIG hug for me. I miss my Nugget soooo very much… yes, even though I now have Chloe and Simona… I still miss my “little man”… my Nugget of gold.

  12. I used Revolution plus for cats on my Maltese per my vet she got very sick shaking would not eat throwing up, yellow watery stool rushed her to the vet could not find a reason. I believe the Revolution did this to her and will talk to my vet.

    • Hi Gail, sorry to learn that your Maltese has suffered so. It would be VERY interesting to learn if your Vet agrees… or not, as some Vets do not want to admit that this is being caused by Revolution. The suffering my precious Nugget went through (and eventual early death) made it VERY important for me to warn others about using any product like this. Please, do let me know what you discover?

  13. My vet recommended I start using Revolution on my little chi. I told her no that years before I lost a little dog to the effects if HeartGuard medication. Never again. I have heart worm test done. I use Hertz flea and tick. I also put a mosquito bracket on collar. Works for. No this to all these chemicals. Not my dog !!

    • No to chemicals is good Marlene.

      My two girls have not had anything in the way of flea and tick control for over two years now as I have not been able to go for the walks that we used to. My girls are both very healthy babies indeed. 🙂

    • Thank YOU Elli for reading through the many comments as there is some VERY good advice offered by others in their comments.
      And, thank YOU for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated!

  14. Literally every heartworm preventative has “vomiting” and all of the other symptoms listed as possible side effects. Not to mention that a million other things cause vomiting. I hope Nugget feels better but you have no evidence that Revolution contributed. I wish we had more data on which preventative is safest but we just dont 🙁

    • Hey Allie, if you had read my entire post here, you would know that Nugget has passed away. Obviously you’re here for reputation management on behalf of the product. However, due to Nugget’s sacrifice and eventual death, this post will remain online.

    • Can you provide evidence that Revolution did not contribute to, or cause, Nugget’s issues? The simple fact is that no preventative or vaccine has been proven safe. Some animals can process them out fine, at least for a while. Others simply can’t. Humans and animals are not designed to have chemicals dumped or injected into them all the time.

  15. Is Frontline ok?, I found it fishy when the vet only wanted me to use relvoution and it’s not sold in pet stores, I have since switched her to frontline which repeals mosquitos, like why would I want her getting bit by them in the first place? I wonder if maybe she was having somewhat a reaction too, I’ll keep her on frontline then. Also mine is a cat.

    • Hey Sarah, as to whether Frontline is safe to use or not, I have no idea without researching it. That’s why I shared the information I discovered about Revolution while Nugget was literally “under the knife” to see WHY this happened. We each need to do our own due diligence when it comes to our fur babies health. No mater the species of pet we are caring for, it is our responsibility to provide them with a proper standard of living, which also includes health care. I’m sure once you’ve spent time researching Frontline that you will come upon posts and REAL reviews about this product too. Wishing your cat good health and a long and happy life.

  16. Thank you for warning us all of this!! What should we use instead? I read that natural flea preventatives don’t work.

    • Hey Laura, my dogs will be using HeartGard chewables for the foreseeable future. However, whatever you do decide to protect your pets with, pleeeease… research the product before you use it.

  17. I am currently using advocate on my small dogs. So far shows no sign. Thank god I found this thread before changing my usual brand.

    • Hey Jinny, that’s exactly why I refuse to remove this post. Nugget paid with his life and I’m determined to make sure no one else’s fur-baby has to suffer or die too because of this stuff.

      However, when I Google searched for “advocate flea treatment side effects” (without the quotation marks, of course) I found the following: “In both cats and dogs, the most common side effects are local reactions at the site of application, such as temporary itchiness, and on rare occasions, greasy fur and redness of the skin. Vomiting has also occurred rarely. These signs disappear without further treatment.”

      My Nugget didn’t start showing side effects straight away. And each year, I would have stopped using Revolution on him for about 2 months before his vomiting started. Think that’s why I was so long figuring it out. What infuriated me was how long it took me to “wake up” to that fact that if it smells so horrific it probably is dangerous to use.

  18. I am a little bothered by the tone of this article and risk it poses to the safety of animals. I have worked in the veterinary field for years and I have a degree in molecular biology. While some of these symptoms may be related, the overall likelihood is very unlikely. I am sorry to hear of you pet’s issues, however if the issue was product related you would see the symptoms constantly and not stop and go as you did. Especially if you were applying it every single month as directed.

    Revolution is so safe you could give an entire box to a heartworm positive dog without complications. Many dogs that are heartworm positive are put on Revolution during treatment due to the safety of the product.

