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Some of you have been asking me what I’ve been doing lately. Well, I’m about to share with you my story… starting with having received a cheque from Clickbank earlier this year … for $100 US funds!

Yeah … you read right … $100 in US funds!

For what, you ask … for simply sharing what I deemed to be pertinent information here on my personal blog, for friends and family to refer to. Most of the health advice I offer here on my blog comes from Mike Geary. With his permission (of course), and under his explicit instructions that I become an affiliate to his products, and now I have shared some of the information he has sent to me in email.

Well, don’t ya’ know, when I investigated my Clickbank account trying to figure out where this money was coming from, I discovered people were actually buying Mike’s products from my blog … and, I received a few dollars here and there over … what? … about five years or so of making some of his information available from here.

Yeah, I totally agree with you in what you’re now thinking … BIG DEAL!


$100 (even if it was US funds) for 5 years … whi-i-ippy-do!

Except … I did NOT believe I would earn so much as a penny.

Back when I set up the account with Clickbank, I laughingly agreed for them to send me a cheque ONLY once the amount added up to $100. Seriously!

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think I’d earn so much as a penny … and I didn’t care if I ever did. Mike’s information has saved MY health, so why wouldn’t I want to SHARE that info with others.

Anyway …

Getting this money made me start thinking … what if … maybe I should consider taking a course (or two) to learn how to make money online (using my affiliate link). Working as a website designer hasn’t exactly got me rolling in the dough, if you know what I mean.

Then in June, an emailed offer from Dan Summer led to John Thornhill’s webinar discussing his 3 Step Key to Success training. I have to admit at first, I was very intrigued by John’s training course.

Here is a portion of the webinar he gave (but NOT the images):

Since I launched my coaching program those who joined me have had incredible success, not just normal success. What is normal success … (he laughs) … Incredible success! Since then many have gone on to become highly successful marketers and have a business that makes a full time income and more … but, here’s the thing…

As an unexpected by-product of my program some of my students have now become my top affiliates.

My students are also so successful that they now compete with myself and other big marketers on affiliate leader boards from other people’s launches! We’re not talking one or two launches; we’re talking hundreds of launches.making-money-online-image02

Now, you might think this means that I’m just training students to be my competitors and that this is a problem for me, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth because my students are also my top affiliates now…

That’s great news for us all…

Because I have discovered most of my students are now my top affiliates it is in my interest to bring more students on board. So this is why I am going to give you an amazing opportunity to be part of my most comprehensive program to date.

[Then we were offered case studies he claimed that were 100% real that were pretty convincing to say the least.]

More people I have helped become successful [then he offers a large list of names, followed by what looks like a Facebook comment with flattering “seal of approval” for John’s course.]

You can see my students get amazing results, to put into perspective, when was the last time you saw a university student making this kind of money shortly after they graduated?

Furthermore, how much do university students typically pay for their university degrees and how much debt are they saddled with at the end of their schooling?

[Debt examples were then shown to us]

University and crappy job with thousands in student loans v.s. your own online business and freedom?

I can be your mentor! I can show you making-money-online-image03how to build a real online business using the methods I have just described. Even if you think you can’t do it, I know you can because I know you are determined to succeed. I can show you how, step by step.

Here’s what I can do for you; I can teach you how to build a profitable online business and create at least 3 successful products of your own over the next 12 months. 12 months from now you’ll be in a position to ‘go it alone’. You’ll be following a real program that produces real results. You have probably wasted years looking for ‘get rich quick’ so you know it simply doesn’t exist. However, with my training you will be in a position to start making money after your very first lesson.

Here’s how I’m going to teach you…

You will have an assignment to complete each week. Each assignment is broken down step by step and is easy to follow. You only have to spend a few hours each week working on each assignment. This method of training is proven to work and doesn’t overwhelm you.

[His side remark is that he’s perfected his training over the years since 2008]

We will take part in live mastermind sessions each week. During these sessions I take you behind the scenes of my business and show you what is working for me. You will see behind the scenes of all of my accounts and see exactly how I earn my online income. You will also see the progress other partnership to success members are making.

You will have access to an exclusive member’s only forum and Facebook group. Here you will interact with other like minded individuals. You will have access to previous student’s success stories. The success stories show you students going from absolute beginner to successful marketer.

