Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

If you are wondering what is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation… or what is better known as a TENS unit, then one look at the header image should provide you with a quick answer.

And, if you are Canadian and have seen the many different infomercials Dr. Ho has paid to have run on TV most weekends, I’m betting you are grinning and remembering now what a TENS unit is, right?

Well, when I first saw those infomercials on TV, I simply changed the channel, mostly because I am no fan of infomercials anymore. Too many products that have been deemed to be so great have turned out to be pretty pathetic in quality, to say the least. Flavourstone Pans is a great example of this.

Either that or the product is very expensive but once it gets released to our local stores, the product has improved… AND most times, it has been lowered in the initial price.

Earlier last year, a dear friend Karen told me that she had ordered Dr. Ho’s TENS machine and was using it. She told me that she found it worked wonders for her aches and pains. Heck, apparently it was even mostly covered under OHIP for my friend, due to her medical issues.

Anyway, when Karen heard how bad my lower back and left hip pain was, she offer to let me try her TENS machine.

Now THAT’s a friend… right?

Not to worry though, I passed on that opportunity simply because I didn’t feel it would be fair to Karen to use and thus contaminate her sticky massage pads. So I gracefully thanked her for her kind offer but declined, letting her know I did not feel that would be fair of me to take advantage of her like that.

And, being honest with you here… at that point in time, I simply shrugged off the idea that using this transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator would even provide me with any relief.

Then this year, after seeking out a PRP therapist Dr. Ko, he referred me to Dr. Lawson’s office in Unionville… where I ended up in chiropractor therapy.

After many tests were run on me to see if I was a good candidate for the PRP injections, it was determined that I do not qualify. DARN!

So, chiropractic therapy was where those funds went to.

Early into this therapy and during one session, Dr. Lai suggested that I should give serious consideration into purchasing Dr. Ho’s TENS machine so that I could do most of my own therapy right from home. I then voiced my doubt that his machine would even be half as good as their interferential current therapy Dr. Lai was providing me with.

Nevertheless, Dr. Lai was adamant that I would most definitely benefit from using the TENS machine. And, once I discussed this suggestion with my General Practitioner (GP), he issued me a prescription.

So then I purchased the Dr. Ho’s TENS machine [my affiliate link] (Deluxe Package) from Amazon. Then I completed all of the required important paperwork for Green Shield, in hope of receiving a refund, even if it is only a partial refund.

Having received the Green Shield’s authorization form from them, now I am waiting for the refund cheque to arrive by post.

When I received my Amazon purchase, I delayed opening it as I had other responsibilities to attend to first. Plus, Dr. Lai promised to review with me on how I should best use it on my left hip.

Between the time I had order the package and when I received it, I truly had forgotten what all was to be expected in the package. And to be honest with you, (silly me) I trusted that I was receiving what I paid for.

A week or so later, when I signed into Amazon to leave my review for this product I noticed what all was to have been expected to be inside the package. I was shocked to see that I missed receiving several small and large massage pads, and promptly left a complaint for the vendor.

However, upon closer examination, it turned out that the Canadian shoppers (on receive LESS massage pads then the American ( shoppers do… for the same dollar amount.

Though yes, I do appreciate that the American dollar is worth more than our Canadian dollar. Nonetheless, Dr. Ho is a Canadian and so I have to admit, I am disappointed.

The Canadian Amazon shoppers get 8 small massage pads and 2 large massage pads. Whereas the American Amazon buyers receive 24 small massage pads and 6 large pads. In my opinion, this is far from fair.

Those pads are said to only work for 100 uses… depending on the condition of your skin, of course.

Being as my skin is not oily… PLUS, Dr. Ho recommends using the pads on CLEAN skin only… and my skin is not dry (thus not flaky)…. I am hoping to get those 100 uses from the few sticky massage pads that I did receive in my package, before having to purchase the replacement kit.

When watching the CD that was included in this package, I heard Dr. Ho state the estimated number of uses of the massages pads, and I thought then that it would have been nice to have had extra massage pads include in this package.

Enough ranting about fair marketing… and now onward with how the machine actually performs.

My Review of the TENS Machine

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So far, I have watched most of Dr. Ho’s CD… especially for the issues where he talks about the areas of the body that I want to treat for myself.

Therapy right from home sure is convenient. I have started treating my left piriformis along with my lower left back, using the large massage pads, and after my 3rd session using this machine, I have to say… “ahhhhhhh, what sweet relief!” Though a bit sore, my left pirformis has stopped pulling and aching for now.

Earlier in the week, those of us in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)… some of us suffered from the great change in our weather pattern. When that happened, by the afternoon of the first day (01 October), I started to develop a bad headache. By the second day, it was a full on migraine headache.

By the afternoon of the second day, I telephoned my GP’s office only to discover that I was not alone in my suffering with a migraine, due to the drastic change in the weather. Apparently, several people have been complaining of the same issue. It was then suggested that I get into a dark room.

It took until the third day to finally feel any sort of relief.

Gosh, I haven’t suffered a headache like that EVER before (well, that I can remember anyway)… especially for that length of time.

The last time I even had a migraine headache was… mmmm… 2005 or 6 when I found myself smack dab in the middle of a very stressful situation. So, it’s not like it is a common occurrence for me to suffer with migraines.

What I have learned since suffering this last migraine, is that Dr. Ho’s TENS machine (my affiliate link) also treats migraines.

Once I learned this, I just had to give the treatment a try by using the smaller massage pads on my neck and shoulders. Let us just say that I felt like I was in heaven for 20 minutes 🙂


Now, having raved about this machine, I do have an additional comment to make.

The TENS machine is NOT meant to replace your daily exercise routine in any way shape or form.

Though, I must admit it has been comforting for me, using the TENS machine while the meniscus in my right knee is healing, as I have been forced to temporarily stop my exercising where I’m required to bend my knee, obviously.

The TENS machine should be used in addition to daily exercises and stretches, and not as a replacement for exercising. If you don’t have an exercise routine then you could easily follow Dr. Ho’s suggested exercises and stretches discussed on the CD that is included with the package.

UPDATE: 06 July 2020

…and, in the spirit of FULL disclosure, I offer you the following video.

Pros and Cons of TENS Machine

My Conclusion

What a complete turnaround for me, right?

The one who doubted about Dr. Ho’s TENS machine (my affiliate link) actually discovered this working.

WOW, what I would have missed out on if not for Karen and then Dr. Lai suggestions. I owe them both my “THANKS!”

Would I recommend Dr. Ho’s TENS Machine (my affiliate link)?

You can BELIEVE it, I do!

So, now you not only know what transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is, but you also know what I consider to be the BEST unit made to deliver that stimulation to your sore muscles that is available and on the market today.

I would love to hear from you if you suffer from terrible muscle pains, so that I can learn what you do to relieve that pain. With our sharing the different experiences with pain relief treatments it is my hope that others reading this along with any comments made below, may benefit.

Please do leave your comment below, and yes, you can expect a response in a timely manner.




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