    Regarding the smell, the smell is basically that of rubbing alcohol because the base of the solution is alcohol based. There is no chemical smell at all. I have had both of my dogs and both of my cats on this product for YEARS without any issues. I am not saying issues cannot occur, because they can. However, the side effects are very few and far between.

    All medications have side effects. If I remember correctly 1 in 12 mosquitoes carry heartworms. 100% of dogs exposed to the larvae of a heartworm via a mosquito will become positive in just one bite.

    Plus if you think these chemicals are that scary, heartworm treatment medication for heartworm positive dogs are arsenic based and the treatment is very stressful/dangerous. Ultimately a monthly preventative is by far safer than not using one. Also there is no effective 100% guaranteed ‘natural’ preventative for mosquitoes or heartworms.

    I do not work for a vet anymore nor do I work for a medical company. I am just stating the truth and highly encourage people to not risk their pet’s lives by the fear of an extremely rare side effects of some medications. Most humans have similar side effects on their medications if you read the fine print. The likelihood of other illnesses or problems occurring in the body are greater than the side effects of quality preventatives.

    • Thank YOU Aaron for bringing another view point to this topic. All well stated comments are greatly appreciated as they add to the conversation and help us all to make our own personal opinion as to what is best for our pet(s). Knowing of harmful side effects can definitely make pet owners aware sooner, and hopefully prevent an early death of their beloved pet.

      • It is my education that when they do pre approval trials – whether it be for human or animal – they need to report ALL symptoms that come up during trial, even if they are previous/unknown health issues, and/or unrelated to product use. That is always why you see a long list of *possible* side effects.

        • Thank you Kelly for your insightful observation but I will continue to warn pet owners EVERYWHERE not to use this on their beloved fur babies. Nugget paid the price for my ignorance and I promised him that I would NEVER willingly take this post down.

    • The smell is most definitely NOT rubbing alcohol. It is a very “chemically” smell. Every preventative I’ve ever used has a terrible smell. The tone of the article doesn’t pose a threat to the health of animals at all. The author is sharing her experience and encouraging readers to do their own research. Vet’s who blindly recommend drugs without doing their own research pose a bigger threat to animal welfare than articles like this. We are intelligent creatures and fully capable of looking into things and making educated choices. We do not need vets and doctors to tell us how to live.

  19. This product killed my Plushie (ferret) and had some serious side effect on all the others in the family : 2 have fur loss (burned skin at the application site and around) and the lover of my Plushie is now yellow. This is way to chemical for them. My vet never believed me, even if the signs were so obvious because ‘it cannot happen, it’s so safe’.

    She develop water on her lungs over night, was really healthy and in less than 24h after the application she had drowsiness/difficulty breathing and diarrhea. They are so small and fragile, I’ll never ever ever ever use any chemical on them. This lesson cost the life of a wonderful good girl, so please think and research before using anything on your pet.

    The growing number of big dog with ‘idiopathic epilepsy’ is not a coincidence either, it goes hand in hand with the massive use of ‘prevention’ parasincticides… please. Think and research BEFORE.

  20. I applied Revolution on my cats back as directed Friday night and Saturday morning my cat was hiding and looked sick and unhappy. I picked him up petted and consoled but didn’t wash my hands as I ran off to work.

    Saturday afternoon I started feeling sick to my stomach by nighttime I had horrendous stomach cramps, nausea and overall sick feeling. This progressed to get worse to where I could hardly move and the cramps the worse I’ve ever experienced in my life would not stop for hours and then the repeated vomiting. I was too sick to drive myself to the doctor but finally by 2 am Sunday morning I was able to drive to emergency where I was for 6 hours.

    It is now Monday morning and I still have nausea and an overall sick feeling.

    OMG I will never use this product again and to think we put our pets through this torture on a regular basis is absolutely insane! This product is advertised as safe, LOL what a bunch of BS. These people marketing this should be made to experience it first hand as I have and they just might change their minds.

    • Thank YOU Jim, for sharing your experience here.

      Wouldn’t that be something … LOL, “product tested on inventor” … then “they” just might change this sssstuff … “if wishes were horses, huh?

      Sorry to hear you and your kitty suffered like this Jim, but at least now you know. And thankfully, your kitty’s lifespan has not been shortened like Nugget’s was.

  21. Please do not use Nexgard or Bravecto oral flea/tick products as they are known to cause severe illness and/or death in many pets….worse than Revolution. Look at the Facebook groups “Does Nexgard Kill Dogs?” and “Does Bravecto Kill Dogs”….please save the life of your pet.

