What Online Business Systems And Herbalife Don’t Tell You

OnlineBusinessSystems Have you ever had anyone from Herbalife inform you of a potential problem you may encounter upon consuming soy on a regular basis?

Did you know that most diet powdered products contain soy?

If you answered no to either one of these questions, then you may want to read my earlier post too: Soy May Hasten Osteoporosis…. and here’s an article posted on a US Government website titled, Effects of soy protein and soybean isoflavones on thyroid function….

When I first discovered the Online Business Systems website, I thought the opportunity they portrayed to be very professionally distailed; therefore I was quick to give my credit card number for the $9.95 US Funds… charged for shipping me a decision pack. After all, their website clearly showed me that they were registered members of the Better Business Bureau. Their website assured me, their decision package, as they called it, would be jam-packed with detail enough for me to make my decision as to whether I wanted to join them to make money from home.

Heck, this opportunity was presented to me only a few months before being forced out of a job (early retirement), with no prospects for re-employment. So, when I came across this… what I thought to be a “great offer” …yeeeeeaaah! You can bet I was anxious to get started.

When their package finally arrived… albeit the old style decision package… I was furious for their purposeful non-disclosure of the company’s name. I immediately telephone the numbers that were handwritten in the back of the decision package.

On my second attempt to contact someone, finally a lady picked up the receiver.  I told the lady point-blankly that I was upset with their not stating WHO the company is. My immediate thought was that this had to be Amway… but alas, it was… Herbalife? Go figure!

I was shocked at what I perceived to be a reputable company, masking their business in such secrecy. Hello? This SHOULD have raised a big, red flag for me… but, nooooo… I took bait! Truly, I thought it would be awesome… to be able to help those with weight problems, to gain their self-confidence back again. It would feel so good to be able help others, making this a win-win situation, for a change… OR… so I thought.

After all, Herbalife products have a good reputation, don’t they? And, I learned that REAL live doctors actually head up the research on all of their products. Impressive, huh?

Most of us out here looking for a real honest to goodness means of earning a living, really have to remember; starting your own business IS a costly venture, no matter how THEY want to “slice it” for us.

When you don’t have any extra cash to lend to an idea… and, in fairness… $3,000 to start your very own business is NOT that expensive… BUT, without a great, safe product (regarding Herbalife’s meal replacement and protein powders), no matter how terrific a business plan may be… you really have nothing. That’s what makes ANY sum of money invested… wasted money.

Here is what it cost me for the better part of 3 months (click on the image for a closer look):

So, a Merchant Account will cost you $75 to accept Visa and $35 to accept MaterCard… MONTHLY, whether you use it or not. Oh! And, if you sign a contract covering a term like, say, 3 years (that was THE only option available when I signed up!)… and you decide to quit for ANY reason BEFORE the 3 years has passed… well… you pay a penalty cost, determined by “the Merchant Account” at the time the account is terminated. Believe me, it WAS a hefty charge for me! So you can add another $400 to the total shown in the screen print above, because that’s what it cost me AFTER this screen print was taken and published here.

And here were my profits (click on the image for a closer look):


This is real money I could have used to live on after my job ended in September 2009. 

Having then been diagnosed with osteoporosis (detailed in an earlier post titled “Soy Consumption May Hasten Osteoporosis…“), and learning what I did regarding soy protein… well, by November 11, 2009, I terminated my Merchant Account, and requested a bill be sent to me for any remaining funds owing. This was followed by my emailed resignation to The Online Business System (OBS).

Having been left with several unsold Herbalife products that I couldn’t use, and a box of OBS paraphernalia I no longer needed, I decided to place an advertisement on Craigslist. Here’s the ad I used:

$1,000 worth of Online Business System paraphernalia FREE

4 decision packages (1 BRAND NEW style), 6 new binders for distributors… AND 7 seminar tickets… plus paraphernalia.
(click on the image for a closer look)

Someone flagged my ad within a few hours of posting it, and even though I reworded the title for each posting… I tried 3 different times… each time my ad got flagged. Craigslist automatically deletes flagged ads to protect against anyone running an illegal advertisement. What was so illegal with my ad? Hmmm, could it be that OBS monitors what is being said about them online? Well… that’s my bet!

