Mary had a Steamboat

Having gone to Girl Guide camp for one week (that was enough for this kid!) when very young, I got to learn a few new things, of which the following jingle was one … and it’s been playing in my head for days now, so I decided to share it with you here. This is the version I was taught.

Mary had a Steamboat

Mary had a steamboat
Her steamboat had a bell
When Mary went to Heaven
Her steamboat went to.
Hello operator
Oh give me number 9
And if the line is busy.
I’ll kick you from behind
The iron curtain there
Was a piece of glass
And Mary sat upon it
And hurt her little.
Ask me no more questions
I’ll tell you no more lies
Of Mary and her steamboat
And all her little lie, lie, lies.

Author: Unknown

If you were in Girl Guides in the area of Uxbridge, Ontario during the 1960s, please feel free to correct the wording in a comment below. And, if you can add to this with memories of OTHER such silly songs we learned while sitting around the campfires during many evenings, I would love for you to contribute. After all, sharing great memories like this helps to keep those moments in our past alive … don’t you think?

Thanks for dropping by.

Credit for Header: image See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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