    • Wow! Thank YOU sooooo much for sharing this important info Evelyn … that being the case I shall contact the last two commenters … AND reconsider exactly WHAT to be putting my girls on next year.

  22. Hi all!

    Im so glad i found this thread. My dog has had 3 very scary seizures in the past 3 months. He has been on Revolution since end of march. His first seizure was in may, 2nd on july 14th and then just this past tuesday at 5:30 am his 3rd seizure. Ironically this 3rd one occured just 36 hours after he was given his Revolution. He had 1 episode when he was young about 7 months old just 2 weeks after getting a topical flea and tick prevention that was actually not revolution. We ended up only giving that one dose before and he expirienced a seizure. After this it was all nexguard oral chewables. 13 months later our vet recommended trying Revolution. Since being on this we are the 3 seizures in now. We are done with this stuff! It must be the Culprit. I feel so bad for our stanley. The last seizure lasted over an hour and a half for him to get back to normal. This company needs to be looked into.

    • Hey Brandon, I am soooo sorry to learn of your Stanley having suffered seizures. With my Nugget, he was MONTHS later before showing any issues which made it impossible for me to link the two things early enough to have had any benefit to Nugget’s health. This is why I wrote this post, and I let Nugget know that his suffering will save other dogs from long-term side effects (in Nugget’s case, an early death).

      Becca (comment below) asked me what my dogs were using and it wasn’t long after our chat that I had to take Simona into her Vet (was Nugget’s Vet too) and I told him of Becca’s and my chat. Turns out that HeartGard was what Princess, Tiffany and Nugget were on. Prin and Tif NEVER suffered any side effects from HeartGard and I only wished I’d have kept Nugget on it. I had already informed Becca that my Simona and Chloe use NexGard

      Too many pets are suffering side effects from Revolution so my pray is that EVERY pet owner will be led here to this post so that their pet may be saved further suffering. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  23. That’s helpful. I wish I didn’t have to use anything. I’m trained as a clinical nutritionist and tried for a while to use things like lavender and lemon oil but it didn’t work. The ticks and fleas didn’t seem to care! So obviously landing on the happy medium is something that is as nontoxic as possible but does the job. After all, fleas and ticks can be pretty toxic in and of themselves!

    Thank you!

    • Hey Becca … think you’ll want to know that Evelyn just stopped by to inform us all NOT to use NexGard any more. Please come back and read her comment so you will know. I will be adding an update to the bottom of my post informing visitors AND will make sure to provide PROOF of what Evelyn is saying.

      Found out that HeartGard is the brand Princess, Tiffany and Nugget were on. Just so you know … I’ll be revisiting WHAT exactly to use next year. Please be sure to review the today’s UPDATE to this post.

  24. Hi again! When you say: “What I use for my two “puppies” (Simona and Chloe on my Twitter header) is the chewables.” What “chewable” do you mean, pray tell? Thanks!

    • Hey Becca, I don’t honestly remember the brand(s) that Princess, Tiffany (my Maltese dogs) and Nugget used, but Simona and Chloe use NexGard. One good thing about chewables is that side effects (if any!) will become more apparent, quicker than those experienced when using a topical application. Hope this helps you.

  25. Thanks very much for your account! Question. Do you have any suggestions in as an alternative to this product that is easy on a dog (or cat) and still protects against heart worm, ticks and fleas?

    I always thought I was doing my dog a favor by using just 1 protectant for all 3 issues.

    • Hi Becca,

      What I use for my two “puppies” (Simona and Chloe on my Twitter header) is the chewables. Having had two Maltese dogs back in the 70s and 80s, they used the chewables without one tiny issue. It is sad that we can no longer trust our doctor’s (animal or human) recommendations given that salesmen seem to be the ones pushing new products.

      Hope you gave this product a one star rating. Had one of “their” visitors here ranking it with 5 stars and with only recently installing the star rating, it tends to make this product seem acceptable when it is NOT.

    • Hi Becca,

      What I use for my two “puppies” (Simona and Chloe on my Twitter header) is the chewables. Having had two Maltese dogs back in the 70s and 80s, they used the chewables without one tiny issue. It is sad that we can no longer trust our doctors (animal or human) recommendations given that salesmen seem to be the ones pushing new products.

      Hope you gave this product a one star rating. Had one of “their” visitors here ranking it with 5 stars and with only recently installing the star rating, it tends to make this product seem acceptable when it is NOT.