There were a few interested distributors who emailed me, having seen my ad BEFORE it was flagged. To each and everyone who requested details, I sent an emailed response of:

You get all that is pictured above FREE when you buy my unused/unopened (sealed) Herbalife inventory listed below (click on the images for a closer look):

OnlineBusinessSystems_image04All this for ONLY $500… plus shipping.

If you live close by… you can save yourself the cost of shipping by picking the package up. Now, hows that for one sweet deal?

Disappointingly, as soon as the distributors discovered they could have the $1,000 worth of OBS paraphernalia for free IF they purchased the remaining unsold Herbalife products from me for only $500… well… they all slipped away into silence.

Truly, I do not understand their reasoning. Inspection of the products would have been “a given.” The products remained sealed and all expiry dates were way off at the time I offered these products for the super, discounted price. My asking price was WELL below what any of the distributors would have to pay for these products from Herbalife …and, not one of them made me a counter-offer.

Needless to say… the OBS paraphernalia went in the recycle box (though the dvds went in garbage), and the unsold Herbalife products were disposed of in an environmental-friendly fashion.

Still not convinced?

How Herbalife Only Scams the Sellers – Clicking the image below will take you to YouTube, as the owner of the video will not allow embedding his/her video

And, be sure to check out a doctor’s video review below:

To top those two videos up, here’s on from abcNews Herbalife Investigation: American Dream for Sale? and The Whistleblower

Here’s even more information: http://www.factsaboutherbalife.com/

If you want to be able to tell the difference between legitimate direct selling and pyramid recruitment schemes, I recommend you get Robert FitzPatrick’s free report: http://pyramidschemealert.org/about-2/board-of-directors/robert-fitzpatrick/ without further delay.

Credit for Header: image by geralt network person networking pair on Pixabay


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Given my passion for genealogy, is it any wonder that I eventually wanted to publish my work? Learning to use a personal computer was a natural step once I was introduced it in the 1990s. Then the internet offered a second means to "publish" and now, here I am with a personal blog.

117 thoughts on “What Online Business Systems And Herbalife Don’t Tell You”

  1. Has anybody tried discussing this with a lawyer because this is really misleading and deceptive. I put in almost $12k since July 2012.

    • OMG tet… I'm soo sorry to learn that you lost that much. I'm guessing that a lawyer's fees would gobble up another $12-20 grand (if you're lucky) TRYING to win back any lost moneys. That seems to be why network marketing is still a thriving industry.

  2. I signed up and was lied to from day one. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it until I was 7,000 dollars in!!!! I lost my money as well as my self esteem.They will tell you (you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself) This is a lie don’t believe them.

    • Oh no Joy, please do NOT give up your self-esteem …else they win! Please, "get right back up there on that horse and ride!" Just do NOT get involved with ANY network marketing schemes ever again.

      It's been proven several times now, by professional investigators that the only people who win in network marketing are the ones who sign up within the FIRST (and maaaaybe two) year of the business starting into a country. Not a province or state… a country!

      We can all consider ourselves a graduate of the "school of hard knocks"!

      I am happily operating my very own business of helping local businesses with their online presence and I'm loving it. There's something out there for all of us. Just don't give up your dreams and STOP "beating yourself up" over lost money.

      Suffice it to say; what goes around comes around. Those who knowingly rob from others will pay dearly for what they have done. That's my belief!

