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graphic drawing of bottles of salad dressing

The Salad Dressing You Should NEVER Eat — and my Alternative Super-Healthy Recipe

by Mike Geary – Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist
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close up view of a man frightened, with my tax bill shown behind him

Why I’m Weaning Myself From Shopping Regularly At WalMart

Some shoppers profess that “WalMart saves me money!” …while others, like me, are left asking, “Where’s the stock for the special you advertised this week?” …and this is only one reason why I’m weaning myself from shopping regularly at WalMart.

WalMart is pulling the same trick stores did back in the late ’70s. You know, advertising a great special that is to last one full week, and then having a limited supply of that stock… in ALL stores… for the sale. It’s back to the lost leader with limited stock scam, once again. Continue reading

hydro towers

Why Ontario Hydro Is Raising Their Rates

I’ll tell you why I think Ontario Hydro is raising their rates so frequently and so high during this recession we’re in… and, please… you tell me if I’m wrong… and why. Continue reading