So very many managers (and a few executives) took me “under-their-wings” over the years that I worked for a local manufacturer thus I decided to send each of them a special “Thank You” letter for all they had done for me… but, not before we (and, planet earth) had lost my number one HERO… Desi Edwards.

Then I remembered another “HERO” who had also passed away before Desi; Doug Greentree. So before I lost the opportunity to let my other precious HEROs leave planet earth without knowing of my appreciation, I got busy writing up and posting those letters.

Since then, there have been only four others and those four I (have) shall inform using email.

Anyway, I tried and tried to come up with something unique to say in my letter to the first group, and the image above displays it exactly the way I told them… minus the “Who’s your life’s here?” so feel free to share this to thank all of those who have helped you throughout your career.

My only regret is that Desi and Doug never received my special “thank you” directly from me. It was losing Desi that made me reflect and realize just how many others I needed to let know before it was too late.

So, tell those “special” bosses that you have come to know, just how much you appreciate them and what they’ve done for you.

I did, and I’m GLAD I did!


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