  3. Hi Trish, I came upon your blog in a semi-comical way. Lately I've been seeing the following article on pinterest: http://www.msnbc.msn.com-63.us/read/?Article=1931…. It seemed like an informative business article from MSNBC, featuring a women who makes $5k/mo through Online Business Systems. Either this MSNBC "journalist" is naive or she's in someone's pocket. I knew nothing about OBS or Herbalife, and I already have a job working from home (I'm an adjuster– sorry, folks, there's no "decision package" for my job), but nerdy me had to click the link. Alas, the link didn't work. I thought, "What's the big stink over a vague article with links that don't work?" Should've known. A business article has no business (no pun intended) on pinterest, sandwiched between party dip recipes and sock bun tutorials. A few google searches later, I found your blog. I wanted to compliment you on your dedication and how you have promptly and respectfully responded to comments, even when some have been kind of spammy. I will share this information with my pinterest friends. who have posting that silly article.

    • Hi Shawna, I visited the link you provided above, and I see what you mean… but… in MSNBC's defense, they allow contributors and the lady who wrote the story is obviously the one to "blame" for what is posted there. That blog exists for ANYONE to post whatever they deem useful so long as it's not nasty stuff.

      If you're on Pinterest be sure to drop by https://pinterest.com/eparrs/ and say hello, won't you?

      Thanks for offering to share this post with others. After having suffered health issues with Herbalife's soy protein powder and then trying to get my money back… well, I just want to make certain others don't have to suffer what I did.

      • The MSN link in Shawna's comment is no longer working thus I had to "unlink" it. Sorry for any inconvenience to my website visitors henceforth. Next time I should take a screen print 😉

  4. I am really shocked to know and read all this, as well as happy that I got to know about this on time. I have paid the $9.95 for receiving the package and talked to my coach. The decision package just tells about success stories and nothing what we need to do and which company OBS deals with. I am without a job last 4 months so thought of starting with OBS, may be I can help my husband with all the financial burden he has.
    While talking to the coach, and I got to know that I would be working with Herbalife, not sure what would be my work, and I got to know that besides $50 ( package cost), there's another $449 cost for some training, which I or my husband don't have to lend away as we are already facing financial crises. I am happy that I found this post and now I'll see how can I get this stuff cancelled so that I don't get charged for that $39.95 for the package or anything else.

    • I hope you will not give up easily Gurpreet, as your upline might make it difficult to cancel. Just don't give up what YOU want to do, and I'm GLAD this post helped save you the thousands of dollars that too many of us have already lost when we could least afford to. Keep us posted, won't you?

  5. Wow!! I really wish I could have seen your posts before I got myself into Online Business Systems!!

    I have lost almost $9000 with this horrific company! Makes me sick. Now I’m stuck with a whole bunch of products that are about to expire (they just recently sent these to my house from their warehouse). You would think they could at least send me brand new products, after all I paid enough for it!! They are very good at what they do. They know exactly how to sucker you in, promising that you’ll make your money back within a month. DO NOT fall for their lies! I am so glad you have been able to stop some people from putting themselves into debt like I have!!

    • OMG Carlie, I only wish I could have prevented your great loss. I am sooooo sorry to hear of the amount you lost. Makes my nauseated too.

      Feel free to share this post with EVERYONE you know. I intend to leave this post to warn as many others as possible. The only way we can stop these kinds of loses is to share our stories with as many people as possible.

      Also: I have learned that the ONLY ones who benefit from Network Marketing (no matter the product) are the ones who get into a new business within the first 2 years of its existance. All others who follow, pay, pay, pay… …sad but true, according to those who've created documentaries on this very topic.

      I wish you only the BEST going forward Carlie. {{{HUGS!}}} and thank YOU for sharing your story here!

  6. I got scammed, tossed the OBS crap when I got it and saw what crap it was. Didn't realize I agreed in fine print to return this package or be charged another 40 buck. 50 dollars out the window. So sorry for your lose of money and time.