  26. I used revolution on my dog because my vet highly recommended it for him and now he’s very lethargic he won’t eat and could barely walk I’m hoping and praying that he gets well soon

    • This stuff really isn’t good for our pets at all. If I had of discovered this was the issue sooner with my Nugget, he too would most likely have recovered and lived longer than he did. My prayers are with you and your dog Mashanti. {{{HUGS!}}}

  27. My dog (10lb Maltese mix) started showing signs of shivering, off balance weight loss and severe lethargy. He does have cushings, but thought this was the disease. I just came across your article and am now thinking this is the problem. It’s the first year using Revolution.

    • Hey Chrissy, then PLEASE get your poor dog off that stuff. Stupid me, I used this stuff on Nugget for too many years before I figured this out. Don’t let this cost you your dog’s precious life.

  28. i used this product last year on 2 pregnant females. As vet said it was safe now i have 4 pups between both litters w/ kidney and liver issues. i will never use it again i checked w/ owners of previous litters and no one had any issues. It’s not safe IMO especially for pregnant girls as it can effect pups/kittens

    • I am sooooo sorry to learn of this Carole. Only wished you searched out this nasty product before using. It truly has gotten that neither human nor animal doctors word can be trusted. We must do our own researching before using. Was so hoping Nugget’s price would save others, but learning of this makes it obvious to me that this is not the case. PLEASE, share this post with as many pet owners as you can so that other pets will not be made to suffer. :'(

  29. Hey Trish! Thanks for sharing this information. I have been lucky as my vet warned me about using this medicine and a couple of others before anything bad happened to my dogs. I hope that this information helps prevent others from experiencing this with their dogs. I truly hope that other readers take this information seriously. Keep up the good work. tfs 🙂

    • Thank YOU Marlinda, I’m very glad to hear that veterinarians are finally starting to warn pet owners. This post will remain here warning other pet owners so hopefully their “babies” won’t have to pay the ultimate price that my Nugget did, as this was the promise I made to my Nugget. 🙁

  30. Thanks for the quick respond:)
    I am not familiar with chewable do you know what kind are you talking about so I can ask my vet?
    Also I am washing them and orally giving them Apple cider vinegar have you heard of that?
    Any good shampoo also??!!
    I know how she got it. We went to the beach two weeks ago and there was dead birth and she start rolling on her and by the time I stop her she probably picked couples.
    Also found this on PETA website:
    “Chewable tablets are a more recent addition to the flea control arsenal, but they carry some of the same possible side effects and restrictions, and have been found to be less effective than topicals”

    • Hey Tania, there are several different brands of chewable flea and tick control meds for pets. I would recommend that you consult you Vet on this safer choice. They’ve been around since the ’80s and my dogs have never suffered like poor Nugget did with Revolution.

      No, I cannot say that I’ve heard of using cider vinegar … and, as for a GREAT regular shampoo, I’ve been using Mane ‘n Tail simply because if it works great for horses, why not for dog’s hair too … given that I used to have Maltese and Shih Tzu to groom regularly. However I still use the same shampoo and conditioner on my Chloe and Simona. Here’s an image of the containers, so you’ll recognize the bottles:

      Keeping our pets on leashes helps prevent rolling in stuff like that … eeew yuck. Sorry to hear that.

  31. Thanks for this informative page.

    I agree with you and I stop using all of them for couple of years now.

    Yesterday, however, I found couple of fleas on Molly (my golden). What do you guys think? I don’t want to have a flea infestation?!!!

    • Hey Tania, please don’t get a flea infestation. That happened to me once during a bad year for fleas. Hope I NEVER experience that ever again.

      How about using flea shampoo immediately … and using the chewables. The chewables have not harmed pets in the past that I am aware of and that’s what my two are on instead of the nasty chemicals and I haven’t had any issue with fleas so far.

  32. My cat is a senior and has renal disease. She is underweight. Dr. sent us a postcard about her needing Revolution. Revolution is not supposed to be given in underweight or sick animals. Vet got defensive and snapped at me when I questioned giving her the medicine. Every medicine has side effects and I think its best she not have Revolution. Some Vets push it, and that’s wrong.

    • Hey Cindy, sorry to hear that your Vet is pushing any meds. It truly is up to you, the pet owner, as to what treatment or meds are authorized. We truly are our pet’s advocates, so do what YOU know is right for your pet … and, maybe find another Vet if this one continues to offend you.

