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Can You Really Lose 10 Pounds in a Week With the Cinnamon Diet?

Can you really lose 10 pounds in a week with the cinnamon diet? According Laura Cone, a British University study published an article in Woman’s World magazine, claiming cinnamon could be the new miracle diet pill for weight loss – especially for that stubborn belly fat at. Laura’s complete article is posted at:

You also need to be aware that according to, too much cinnamon may be unwise, so please, read up on this diet thoroughly BEFORE jumping right into starting on it. And, always check with your doctor before starting any exercise and weight loss plans.

I surfed the Internet to discover how much cinnamon should be safely consumed daily for weight loss and the following is what I discovered. suggests we consume honey AND cinnamon to lose weight, and here’s their suggested recipe:

1 tsp. honey
½ tsp. cinnamon powder
1 cup of water

Boil water, honey and cinnamon together in a saucepan. Pour the mixture into two ½ cup servings. Let the mixture cool for several minutes.

Consume 1 serving ½ hour BEFORE breakfast, and 1 serving before going to bed at night. Make sure to wait a ½ hour to consume the mixture before eating meals.

Studies show cinnamon use verses a placebo appears to be that cinnamon improves fasting blood glucose (FBG) in those with type 2 diabetes. Apparently cinnamon also decreased hepatic free fatty acids.

The magic of consuming small amounts (small is stressed here folks!) of cinnamon has to do with its power to even out our blood sugar levels so we don’t feel as hungry. At least, that’s the theory.

It’s now June 23, 2012, and I personally intend to put the cinnamon diet to the test.

Such foods as apples (applesauce), pears, sweet potatoes, yogurt, breakfast cereal, and rice pudding pair up nicely with cinnamon. Some who’ve already tried this diet, claims that cinnamon even tastes great in a bowl of chili! I think I’ll try adding a pinch of cinnamon to my protein smoothie recipe for dieters, which is another great way to lose weight.

WARNING: Please be sure to think twice before ever consuming soy protein beverages, as soy consumption may hasten osteoporosis, and soy can be harmful to hypothyroidism.

Cinnamon, experts at say, “that, over 90 days, supplementation with 1 g. of daily cinnamon lowers glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) by 0.83% (95% CI, 0.46–1.20) in patients with poorly controlled diabetes.” Another study done at Wadsworth Medical Center in Ohio shows cinnamon can help retain more muscle and lose body fat.

Can you truly lose pounds in a week taking cinnamon pills?

Many claim they’ve lost as little as 2 pounds a week while others claim as many as 6 pounds of weight lose in a week when on a cinnamon supplement. Personally, the fewer supplements I have to take in a day, the better, thus I will use my store-bought dry cinnamon and use it as I stated above.

I already use honey daily in my coffee so I don’t see consuming more honey beneficial to my diet.

Once I’ve been on the diet for some time, I will update this post. My goal is to reduce my belly-fat accumulating around my naval. It’s really becoming a problem for me.

NOTE: Please check to make sure you are not allergic to cinnamon. Also, always check with a doctor before trying a new supplement, even something that claims to be all-natural.

UPDATE: 7 Sep 2012 – I have a noticeable loss of belly fat now and I cannot say for certain that it was the use of cinnamon that made this possible. However, what I can report is that I will continue using approximately ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder on my Spoon-Sized Shredded Wheats (with Bran) along with ½ of a banana and either fresh (when in season) or frozen raspberries or blueberries instead of sugar or any sweetener.

I have also started faithfully following Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs (using my affiliate link) exercises that ANYONE old or young can easily follow, and I believe that these exercises too are helping eliminate the belly fat as well as reducing the loose skin that can look like love handles when wearing some low-waist clothing.

This winter I will continue following each of Mike’s 8 different levels until I reach the 8th. By then, Mike has assured his readers, I will have great abs. I’m so looking forward to the continued strengthening of my arm muscles that I’m now experiencing, along with my (what I call) ‘flubber’ being reduced to nothing. I’m at level 1 right now and have been for over a month. Slow, yes …but surely, I WILL get to the 8th level. Will let you know in 2013 with my next update, how I make out.

UPDATE: 12 Dec 2012 – My belly fat has completely gone! Understanding proper, gradual weight loss is truly the key. No “instant” weight loss remedy should ever be considered to be safe!

As an added note, about three weeks into following Mike Geary’s ab exercises I had to stop them due to lower back pain returning. This is entirely my own fault as I failed to followed Mike’s warnings about doing these exercises properly. I made an incorrect move and… well… OUCH! I paid for it.

UPDATED: 21 Aug 2013 – My belly fat remains a problem of the past, and I’m back on track doing exercises once again. Exercises that a registered kinesiologist… or, as Matthew prefers to be referred to… an athletic therapist has designated as needing to be done for my particular history with a back injury. I highly recommend those who’ve tried other therapies to seek out a good kinesiologist before opting for injections and/or surgery.

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chelsea says August 5, 2018

I’ve been using this for one day and i know not to get inpatient . but i was wondering how long it takes until i will be able to see some results

    Trish says August 5, 2018

    Hey Chelsea, though it took me 6 months to see my results, it truly depends on what you are eating daily. The more white sugar you remove from your diet, the faster you may see your results. The more active you are, this too can help to decrease the length of time needed to see positive results. The less unhealthy carbs you consume will help too. You see, it is a complete picture that you need to be working on. I have yet to find magic to weight loss (shuckers!).