    • Jen, you're one of the VERY lucky ones. Too many people are being "burnt" for our hard earned cash. If you or I tried starting up a business to rip people off like this, we'd end up on the evening news and we'd be tossed into prison, I'm SURE of it. Hopefully, sharing our stories here may prevent others losses… time will tell. Thank YOU for taking the time to post a comment. Every little bit helps!

  7. If I get lost, here is my email frederycbotero@gmail.com
    I been in this business for almost a year and I haven’t had any problem with company or costumers or anything like that. I don’t sell online, I do it face to face, I go out an invite people to my nutrition center and I talk about products, weight in, tell them about their personal nutrition situation and they decide either buy from me, get the service in my center, or join the company.
    Most of my clients are latinos, but I do want to improve in the american market, right now business for me has grow well and I’m happy.
    About the soy protein problems, I would do my personal research and find out how truly this can be, but the business part, maybe it was something wrong in the past, but my present is fantastic, I would recommend this business to anyone, but no online, I haven’t try, but face to face, subscription is only 107.27 where you get Formula 1 Healthy Shake, Herbal tea, Multivitamin and Cell activator plus all documents and dvd and so on, to order products you dont need no money, just get your client CC, and order on Herbalife.com with your ID and proper discount up to 50% off, its easy as that.
    This is what I want to share, Thanks for reading this and have a bless day!! Frederyc Botero from Gaithersburg MD, USA

  8. Ho my god thank you guys you have saved me. I was talking to this lady I paid her 9.95 for the first package so she is like if you don’t sign return the package or I will charge your credit card full price she did not said how much so I cancelled my credit card. Also, I spoke with this couch and she is like well give 199 to start the bussiness and then she is like is herbalife. I am like why so much secret you could of said this sence the begining. The red flag for me was that they don’t tell you how the buss will run they are like give me money and I will send y the product I am like I want to work to make money not to buy stuff. Crazy people. Thank you for this website

    • You are welcome ac… and thank YOU for letting me know this post helped save you from losing as much as I did. You nipped your loss, straight away. Good stuff!

  9. the most interesting blogs that i have ever come across. interesting articles, helpful articles, funny articles and lots of comments. keep it up the great content Trish!

    • Comments like yours here Ada, makes me keep this post "live" so others will know and not feel all alone. This type of "network marketing" borders scamming people of hard earned savings and should be outlawed.

  10. Thanks Trish, I have also just purchased the DP two days ago in Australia and as with most people it has caught me at a desparate time in my life, after losing a job and having a family to support. I am totally disappointed at the secrecy of the whole program. If it is so 'wonderful' why not be up front and honest with everything. I have spoken to my coach and nothing has been mentioned about purchasing products or any other fees other than the $440 to purchase the business plan???? Honestly how can people be so dishonest. I did not sleep last night, trying to work out how I could get this money to buy the plan.. Let alone any other money for anything else…….we are at rock bottom at the moment, which places me and many others in a vulnerable position and I really dislike people who take advantage of this…….My coach knows my position ($) and I am unable to spend a great deal of time EVERY day working on this business…..but she still did not advise me against it………….Grrrrrr

    • They're like vultures aren't they Mariea, circling us when we're most vulnerable in hope of convincing us to part with our money. Maybe if more of us published our experiences… maybe then they'd lose for a change. Just don't let them drain your saving account as they have done to many others, in the past. Know what your limit is. Only wished I'd have lost faith sooner, but my up-line was a nice lady teacher from Saskatoon and she wouldn't lie to me, now would she (said with tongue in cheek)? One of these days, I won't be so quick to trust people like her…. one of these days, huh… LOL!


    • Please Rahny, you don't have to yell (using all caps are perceived as yelling). Contact the person who sponsored you into the Herbalife business and ask them. They will let you know how to go about cancelling your Hebalife business. Should your sponsor refuse to help you, then you could contact your credit card company and ask for their help.