  33. After all these years revolution is still being praised by pets. I used this five days ago after a 25 min talk of concern with the vet. No side effects mentioned. Gave me one mo in a plain box. That nite he had diarrhea in his kennel. Ronin is 15 wk yellow lab. Never done this. It has continued since. Last nite green vomit. I called the vet after reading this. Never told me was for heart worm. He had been wormed three x’s at breeder. They say it’s my word against theirs. He’s doing some better. Stool not so loose. I feel terrible my perfectly healthy Ronin now doesn’t feel well.

    • Ooooh my Carrie, I am soooo sorry to hear of your puppy’s recent illness. You and I have had to learn our lessons the hard way. Always purchase pets from a well known and trusted local breeder when possible. Too many pets are still coming from puppy mills 🙁 .

      Your Ronin has only been using Revolution for 5 days, so hopefully there will not be any long term effects. There are chewables that will do the same job as Revolution is supposed to, and they have proven to be a lot safer for pets. You can ask your Vet about which chewables they have available.

  34. This post is still popular so long after being written. Thank you for sharing your story and bless your little nugget. When I moved to a different state further south my apartment had so many fleas. My older dog was on Trifexis at the time which worked pretty well for our infestation. I had gotten a puppy at the time and revolution was the only medication “safe” enough to treat a puppy who weighed so little. So I started her on Revolution to help with the flea problem. When she got older I tried to switch her to Trifexis and she would keep vomiting it back up. I decided to keep her on revolution. Eventually I changed my older dogs Trifexis over to revolution.

    Barklee, my older pup (now 10 years old) is very sensitive with allergies. We have moved to two different states since switching him to revolution and, like many readers, I have brought him to the vet with problems and spent hundreds of dollars on treatments to TREAT THE REACTIONS he’s gotten from Revolution.

    He has been to the vet more than 10 times for flare ups. He has been treated with antibiotics, wipes, gels/ointments, steroids and now they recently prescribed him trazodone for anxiety and apoquel for his itching. His ears get welts that get crusty and itchy, they are bumpy and raised and he hates when I touch them.

    He recently has been getting round scabs on his belly and sides that become dry and flake off but take the fur with them and leave a round dry scar where the scab falls off. He rubs his face and back on the ground and furniture. The vet ACTUALLY told me that the itching is “in his head” and that he has anxiety issues.

    I don’t believe this at all to be the cause, I have owned him for over 6 years. I’ve sat down and have done my research. I at first thought it was a food or environmental allergy. His appetite has increased, he eats from his empty bowl and drinks a lot of water, constantly pants and gets overheated. I am convinced that his symptoms are from revolution.

    I have decided to discontinue the use of this medication. After researching Apoquel I am happy that I never started him on that one either. Thank you for sharing Nugget’s story and saving dogs lives. We as owners really need to push for more natural remedies than poisons. We are their advocates. If we need to WASH OUR HANDS when in contact with revolution then why is it okay for us to put it on our babies? I have recently come to this realization about the Revolution, that this is the culprit of my babies problems. I only hope it hasn’t done unseen damage. Everyone please share the dangers of Revolution and all similar poison products marketed to pets. We as owners need to be educated!!!

    • You are so right Nikke, we ARE our pet’s advocate. Am praying your “puppies” do NOT suffer any long term effects from having used Revolution. Only wished I’d have smartened up sooner than I did, for Nugget’s sake. However, this story WILL remain here as long as Revolution stays on the market … or as long as I stay on planet earth.

      Thank YOU for your comment … and YES, please DO share this story with as many other pet owners as you can. Warning others of the dangers of using Revolution on our pets is the only justice left for my precious Nugget.

  35. I can’t figure out for the life of me how this woman couldn’t figure out that it was the same time each year. I get the first few times, but after that you should realize hey every time this year this is what happens to my dog. What new thing have I given him/her starting at this time? That is a awful lot of beginning of summer happenings that didn’t dawn on this woman.

    • Hey Cindy, if by “this woman” you mean me, to start with the treatments started in the spring and ended by the fall. Nugget’s issues only started in the fall. Maybe I was incompetent in providing proper diagnoses soon enough. As to a pattern emerging … that didn’t happen until I sat down with the calendars from previous years to see for myself. Even many Veterinarians were saying this crap wasn’t causing these sorts of issues. Yet, when I did my researching, VOILA! here is the evidence!

      If it makes you feel better to comment with criticism here, then I’m glad I have provided you with your morning’s entertainment.

      As for the many pet owners being told how great this crap is (as you can clearly see by the many comments) they are very grateful for my having shared my story here, thus it will remain.

