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Boost Your Thyroid Naturally – Easier Than You Think

Not only is your thyroid responsible for giving you energy (among other things of course) but did you know that your body cannot convert the foods you eat into energy without active thyroid hormones? Continue reading

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A Safe, Natural Weight Loss Method

If you are suffering from unwanted weight gain that you’re struggling to get rid of, then you will want to choose a safe natural weight loss. Continue reading

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Say Bye-Bye to Constant Lower Back and Hip Pain

Having suffered a lower back injury at work back in 1999, I have now been struggling for relief from constant back pain for nearly twenty years. Some days, the pain has been so bad that I couldn’t even walk very far.

You may learn something from all that I’ve gone through, and am now saying bye-bye to constant lower back and hip pain. Continue reading

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5 Harmful Foods to Avoid – Touted as Healthy!

The diet soda pop that was introduced in 1982 was said to be a healthy alternative to regular soda pop, Continue reading

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7 Day Flat Belly Diet – Get Rid of That Food Baby!

Okay, so you want that flat belly, and you are tired of all the bloating you have been suffering. Continue reading