  12. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR SAVING ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!! I was supposed to receieve a call next week from my OBS coach for processing my payment for the $400 online package, FORGET IT! I thank you so much for this 🙂

    • Oh Cariage! This is SUCH GREAT news to hear. Thank YOU for taking the time to let me know this post still saves others from losing hard-earned cash. Yipppeeeee!

  13. Trish,

    Thank you for the information. I ordered the Decision Package hoping to find a less stressful way to earn extra money and to do it from my home. When the kit arrived, it provided absolutely no information that would be useful in making this kind of a decision. Because I was once involved in the Xango business, I immediately began searching through the fine print in the the package and on their website in an attempt to discover who “they” really were. I finally found Herbalife. Herbalife has a good reputation, but since I found Xango to be such a poor fit for me I know that Herbalife will be no different. I am not a salesperson. If that makes me a loser/slave….then so be it. Now I am searching for the return address so that they do not charge my card for the kit but can’t find it. There is one address on package in AZ and one on website in NE. ??

    • Contact your "upline" Barbara… the person who had the Decision Package sent to you. Did you keep their telephone number? If not, there should be a phone number in the kit. Call them and ask how you should return it and where to. In that way, you should be successful in returning it and NOT being charged any more. Keep me posted, won't you?

    • Well that's GREAT news Beatrice, and the whole point of my posting this. Thank YOU for making MY day knowing I've saves someone from wasting their hard earned money!

  14. Thank you for taking the time to really give such good insight. At such a desperate point of needing additional income, the next step was already paying the 200 to order my second packet. As you mentioned, the first video packet gave no type of info at all. All I got were testimonials, and that itself should have been a red flag.

    • I know it should have been a red flag for me too Kristie, but we all want to improve our income to the point that… well, network marketers are using our desire to earn against us. I'm glad you lost a whole lot less than most of us have.

      I've heard it stated in documentaries that you have to get into any new network marketing business within the FIRST TWO YEARS or forget ever making any sort of profit on "your home based business".

  15. Hi Trish. Looks like you have been through quite an ordeal with all of this. I have read your article concerning soy isolates, and I have read many others as well that show the benefits. I personally have and still use Herbalife products for many reasons and they are working very well for me. I have talked with my doctors concerning this issue, and have been told that overall there is no concrete evidence either way, so if it is working for you and keeping you fit/healthy then no reason to stop. I also know for a fact that Herbalife has always had a return policy dating back well before 2009 as I inquired about it when I first started in 2004. I am one that likes to investigate things for myself, as if you believe everything you read on the internet (I came across an article that states there are health benefits from smoking – “http://www.livescience.com/15115-5-health-benefits-smoking-disease.html”) then you are in trouble. Saying this, I decided to look into OBS and find out about it. I guess I had a different kind of “business coach” because I got the answers to all my questions. When I was asking about return policies and such (which they do have a 30 day policy as well), I was actually advised that if I am not willing to completely commit to this program, then best not to “try and see if it works”. Guess I had one of the honest and ethical coaches. I returned the package and was not charged anything past the $9.95. Goes to show that not all business people in MLM are out to take your money.

    • Thank you Mark, it's sure nice to know there are ethical MLM coaches… though I truly believe they're fewer than most realize. I personally suffered from consuming Herbalife's soy protein drinks thus my reluctance to continue selling what I deemed to be "poison" to others. My upline refused to accept returns and Herbalife refused me my returns, thus this post. You're very fortunate to have had a good experience. Most of us have not.

      It is always good to have BOTH sides of any issue stated in a post. You have increased the value of this post with your well stated comment. Mark; Thank YOU!

