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Archive Monthly Archives: September 2015

a lady kissing her monitor beside her, a large red heart with PayPal on it, used as a header image

Why I LOVE PayPal

I LOVE PayPal and here’s why:

During the summer of 2015, I shared some information with a friend regarding supplements that I have been taking and explaining the success I am having using them. This friend asked me to send an email with information on this supplement, >> Continue reading

a page of text with headline reading Health Obesity Crisis, seen through a magnifying glass, used as a header image

For Those Who Believe Climate Change is Our World’s Apocalypse – You NEED to See This

Having learned that not all media reporting is done for the reason of actually informing their viewers/readers, I enjoy being informed of what BOTH sides of any one issue.

If you truly believe that climate change is to be our world’s apocalypse than, I seriously believe that you need to see the entire documentary, of which the trailer follows here. >> Continue reading

a picture of my turkey and egg cupcakes cooked used as a header image

Turkey and Egg Cupcakes

2 cups of ground turkey
6 eggs
Salt & pepper to taste (optional) >> Continue reading