  36. My wonderful, healthy, 5 year old Brandy, a Golden rescue from Newfoundland, was prescribed Bravecto for mange mites in December ’16. Less than 3 days later he jumped up on the sofa and died. I have since learned it is an all too common story. Our family remains totally devastated by his loss.

    But what I really want to share is that after Brandy’s death, I found that Tia, our 9 year old rescue dog, was totally infested with the mites. Our vet said there really was nothing that worked well except medications like Bravecto and Revolution.

    I researched on-line, and decided to try pure Neem oil mixed with Almond oil as a daily topical treatment on her skin lesions. I also dusted her lightly with diatomaceous earth once a week. In the beginning I was panicked as I did not see improvement, but after three weeks there were no more skin lesions and she was not scratching at all.

    She appears now to be totally free of mange mites, and her coat is shinier and healthier looking than I have ever seen it. I should also say that I first changed Tia’s diet to a better quality grain-free commercial diet, mixed half and half with organic home made dog food, and I add good proteins a couple of times a week like wild salmon, organic eggs and sardines.

    I had been making food for 2 years for my oldest dog, Bailey – 13, and he never got the mite problem in spite of sleeping on the same sofas and beds. I am curious to find out this spring if a bit of Neem oil on the coat before walking, prevents ticks from jumping on board. This would be truly a preventative, vs. topical or chewable meds that basically fill the dogs cells with chemicals. The chemicals (neurotoxin in the case of Bravecto) kill the pests after they bite the dog!

    I am not a vet. How can vets have no knowledge of harmless, natural treatments that work? Or better nutrition for our animals? It breaks my heart to know that Brandy could have been treated safely and easily.

    • Sorry to hear of Brandy’s demise … I truly KNOW how broken that makes you feel, and I agree wholeheartedly with you Laurelle; it IS shocking to discover that most vets today do NOT have the knowledge they used to … just like our medical doctors.

      This forces us to do our due diligence and research, research, research. Heck, we can no longer depend on using the products we choose for lengthily periods of time anymore either, simply because those in management have their own agenda and many taking over the helms at major companies are sending their products to other countries to be made. We all know what has happened to many pet treat products, right? Well, the foods and meds we choose are constantly changing too.

      A great measure to remember when serving our pets is simple … if we won’t eat it why should they?

  37. Hi Trish,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Revolution. I wanted to see if you had any information that the active ingredients in Nexgard & Heartgard (afoxolaner, ivemectin-pyratel) are less dangerous than those in Revolution (selamectin). Thanks!!!

    • Personally Kay, I will never use those liquids on my pets ever again; I don’t care what label they’re sold under. It’s back on chewables for my pets simply because those products are highly proven to work without deadly side-effects for many years. However, thank YOU for adding to this conversation. It is preferable to have inclusive info when making our individual decisions as to which product we choose to protect our pets against fleas, ticks and mites.

  38. Dear Trish,
    Thank you for your story about Nugget. He looked like a sweet little dog.
    My precious Maltese, Angel, died last month (01/10/17). I’ve been heart broken ever since.

    She had a weak heart to begin with, but she gave me 8 beautiful years of total unconditional love.
    I’m writing this now, because I believe that Revolution had something to do with her death.

    Several days after applying Revolution in early January, Angel started vomiting up yellow bile. She had never done this before. She was also clearly in pain & even stopped eating. While it may have been her heart finally giving out, I can’t help but wonder why she was vomiting violently after I applied the Revolution when she never vomited in her entire life.

    I could write so much more, but I want others to use EXTREME caution when using Revolution. I hope to get another dog at some point, but I will never use Revolution again.

    I can only take comfort now in knowing that Angel is with Jesus, and someday I will see her once more…never to be parted again.

    God Bless You for your words of insight.


    • Ooooh my Michele, you have my heartfelt sympathy with the suffering you are now feeling having lost Angel. It is sooo sad that we (as pet owners) can no longer rely on our Vet’s knowledge either. Used to be that I could ask my Vet about a medical condition that humans suffer and got a very helpful response, but after Nugget’s suffering and all the Vet’s out there trying to reassure pet owners that Revolution is NOT causing this… well … WOW!

      The online study results from Pfizer USED to be linked but soon after this post went live, their link went dead. Am SUPER glad I took a screen print of the one paragraph that stated the side effects so others can read for themselves.

      May your next four-legged “baby” not only live longer but also healthier. Feel free to help me get the word out about this “stuff” by sharing this post, won’t you?