  16. OMG Cheddin, I am sorry this happened to you too. Personally, I decided that I could NOT hoodwink any one like this, so took the loss 'on the chin' when I could least afford to. Please, DO read over my other article regarding Herbalife's soy protein powder. Wouldn't want you to feel responsible for potentially "poisoning" another unsuspecting human being. Here's the link: https://trishparr.com/soy-consumption-may-hast

  17. Wish I would have found this site prior to my "joining". So far my investment for this business has totaled $3,418.00 (and I know I have missed some charges here as well) with no return factor. Of course, this includes the boxes of product that I am to ship out to distributors who sign up which I have none, the leads which I had to buy in order proceed in this business venture to make all kinds of money plus because I had some Canada contacts plus the coach is in Canada I have over $80 in foreign charges. Now I am being asked to purchase leads immediately at I am sure another cost of a couple thousand. To boot nothing in the packets of information tell you that this is a selling job. You have to be able to put yourself in a "car salesman's" mind set to sell this business. And it is not about selling product. It is selling the business. Of course in the 2nd package of information it does not tell you anything either about the costs. I am now forced to try to deal with what I have and try to convince individuals to join as distributors so I can try to get rid of all the product I have and hopefully recoup half of my money. I believe you can make money but you have to work it and you have to be able to sell – lack honesty and integrity. Since I lack neither of these it is very difficult to sell this business honestly. For those of you who read this, if you want to work a business from home and you enjoy selling, have the money to invest and can commit at least 6-7 hours a day, go for it. Otherwise don't sign up. I'm sorry I was caught at a very low desperate point in my life. Now the decision is, how to get my money back without investing another dime that I now do not have.

  18. Oh wow, am I ever glad that I came upon your post about this. I got the $9.95 packet and had a conversation with my coach. I could tell right off the bat that he was talking from a script and he had it down pat. But then I began to ask some more personal questions (I'm a therapist after all ) and he was very kind, warm and spoke to me more like a person. They've already charged me for the $39.99 as of yesterday, so I guess I need to mail it back to my coach and ask him for a refund?? Is this what you suggest Trish? I am SO grateful that I continued to read several reviews online about the OLB-Herbalife program, but Trish, yours by far is the best and hits the nail in the head! Thank you for posting the photos of the stuff you got from OLB and Herbalife ( I had NO idea how expensive that stuff was)…..this is an answer to prayer! I will NOT be joining this company and getting sucked out of money that I do not have!! I recently lost my job as well and thought this would be a good solution…NOT! Thanks again for your blog and post!

    God Bless!
    Brenda (AZ)

    • Oh wow, Brenda, you've made me one VERY happy "camper" knowing I've saved you from lost funds, having suffered a similar loss of a job that I did in 2009. Personally, I would ask for a refund. If you don't get it, well, at least you're only out forty-dollars and not thousands of dollars. True?

  19. excellent article, thanks very much for this information. happy to have found this post and saved lots of potentially lost funds!

    • On the herbalife Diet for two weeks now which is great For anyone who is desperate to lose serious pounds fast. If you didn’t know, well just yesterday my Herbalife Coach gave me a new set of pills. She gave me the Multivitamin Complex, The cell Activator, and Total Control. Well today when I was at work I peed neon green which scared the crap outta me. I just looked up the same question and many answers where because of taking vitamins and yes I just started to take the vitamins this morning. What could be wrong!? Or is it just ME who needs to get checked? The pee doesn’t smell strong at all nor does it hurt going.

      • Hey Rem, please DO seek out a medical doctor to make sure everything is as it should be, because if it's not, then you'll be where you need to be. In the care of a medical doctor. Best wishes!

  20. I think so. I never really signed any contract, and I was still in the training process when I canceld it. They were wanting me to sign up for a "supervisor" account. The website let me cancel my account and I have not heard anything from the coaches, so I guess I'm off the hook.

    Thanks for this blog! :c)

    • Ooh that IS good news Stan. I'm so glad you've saved wasting thousands of dollars and prevented anyone you know of consuming soy unknowingly… you did read this post too, didn't you? https://trishparr.com/soy-consumption-may-hast… I was so horrified for having such trust in such a bad product. You've made me VERY happy at keeping these posts "live" so others won't get taken like I was. Best wishes in a healthy, happy, fruitful future for you!

