The Shocking Truth about Stem Cell Injections!

Congratulations for wanting to learn the shocking truth about stem cell injections.

Your being here and reading this makes you among the few who truly care enough about their own body to invest some time into trying to find out:

  1. ) If there is an alternative to a total joint replacement …and,
  2. ) If so, what the alternatives are to a joint replacement.

Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret that not enough seniors even know about… and that is stem cell therapy. What a great alternative to a joint replacement it is! That is, IF you are even a candidate for stem cell injections. First off, it is said that you should be:

  1. ) Healthy
  2. ) The younger the better
  3. ) The less damage to the joint the better.

Should you not have ANY of the three qualities listed above, chances are you may not be a good candidate for this therapy. But please, don’t let this deter you from seeking a consultation.

So far in Ontario, Canada, consultation fees to see a registered doctor qualified (that does stem cell injections) IS covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan, a tax payer-funded, provincial government-run health care insurance).

If you have similar medical coverage, do yourself a favour:

  1. ) Search for a highly-qualified doctor who is doing stem cell injections.
  2. ) Make certain the doctor you select truly is qualified to perform this therapy.
  3. ) See that doctor for yourself, rather than self-diagnosing at this point in time.

There are some dubious doctors being allowed to perform this treatment in Ontario alone, so be sure to do your researching on the doctor you might be considering going to. The doctor you WANT to be considering doing your stem cell therapy SHOULD be the best you can find, even if you must drive a distance to attend their office. Believe me, this WILL be worth it!

My bet is that if you are reading this then most likely you will be, at the very least, a good candidate for stem cell therapy. And if you are, you are definitely in for a big surprise.

Let me brief you on my experience. I am literally a ‘wuss’ when it comes to needles …BUT… I truly did NOT feel the needle from either time during my treatment (for my treatment there were two appointments, the second was considered a booster shot). Not only that but I was offered a benzodiazepines to take prior to each appointment which is a drug that is used for relief of excessive anxiety that afforded me a reprieve.

What I did feel was the slight pressure the fluid caused when being slowly injected into my hip joint. Weird or what … you bet … but oooooh, so much better than major surgery, any TIME!

My recovery was minimal, especially when compared with a total hip replacement!

“YES, you can BET that I recommend you give serious consideration to stem cell therapy over a joint replacement, any day.”

Too many times, I have heard seniors saying they are going into the hospital for a joint replacement, and far too many of those who have had joints replaced a few years ago, have since confess to me that their aches and pains were not eliminated, and that they STILL hurt a lot.

Some have even had to have a second joint replacement for the same joint, while others have gone in for another joint to be replaced… and they STILL claim their pains have not been stopped!

A Testimony on Joint Replacements

picture of Joyce Meyer on stage during a teaching that was aired on 11 Feb 2017

During a teaching that was shared online and aired on TV, on 11 February 2017, Joyce Meyer herself stated the following:

“In the last 3 years I’ve had both of my hips replaced. Kinda’ nice now, you can get replacement parts, you know.

And that’s cool, so you know you go through a healing process and blabba-blabba-blabba… well, I’ve been having a little issue with this one [as she motions to her left hip], so they don’t think it’s my hip, they think now it could be something with my back; I’ve been having trouble [with my] sciatic nerve.

This morning, getting ready to come over here, I had this pain going down the back of my leg.”

A few years previous to this, back before Joyce had either hip replaced, she shared the fact with her audience that her back had given her issues for years, and that only recently, the doctors had discovered that one of her hips had the ball portion misshapen to an oval shape, and that she had to go through a hip replacement. It wasn’t long after that again, when Joyce went through a second total hip replacement.

Is it any surprise that our spinal cord being pinched might be the cause of our joints suffering with aging as they do?

We need to understand that doctors who specialize in joint replacements are not concerned as to what might be the initial cause of your pain. No, they are not. They are trained to determine if a joint is bad enough to qualify FOR a replacement… and IF you are a candidate for such a major surgery. That’s the sad truth of our medical standards today.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be able to age without having to go through as many as four possible joint replacements, followed up by many, many months of therapy to get back to being relatively “normal” between EACH and EVERY joint that gets replaced?

True, stem cell therapy is not covered under OHIP in Ontario, Canada… but, like I stated earlier, the consultation to discover if you are a good candidate or not for this therapy, IS covered under OHIP.

During your consultation, your chosen doctor should be able to reveal to you the full charges for such a therapy. The charges for mine were a pleasant surprise.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  1. ) No need for hospitalization.
  2. ) Less painful than joint replacement.
  3. ) Quick recovery.
  4. ) Once healed, allows for no restrictions to exercises (Example: using an inversion table).
  5. ) Less costly than joint replacement.

And ple-e-e-ease, do not tell me that you would sooner have a joint replacement than to seriously consider stem cell therapy as an alternative, simply because a joint replacement is “free”. That has to be the most ridiculous reason I have heard, yet.

First off, joint replacement therapy is becoming a major burden on our medical plans given the number of baby-boomers now in their senior years.

Paying for stem cell therapy is not all that costly (AND it is tax deductible in Ontario, Canada), and given that you can CHOOSE who is to be your doctor for this treatment, I feel you have a much better chance of searching and finding a well-qualified specialist.


I have known too many friends and acquaintances that have had to have a joint replacement done a second time within a year’s time on the same joint, simply because the first one failed… for whatever reason.

With a major surgery like a total joint replacement, personally, I would need to know how many surgeries the doctor that is doing my surgery has done, and… how many of those surgeries failed as opposed to how many were a success. However, this information most specialists are neither willing nor prepared to state when you do visit them.

In my opinion, far too many times, medical coverage plans like OHIP tends to protect doctors that you normally might not EVER have chosen to treat you if you had, had to pay “out of pocket” for such a treatment.

Any reputable stem cell therapy doctor is going to be very fussy as to WHO he accepts to treat, simply because they want their success rate to increase (not decline) in numbers. Therefore, you would only need to pay for this treatment if such a doctor deemed you an excellent… or at worse, a good candidate (which was my prognosis).

It is time for each of us to step up and be responsible for our own medical decisions instead of totally relying on the medical specialist whose treatments are now offered as a choice. Especially given that doing our own research is no longer that difficult.

For those without access to the internet and/or a computer, might I suggest you try your local public library? Many libraries now offer their members free access to a computer with internet access.

If you would like to read about my experience with stem cell therapy that would be great!

Oh, and before I forget… should it be deemed necessary, could further stem cell injections be done on the same joint, say five years after the first treatment?

“YES!” was the response I received to this question, when I asked it of my stem cell specialist.

So, now my only question to you … if you have even read this far… is, will you seriously consider stem cell therapy as opposed to a total joint replacement? I sure for your sake that you do.

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NEWSFLASH: As of the 7th July 2019, Health Canada orders halt to what THEY deem is unproven stem cell-based injection treatments. This makes me wonder if doctors specializing in joint replacements lodged a compliant due to so many patients opting out for a BETTER solution… and YES, one that DOES work.


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