  39. Interesting how this post has continued for years. Thanks for always being there to post a reply, long after Nugget has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I’m not even sure why or how I found this site today, but I got back lab reports from my vet that said my cat’s fecal sample was okay. And I thought, well of course it’s okay. Both my cats are indoor only cats. For 5 years we went along with the vet and purchased the highly expensive (and toxic) Revolution and applied it, especially in the summer. She (the vet) had us convinced that since we garden, and since we have a young grandson running in and out of our home, that anything could be brought in on our shoes and transferred to our cats. We believed her. Until one day, when our female cat started twitching all over just hours after being given the treatment. We called our vet. Vet said it couldn’t possibly be from the Revolution. Right. That was the day I stopped blindly believing her. We haven’t used it since. And our cats haven’t had any fleas or worms since, either. They are INDOOR cats. It took our cat about a month to stop twitching. The fact that this product is still on the market angers me. Thank you for sharing your story of Nugget, and sharing the pictures. Others need to know.
    Btw, Profender is another nasty, toxic product. We, as animal owners/lovers, need to be advocates for our furbabies. Anything given to our animals by “trusted” vets needs to be looked at very carefully by each of us. Our animals are totally dependent on us for their safety and care.

    • You’re so right Susan, and like our own medical doctors (we HAVE to be our own advocates now) it seems rather obvious that veterinarians are now guilty of the same sort of practice … (sadly) listening and trusting traveling salesmen.

      I am soooo sorry to learn of your kitty’s suffering. Like you, I trusted Nugget’s vet and poor ole’ Nuggy paid the price :'(

      Keeping my promise to Nugget regarding keeping this post to warn others is my only way of giving others an opportunity to not have to watch their pet suffer needlessly.

  40. Hi Trish,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with Revolution. I’m so sorry that this happened to Nugget. I just spent over a 100 to buy this from the vet BUT before using I found your post!! Now I will not use it on Bella, our Shih Tzu rescue! Can you tell me what might be good for her instead? This was supposed to replace her heartguard. We’ve only had her 3 months and she’s 3 years old. She has not used flea medicine before we rescued her. Perhaps I’ll just give her the heartguard and forget about flea medicine for now?
    Again I’m very sorry about Nugget.
    Thank you,

    • Oh wow, Cheri, I am sooooo glad to hear that you will NOT be using that product on your Bella. You’ve made my day … and Nugget’s I’m sure (if he can hear from the other side). Thank YOU for your kind words.

      Heartgard is for heart worms so do NOT STOP using that on Bella whatever you do. NexGard is the product my two Chihuahua mix “puppies” use for flea and tick control, as I will NEVER EVER knowingly use chemicals on my pets EVER again.

      This lesson took my Nugget from me far too soon :'( and I STILL miss him.

        • You have definitely made me one very “happy camper” Cheri.
          Nugget’s suffering was not in vain knowing you’re going to be able to keep Bella safe.
          Would LOVE to see a picture of your Bella. Please give her a BIG hug for me?

  41. First , I’m very sorry you went thru this . I’ve used this product for 3 years without any side effects what so ever . My dog is 9 lbs and uses the correct dosage . Im considering using it less , just for the hot months . Perhaps like any medications each animal is different.

    • Thank YOU Judy for commenting.

      My Nugget was on this stuff for a few consecutive years with symptoms worsening each and every September/October, until this incident. Like I stated here in my post, I did the research and proved to myself (and many others) beyond a doubt that this stuff is dangerous and very hazardous to a dog’s health.

      If you’ve read the linked lab study that shows one dog died, and you still do not believe this stuff is dangerous to your dog, then that is your privilege. I am NOT telling anyone what to do with this post. Just sharing what I discovered in hope of saving many other dogs the painful experiences Nugget suffered … and eventually died from :'(

  42. Thank you for share your experience with Revolution. I have used Revolution in my 1 year old labrador for the first time yesterday and he also started with diarrhea and vomiting during the night. I didn’t change anything in his diet, so I realized that the symptoms could be caused for the Revolution’s use and I decided to make a online research. I was impressed about what I found, so I’m not using Revolution never again!

    • Carol, I am soooo glad this shared experience will save your “baby”. Nugget has since passed away and I am determined to make sure no other dog suffers like he did. Thank YOU for taking the time to comment. By doing so, you are letting me know this post is still saving lives. {{{HUGS!}}}

      • I am glad Nugget is ok. My dog too Hunter had a bad reaction, lethargic, staring at a wall, chest and legs spasms. Never again will I give him that POISON. I found a remedy, mix 1 TBSP vodka or witch hazel, 40 drops of rose geranium essential oil, 1/3 cup distilled water, then spritz his head and tail.
        Smell like a rose. And you can use it too especially if you are in the wilderness in the summer time

        • Wow Wendy, I wished I’d known you back when Nugget was still alive. His life was shortened considerably due to losing of his spleen.
          May Hunter be blessed with a long, healthy life. Thank YOU for sharing your remedy here for others to learn about.