  21. I just signed up for this. I paid the $399. I just got the Herballife package and I am supposed to call my coach about it. Is it too late for me to get out of it? I don't even care about a refund. I just want to know how to get out. Thanks!

    • Contact your up-line immediately, the person who sponsored you into Herbalife and tell them you have decided not to continue. I'm pretty sure that you have 48 hours from the time you signed the contract to state that you've had a change of heart, and that you wish to cancel your contract. If that doesn't work, I would highly recommend you seek a lawyer's advice. Keep me post, won't you Stan?

        • Gee, hope you didn't wait for my reply. Sorry for not being able to get back sooner. Hopefully you've resolved this issue by now as any advice I could offer you beyond what I did initially would be useless. I'm sure you only had 48 hours from the time you signed the contract to cancel it hassle free. Did you cancel your account successfully?

  22. It’s a really nice to find truthful information regarding Network Marketers like this. Thanks for posting this Trish!

    • You're very welcome Sanjuana. Just so long as no one signs up to sell this stuff blindly like I did. Their name made me trust them… but, not anymore. Forearmed is forewarned!

    • You don’t know how much better you made me feel. I thought it was me not working hard or long enough although I feel like I’ve been glued to this darn computer for the last 18 months. All the hype out there tells you that you can start generating an income in 90 days well it just isn’t true. It’s a lot of time and effort. I’m beginning to see some small results but thank goodness I don’t have to live off it. I don’t have the option to get a job as I’m already retired but I want to live a little while I continue on the internet journey. It’s all about quality of life and getting the right balance. I’ve started taking some time out to just relax and enjoy myself and not get so wound up about it.Thanks for being so honest. I wish you every success in everything you do. You will achieve your dream because you have the drive.

  23. Thanks for following up on Shawn’s comment like you did Trish. Because you responded that comment as you did, I feel your credibility was easily restored. And I agree with your suggestion to thoroughly research any product before signing up to sell it. Two thumbs up!

  24. Whoever is reading this, just know that this information above is totally inaccurate. The costs have been doctored up and there is no $1000 paraphernalia fee. On top of this everything from Herbalife even the marketing materials from OBS is 100% refundable up to a year later. The fact that this lady sold nothing and did nothing is no ones fault but her own. The products are great, they sell easy with just a little bit of effort and the company takes good care of us. There are over 30 million customers on the products in 80 countries and in business for 32 years with over 5 Billion in annual sales and growing very fast still. Think about the facts, before you believe some naysayers rant

    • The information in this post is 100% accurate though you may feel free to ignore it Shawn.

      I feel really sorry for distributors who have been bilked in the past, as I was… and, poisoning customers, as I was near “poisoned” when consuming Herbalife’s protein drink. Details of which are posted here: https://trishparr.com/soy-consumption-may-hast… …and, please, do read the linked resources, and the comments posted below the article so you will read for yourself, I am NOT the only one who feels this strongly about soy protein beverages that are being “pushed” now a days as being healthy.

      If what your claim is true, that the paraphernalia from Herbalife is now totally refundable when returned by distributors choosing to leave the business, well then HALLELUIAH; it sure is about time. However, back in 2009, my up-line, who was based in of Saskatchewan, informed me that NOTHING they had me purchase was refundable; thus this post.

      I also felt it important to warn others to truly RESEARCH these products before offering them to others as being healthy to consume, thus the linked article shown above.

  25. I discovered your blog on Google and checked out a couple of of your early posts. Keep up the outstanding posts! Just added your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader.


  26. Sorry to hear of your rather costly lesson learned. Thanks for sharing this. Network marketing has seen it’s day, hasn’t it!

  27. Thanks for saving ME thousands of dollars in lost money. I nearly signed up for this dream myself Trish. If you hadn’t posted this, I can only imagine how long it might have taken me to learn the very same lesson you did. Certainly appreciate your sharing this!


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