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I Found a Treasure on Kijiji – Can You Help Me Name Her?

Kijiji treasureThat’s right; I found this cutie-pie on September 2, 2013, shortly after she was posted as being available.

Why, you ask, would I have been looking for another puppy?

And, you ask… did something bad happen to Nugget?

No, nothing bad happened to Nugget.

However, Nugget is now eleven years old and is becoming more stubborn about eating properly. If I do not make sure he has eaten around 7:00PM to 8:00PM nightly, it never fails, he wakes up vomiting during the night, and I have to give him Gravol® to settle his stomach.

I have tried several different “techniques” to get Nugget to eat his meals (from coaxing, to prodding, to bacon drippings…). With each passing year, I find myself becoming more and more frustrated …and, lately it has become much more difficult to get Nugget to eat when he should.

Remembering my little 6lb Maltese Princess and how she went through a spell of refusing to eat …until after her daughter Tiffany was born and, I decided to keep Tif, that is. With Tif on the scene Prin never again had any problem with eating. I have always suspected it was Prin’s fear that Tif would eat her meal if she didn’t that actually did the trick.

So… after thinking about adopting another dog for more than a year now, I took the plunge and on September 7, 2013, I brought this adorable little 9-week-old puppy into our home. After seeing her tiny mother (the Chihuahua), I do not believe she will grow much beyond 6lbs.

Now, I have a new problem…

But this problem I’m sure YOU can help me solve.

After viewing the four images below, can you please make a suggestion as to a name for my cute, little “girl” by posting your idea as a comment below?

Additional Info: This puppy is very submissive and gentle, yet persistent at befriending Nugget. She is very alert and aware of her surroundings. She was quick to understand “no!”, “stay” and “don’t bite” 🙂 when I spoke these commands. She is quite fascinated with the telephone, especially when I put my callers on the speaker phone. She turns her little head from side-to-side while listening to the voice coming out of ‘that rectangular thingy’… soooo cute. The television has her spellbound too.

new-puppy-image01 new-puppy-image02
new-puppy-image03 new-puppy-image04

Once I have selected her new name from the many choices that I’m hoping you will all help provide, I will definitely update this post with the chosen name.

So, when leaving your suggested name as your comment, be sure to select “All new comments” or “Replies” from the dropdown list under “Subscribe to” just below the comment text box. In this way, you will automatically be notified once I post her new name.

And… thank YOU all in advance.

UPDATE – 9 Sep 2013: Tonight a friend sent me an email with a website address for dog names. I checked it out and, looking under Chihuahua names, I found the following name: Chloe.

Chloe pronounced

The urban dictionary states the following meaning for Chloe:

A Chloe is a girl who is amazing and talented but sometimes has a low self-esteem.

She may not feel beautiful or hot, but she is the most beautiful and adorable girl you can ever meet.

She is sweet and when she has to say something people will listen.

If she ever spills out her heart to you then you know she really trusts you and you better not mess that up!

She is just extraordinary and people who are lucky enough to meet Chloe will never forget her outer and inner beauty.

You would want to keep her safe and always make her smile just to see that smile that will make your whole day.

You would love her more than anything in the universe and you would want to spend forever with her.

I can’t believe she is so amazing! [Or] Yeah dude she’s a Chloe.

When I read this, all I could say was WOW! The name Chloe seems BANG on. What do you think?

UPDATE – 11 Sep 2013: The RESULTS are IN.
Many folks were too shy to post their suggestion for a name in a comment below… so… here is the list of the names given to me by telephone, email, Facebook, and from the comments below:
Abbie THE BEST NEWS: Nugget is eating properly now… it WORKED!

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Elizabeth Parr Ferguson says August 18, 2014

I think she should be names Gracie

    Trish says August 19, 2014

    Do you mean your new “baby” Elizabeth? Gracie would be an awesome name!

Brigitte Giunta says September 11, 2013

Little Chloe is soo cute Trish and happy that Nugget is eating. 🙂

    Trish says September 11, 2013

    Thank YOU Brigitte, you have been so helpful in soooo many ways {{{HJUGS!}}}

Tony says September 10, 2013

how does Sparky sound Trish he looks like a little fire cracker.

    Trish says September 10, 2013

    Sparky IS a cute name Tony. THANK YOU!

Sharron says September 9, 2013

Donna Fisher
10:32 AM (3 hours ago)

to me
Reply for me, as I tried and it did not go from work.
Straight up looks like Annie.
However, if looking for more meaning, then Gita (pronounced Geeta), is russian for pearl; always one of my favorites.
🙂 Trish: This is from one of my girls.

    Trish says September 9, 2013

    Gita is Russian for Pearl… cool… two choices 🙂
    Thank YOU Sharron!
    Be sure to thank Donna for me too 🙂

Sharron says September 9, 2013

After looking at the suggestions, I like TidBit, too. Fits him size wise and goes well with Nugget. He is a cutie pie. Sharron

    Trish says September 9, 2013

    🙂 Thank YOU Sharron!

      Carole says September 9, 2013

      Lynz and I like Timbit (her suggestion)

        Trish says September 9, 2013

        Timbits? But… but… <giggle, giggle> people will think she's good to eat… no?
        Thanks YOU (and Lynz) Carole!

Lorne King says September 8, 2013

She is sooooo cute…she looks just like a “Tid Bit” which coincidentally is akin to a “Nugget” jmho

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    Heeey, now TidBit sounds awesome.
    TidBit… Nugget 🙂 …I like it
    Thank YOU Lorne!

Jason says September 8, 2013

Such a cute puppy Trish. I've been thinking about a name and can't seem to think of anything. I think as the days go by a name will pop out to you. I do like Abbie

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    Mmmm, I like Abbie too.
    Thank YOU Jason!

Karen Thaeter says September 8, 2013

I would call her INDIGO—because her eyes are so blue—–adorable Trish! congrats on your new addition to the family!

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    Thanks Karen!
    You're so right. she is adorable 🙂

Ken Jewell says September 8, 2013

I like the name Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty show 🙂

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    Hmmm, Miss Kay… Thank YOU Ken!

Dave Patterson says September 8, 2013

My suggestion is PUFF.

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    Cute, Thank YOU Dave!

Richard says September 8, 2013

My suggestion is Catherine. It goes well with Parr. 🙂

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    LOL, leave it to you Richard 🙂 <giggle, giggle>
    Thank YOU!

    Lorne King says September 9, 2013

    For a short form you'd have a dog named "Cat" LOL

      Trish says September 9, 2013

      LOL, good one Lorne.

Shelley Fisher says September 8, 2013

She is so adorable and cute. She looks like an Abbie

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    I love the idea of Abbie 🙂 f’er sure!
    Thank YOU Shel 😉

Brigitte Giunta says September 8, 2013

I like the name Eliza as in Eliza Doolittle from the film. She will become a lady.

    Trish says September 8, 2013

    Cute… Thank YOU Brigitte!

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