  43. Hey Trish I just used revolution on my 3 cats and the one had ear mites and has no more ear mites I got it in June of this year and also used it on my three dogs and the two are doing find but I had to put my other dog down because he got sick just quickly I took him in the vet one a Monday because keep on voting and drinking a lot of water and not eating the vet say at that time that gave him a shot for up set stomach and some pills and try that he was getting worse back to voting so took him in on June 24 to vet the doctor look at him and said he was yellow that he’s liver was going bad that I would have to put him down because there nothing they can do there no medicine in the world to help him if was to keep in the hospital hook is i had to put him down so sad me and mom lost without him

    • Jamie, I am soooooo sorry to learn of your loss. Hopefully the one use of this did not cause the problems with your dogs liver, but only your Vet could determine that. My Nugget has since passed away, but I’m determined to keep this post so that other’s dogs might not suffer the same end that Nugget suffered.

      Am soooo hoping our “babies” will see us “on the other side” so that we’ll all be together again.

  44. I applied Revolution on my dog 2 days ago to treat her sarcoptic mange. I’ve been seeing some serious side effects including vomiting (2 times with her food, several time with green foam), loose stools yesterday and today diarrhea. She refused to eat her food, even her favorite cheese. I’m worried that the side effects of Revolution might cause mire serious problem in the future. Ofc I’ll not re-apply it anytime again on my dog. What I have to do now is encourage her to eat. The good thing that she’s still playful, drink water and play with me. But still I’m worried and don’t know how long these side effects would last 🙁

    • Thank YOU Lan for STOPPING the use or this product. Hopefully your dog will not suffer once the chemicals have left her system. Nugget had prolonged use of Revolution at the time of writing this post … and, he has since passed away. It is my goal to NEVER have another dog suffer like Nugget did from such nasty chemicals. We as pet owners have to do our own due diligence and research drugs that our Vets are giving our pet now too. Sadly, it now seems that both human and pet medical societies are no longer keeping the living as a priority.

  45. First of all Nuggets is adorable, but what a heartbreaking story! I can only imagine the frustration you must have experienced during this time. I don’t use this product, but you’ve inspired me to take a closer look at the product I do use for my Lucy. Thank you!

  46. Hi Trish,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with Revolution. Our cat also had a reaction after using Revolution.
    Our vets first did not want to believe it but it is true.
    Each time when we applied Revolution on his fur,
    he pulled out his fur everywhere. There was no fur on his legs and his belly anymore. Terrible. He was itching and scratching himself all the time and each time we used Revolution it got worse. Our vets thought that he has OCD and we tried acupuncture and other expensive treatments. Nothing helped. We just decided to not use it anymore and then our cat got better and he did not pull out his fur anymore.

    • I’m so very glad your cat was saved the suffering that Nugget ended up eventually dying from. May Nugget’s horrific experience with this product serve as a warning to prevent other cats and dogs dying long before they should 🙁 Thanks for letting me know.

      This year, I’ve been using peppermint oil diluted (do an internet search for “peppermint oil for fleas and ticks”) on my Chloe… and, a more recent adopted adult small dog named Simona. No more flea and tick control for me and my four-legged babies, no siree!

    • My vet used Revolution to treat ear mites in my 10 month old cat 3 weeks ago. My cat has been scratching her ears to the point of hair loss and bleeding since Revolution was applied. Vet confirms the mites are gone and thinks my cat has a food allergy. I think it may be a reaction to Revolution. How long did it take for your cat to get better?

      • Taunya, Nugget was my dog, and it took a two years of using Revolution seasonally before his spleen developed the masses on the surface and inside of it, making it necessary for my little Shih Tzu to loose his spleen, in order to save his life… which, I feel in turn shortened his natural life span. Each of us have to be our own advocate when it comes to our pets health, just as it is for our own health.

        Be sure to research any topic thoroughly, and then YOU can decide whether to take your Vet’s advice or not. You should always feel free to ask for your Vet’s opinion on any type of treatment you THINK might be better. This way, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with any decision you make.

  47. It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us pet owners informed like this. Thanks again for sharing.


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