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Hilarious Newspaper Articles – Some Favourites!

One of my website customers sent this goody in:

A friend sent this next one in:

If you have a hilarious newspaper article that’s in good taste, and you would like to share it here, feel free to send it to me, and I’ll add it here!

Should you have a favourite funny store that was published in a newspaper, I hope you’ll send it to me so I can add it to these.

Your comment below would be greatly appreciated.

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Art says July 2, 2012

Great Post!

    Trish says July 2, 2012

    Thanks Art!

George says June 26, 2012

Ha-ha-ha, good post!

    Trish says June 27, 2012

    Thanks George 🙂

Dave says June 15, 2012

Hilarious is right, lol!

    Trish says June 20, 2012


Raquel Johnson says May 30, 2012

I simply stumbled upon your blog and thoroughly enjoyed this post!

    Trish says June 6, 2012

    Thanks Raquel!

Raquel Johnson says May 28, 2012

Hello there, I discovered your site via Google. Loved this post!

    Trish says May 28, 2012

    Thanks for letting me know how you found my blog Raquel. Glad you enjoyed this post!

Chris says April 26, 2012

i really enjoyed reading these, lol. thanks for the post!

    Trish says April 28, 2012

    Am glad you got a good laugh out of these Chris! I too enjoyed them.

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