    You might find the following article very helpful if you too suffer from an addiction to sweets:

Fabiana Cruz says April 26, 2017

Can I use cinnamon sticks instead of powered cinnamon?

    Trish says April 26, 2017

    You can Fabiana, but be advised about the warning of not overdosing on cinnamon. Not sure how you will be able to measure using a stick unless, of course you grind one full stick up to see how much one stick takes to make the recommended daily dosage of cinnamon.

Kennett Makaiwi says April 7, 2017

Aloha Trish. I am a 65 year old male Hawaiian. I have been interested in losing weight for quite some time. I noticed this article about cinnamon. I am also pre-diabetic however I don’t take any medication anymore. That was due to weight loss I was 220 pounds and lost 20 pounds period that took me off medication I am back at 220 pounds however I still do not have to take medication but I don’t like the fat on my belly so I am reading your post. I am interested. I noticed your post was 4 years old so I am currently wondering how things are going for you. Please reply thank you very much aloha

    Trish says April 9, 2017

    Hey Kenneth, I have to go back to this diet once more as I have recently suffered hip pain and not been walking my usual 5 miles a day. Before you start ANY diet, you should always consult your doctor. And please, be sure NOT to OD on cinnamon as I have purposely warned in my post here.

Sam Sanders says December 21, 2016

How much weight did you actually lose while on this diet?

    Trish says December 27, 2016

    Hey Sam, I wasn’t interested in weight loss, rather belly fat loss. I did NOT weigh myself, so I cannot say how much weight I lost. If you pinch your belly … and you can pinch more than an inch, that is belly fat and that is what my target was … to be free of belly fat.

Niketa says August 9, 2016

I have been drinking cinnamon in water with honey since 3weeks no results at all plz suggest

    Trish says August 12, 2016

    Thanks for commenting Niketa, but I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor.
    Are you eating the right foods?
    If we continue to eat foods that are high in processed sugar than I’m not sure what would help us.
    Personally, I found using cinnamon to be a very slooooooow method of losing weight. I clearly stated that it took several weeks to show a noticeable loss of belly fat.
    Exercise and a healthy diet works best for me! 🙂

William Madison says July 12, 2016

Very nice post Trish! When it comes to losing weight or maintaining your current weight, there are no forbidden foods. Anything can be consumed in moderation. You simply need to make sure that you don’t over consume calories. There are a few programs out there that can show you exactly how to do that.

    Trish says July 13, 2016

    You are so right William, and thank YOU for commenting, confirming my post.

Tahseen Husain says January 10, 2016

This is very informative,I wish I had read it earlier. After consulting with my doctor & studying more about it I am going to try. Thank you.

    Trish says January 10, 2016

    Please Tahseen, DO pay attention to the warning posted here regarding the amount of cinnamon one can safely consume on a daily basis. You might also be interested in reading (especially the comments!)

Suizie says January 19, 2014

Thank you finally a good review on this mix

    Trish says January 20, 2014

    You're very welcome Suizie. Whenever I read of wondrous claims made in emails that I receive, or in my friend's Facebook status updates, I tend to be a tad skeptical. When a very dear friend of mine made such a claim regarding taking cinnamon regularly in assisting with weight loss, I immediately searched for more information. That's when I decided to create this post to share with her Facebook friends in hope that all readers would not over use their intake of cinnamon and do themselves harm.

Andy says April 23, 2013

Diet pills are really effective for reducing extra fat from body. I I lost over 10 pounds in the first month by diet pills. You give here tremendous statement above explanation about weight loss. I appreciate for your work.

    Trish says April 24, 2013

    Diet pills can be dangerous to rely on Andy. I'd sooner we all simply watch what we eat, and start eating a more balanced, healthy diet with a LOT less processed foods.

Carol Laynne says July 24, 2012

i am glad to read this post, its an interesting one. i am always searching for creative and healthy ways to lose weight and this is what i found here, i hope you will be posting your results soon. thanks.

    Trish says July 24, 2012

    That is my intention, yes Carol. Thanks for asking!

Claudia Moreira says July 23, 2012

Everything is very clearly explained. Thanks for sharing this!

    Trish says July 24, 2012

    You're welcome Claudia!

Carlos says July 23, 2012

My friend, i am now a big fan of yours. Thanks for this!

    Trish says July 24, 2012

    You're very welcome Carlos!

Paul says July 17, 2012

I just wanted some clarification on something. This page at says that the mixture of honey and cinnamon is OK for diabetics in terms of not raising blood sugar levels despite it being sweet. Is this correct or should a diabetic trying the cinnamon diet, avoid doing so completely?

    Trish says July 21, 2012

    Hi Paul,

    I could find such reference on that web page… and, I would suggest anyone, diabetic of not, consult with your physician before starting ANY diet. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Wouldn't you agree?

Carol Cervino says July 17, 2012

Heard of something like this before. Thanks for sharing it here with all your references. Will check back to see how you make out with this.

    Trish says July 22, 2012

    Looking forward to your return Carol. Thanks!

Tanja Handley says July 3, 2012

Your content is excellent. This website could certainly be one of the very best in its field. Great blog!

    Trish says July 4, 2012

    Thanks Tanja!

Dantela says July 2, 2012

this is cool stuff, and well sourced too Trish. Kudos!

    Trish says July 2, 2012

    Thanks Dantela!

Valeria Lau says June 30, 2012

I am reading blogs on many topics now that I am retired, and commenting too. I really appreciate what you have posted here in this blog.

    Trish says July 2, 2012

    Thanks Valeria!

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