You will have access to me personally for the duration of the course and beyond. You will receive a direct line to my office telephone number. You will receive personal access to me. You can consult with me anytime you like (I charge $497 per hour to consult with non members).

But … here’s where it gets really, really interesting guys okay … this is where I go to blow you away. You’re going to get a full product promotion from me. When you create your very first product I will promote it to my entire subscriber database. That’s right; I will promote your product all guns blazing to every single one of my subscribers. This will give your product the kick start it needs to get the sales flooding in. This is something I have seen no other marketer offer. […and, this was the clincher for me!]

He claims to have two hundred thousand plus subscribers!

So … you betcha’, I signed up as being interested in taking John’s course.
Not long after I signed up as being interested, Owen Denman contacted me. We then arranged to connect on Skype … and, of course, we chatted more about John’s course.

Wasn’t long into our msking-money-online-image05chat that Owen finally shared with me the cost I was to incur in signing up for the course; It was to cost me nearly $4,000 Canadian dollars … which is when I told him, I would have to think over (real hard) about joining.

It’s not like I have that kind of money just sitting around, waiting to be spent.

And, I have to admit, Owen did NOT try any high-pressure tactics to get me to “jump right in” either. That I did appreciate.

After speaking with a friend about this offer, trying to mull it over (after all, a college course costs a whole lot more … right?), I decided to do some serious researching online for John Thornton and his course.

That’s when all was revealed to me … I was totally shocked!

Wow, I found complaints (one was from a fella in Quebec!) … and, one blog post in particular that was VERY informative (and helpful with my making a decision) that was written by Ian who wrote about how stale John’s training had become.

Ian offered up an even BETTER option to learn to (using my affiliate link) make money online … and, for a whooooole lot LESS (well under $400 US funds!) … AND, I had a entire week to try it for FREE.

Now that’s a whole lot better than what Owen stated that John Thorton’s training would cost me … and Ian’s suggestion also INCLUDES website hosting!

Woo-hooo-hoo … right?

Dies ist der T-Step, der Shuffle aus dem Melbourne Shuffle by Ryan Stecker - 24 August 2011

So, now I have completed the Certification Courses, and I have created 2 brand new websites that I eventually merged into one, and this site remains hosted on their server … which, I might add … has MUCH better spam and hacker-proof protection than even my Toronto-based web hosting company provides!

The training was especially fun for me as I am learning things that can EASILY be applied to my customer’s and my own websites … all that and a bonus a “community” of like-minds to help and be helped by right there where I took the training. This community feels very much like the “good ole days” when the internet was new and website designers (we were all webmasters back then) freely helped each other out.

(using my affiliate link)

Well … now you know what I’ve been doing lately.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s hear about your summer; what have you been up to lately? Feel free to leave me a comment.

UPDATE 5 Jan 2017: Have you seen the price of SSL certificates?

Why SSL? The Purpose of using SSL Certificates.
Why Google Loves SSL Certified Websites – HTTPS Everywhere

Below is a table of comparisons (that I created today, 5 Jan 2017) for purchasing SSL certificates so that you can see for yourself just how wide a range of prices that are presently being charged.

As of January 3, 2017, SSL certificates are now included with all websites hosted … so, while you learn to earn, you now have an ADDED bonus to join!

Here are samples of some of the great tutorials you’ll find that were created by successful members.
How To Create a 6 Figure Website
6 Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress

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Given my passion for genealogy, is it any wonder that I eventually wanted to publish my work? Learning to use a personal computer was a natural step once I was introduced it in the 1990s. Then the internet offered a second means to "publish" and now, here I am with a personal blog.

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  1. Am really happy getting to learn more about online marketing.
    Am a university student in Ghana and I need to make some money to help myself.

    Can you help me get started ma’am.
    NB. I have no blog or website yet.
    Thank you

  2. I love your blog. Excellent testimony on your road to finding success online! This program for Wealthy Affiliate sounds awesome. I think people would have to be nuts not to join. I bookmarked your blog, so I can come back to it often. 🙂

    • Glad to learn that you enjoyed this post Terry. I was soooo excited when I found Wealth Affiliate (WA) that I just HAD to share my experience on my personal blog. Still enjoy helping out in the WA community … as well as having my other websites hosted (with security certificates included!) as part of my membership fees. Maybe I should move THIS blog over to the WA servers. 🙂


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