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Prevent Getting Staph Infection – Health Care Workers Getting Sloppy!

During a telephone conversation on February 25, 2012, with a very close friend whom I will refer to here as Martha (for privacy reasons), I discovered that she is suffering from a staph infection (staphylococcus aureus).

Martha had been to visit a local therapeutic clinic only a few days ago, and then developed what first appeared to be a nasty rash. Not realizing what she had contracted, Martha neglected to visit her medical doctor straight away.

A few days later when the rash had begun to look like it had boils starting on top of the now enlarged rash, Martha sought her doctor’s attention.
med table
Well image this! Martha’s own doctor told her there was no need to fret and prescribe some antibiotics for her to take.

The very next day when the rash became even worse, her husband took her into the local hospital where they admitted Martha immediately, and proceeded to cut out the infected tissue.

It was at this stage that Martha discovered that she had a staph infection.

What is a staph infection? Take a look at the links below:

Martha assured me that the ONLY place she had been lately was to a therapeutic clinic to receive treatment for relief from back pain that she was suffering. She went on to say that she had noticed how dirty the surface of the traction apparatus (I’m guessing it was a type of table) was, and that she tried to make sure her skin never came into contact with the surface when doing as she was told, to lay down on it.

Apparently, when the therapist came back to continue Canadian Navy Centennial dollar cointreatment, Martha was asked to roll over onto her stomach, and she did not take the time to cover her stomach completely before coming into contact with the surface.

Next morning, a rash appeared about the size of a Canadian dollar coin.

What do staff infections look like? Take a look here: http://www.medicinenet.com/staph_infection_pictures_slideshow/article.htm

Martha was sent home after her surgery, and is taking medicine intravenously with a professional nurse attending to her daily until she’s out of the woods. In case you’re wondering, her nurse agrees with her that the therapists table is most likely to blame for her staph infection.

Also, Martha discovered the side effects of using the drug she’s on intravenously could cause her even more horrific medical issues.

You need to understand; Martha cannot prove that she was infected by the dirty surface of the traction therefore contacting them regarding this issue is out of the question.

By Piotr Smuszkiewicz, Iwona Trojanowska and Hanna Tomczak [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Moral to the story: If ANY health care professional whose services you are considering hiring, does NOT clean by disinfecting and/or protect their tables with new paper/sheet for EACH client then DO NOT use their services or else you could be the next victim of a staph infection… or worse!

All this serves to prove that Cleanliness truly IS next to Godliness!

Please, help by passing the link to this story on to all of your friends so they too will be more careful so as not to become infected.

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