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GMOs Linked to Gluten Sensitivity

If you have been told recently by your doctor that you must now follow a gluten-free diet, please… read on. I too suffered much from diarrhea, excessive gas, and too many embarrassing moments that made me afraid to go out anywhere during these times. Continue reading

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Ontario’s Hydro Services Ripping You Off?

Hydro One is NOT the only guilty party when it comes to a lack of proper customer service. Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. (referred to henceforth as Oshawa PUC), is every bit as guilty. Makes me wonder just how many MORE residents of Oshawa are being ripped off as I have been.

When my hydro bills started increasing beyond what I deemed to be my proper usage, I telephoned 905-723-4623, asking for help, only to reach a customer service reps that, I learned later, were instructed to humour hydro customers (me) by assuring me there was no problem with the meter. Continue reading